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Replaced old STOLport

Replaced the old Mukah STOLport on 16 June 2021.

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Replaced with new airport on 16th June 2021.

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(no subject)

SKS Airways has plans to start SZB TOD flights before end 2019

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(no subject)

Langkawi internasional airpot

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Some airfields are used for motorsport and music festival sites, the revenue from this could keep the runway open?

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Regional airport

This is small clean and functional airport, all you need to end an international flight and start to feel the local side of the area. Love the walk from terminal to the aircraft.

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Air Traffic Controller

Is there any air traffic controller there? Or is it unmanned?

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So why no updates on the 7 hours delayed MH003 ?

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upgrade to International airport

under construction no comment

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Lumpur Frequency Anyone?

Click 'Pilot info' & 'frequencies'

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I notice that A330s are being on the Beijing route instead of 777s - I wonder why?

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Service availability

It appears impossible (1 March 2014) to book flights(April-May 2014) between SZB(Subang) and TOD, or SIN(Singapore) /XSP(Seletar) and TOD for any dates, so it seems Berjaya Air has discontinued its service. It would be very convenient to know if this is a permanent thing, and to know whether another carrier is likely to take up those routes.

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gong kedak airbase

wrong... the runway is at kelantan.... meanwhile the radar is at bukit peteri, terengganu

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My First Flight Lutong Airport Malaysia

My first flight was in a Short Brothers Sealand. Other planes were the DC 3, Twin otters, and a range of helicopters. Sadly this airport is history.

Location was Lutong, Sarawak later, part of Malaysia. ICAO designation was WMLU

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Segamat Airport

cute little airfield, that has a lovely 9-hole golf course surrounding it.

very nice for single-engine aircrafts to land and enjoy the surrounding.

Friend of mine flies in there, with me from Senai, and we do a round of golf and head back - lovely weekend activity.

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re: Need to be developed

I agree with you!! Keningau Airport should not be monopolized for certain groups. Instead it is used for shared facilities.

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Need to be developed

My comment on Keningau airport: It is to be developed and continues to operate as before. It should not be left abandoned and used for unproductive center such as drinking and karaoke. For me if the airport is developed it will give advancement to the people of Keningau, Nabawan, Sook and Tenom. In addition, many residents in this area nowadays work and study overseas so this will save time for them to move easily.

If the airport is in operation, it does not only provide convenience to the residents of this district, it is beneficial to external students from Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak came to study in "Institut Perguruan Keningau" and they also come to work and teach here. "Maybe the airport is suitable only for domestic flights."

Even so, the airport was used as "Flying Club" for the type of small aircraft "Bever RX 550", "Quicksilver Mx", "Trex 700" etc. .. also just for military facilities. Keningau Airport this should not have a monopoly on certain groups in the other hand it is used for consumption and common facilities.

do you agree? hmmmmm....

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Bentong Airport

Is this still around, because on the map it just shows the middle of a jungle. What is the accuracy of these airport locations, especially the smaller, older aerodomes?

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simpang status

simpang allowing touch n go and circuits

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Exercise caution, on going local general aviation flying tra

The local flying school at Malacca, MFA Malaysian Flying Academy is frequently operational active during HJ. Mostly PA28 161 & PA34 twin.

Occasionally HN ops.

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Pilot's info

Refer to latest AIP by DCA dated 25th August 2011 for more information.

Here is the official link

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re: information question

There's no more simanggang airport. The area has been developed into a sport stadium. The nearest airport is still Kuching. 2nd option would be Sibu airport. It's about 250km from Batang Ai. (4 hrs drive). I'm a Sarawakian and I work with local airline industry. That's why I know about this.

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information question

Hello, my husband and I are planning a trip to Borneo next year.

We 're visiting the hilton batang ai resort and don't like to make the whole drive back to kuching .

Is there a possibility to take a flight from simanggang airport directly to Mulu airport?

the 4rth of april?

Wich company can we use? What would be the price for the flight?

Thank you very much.

carine tiers, Belgium

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too far

dog gammit, this airport is so damn far away!

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great airport and very beautiful

a very beautiful airport with green scenery of the "airport in the jungle" concept. clear announcement made with local dialects, english, mandarin tamil and arabic.

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small international airport

clean, nice and great hospitality from people there. can find few fastfood restaurant kfc, mcd etc and dont forget to buy some local souvenir which is very unique and authentic.

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Lumpur Frequency Anyone?

Lumpur Frequency for Kuala Lumpur... TQ

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eew e


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closure of simpang airport

sadly simpang will be close soon.........................

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re: KK, Sabah to Ipoh, Malaysia

Very good point. Even a once a month service would be nice. C'mon Datuk Eddie, let's see what you can do.

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gong kedak airport is at Terengganu... not Kelantan...

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re: Bintulu

amende yang ko merepek ni? what are you talking about? seriously/ _._'

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KK, Sabah to Ipoh, Malaysia

Why Airline for Sabah To Ipoh still not available????

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KK, Sabah to Ipoh, Malaysia

Why Airline for Sabah To Ipoh still not available????

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re: ???

Reply to @ghuzmeli: The airport isn't on Spratly Island, it's on Swallow Reef, which was built up into an artificial island by Malaysia:

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Spratly Island is administered by Vietnam as a part of Khanh Hoa. See at

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I'm a student from SMK Kidurong would like to have a favor to my Malaysia airlines system and Air asia. I just wondering , that Bintulu is oil town. I heard Kuala Lumpur , Kuantan , terengganu and Johor bahru always need direct flight to Bintulu. My opinion is ; I just wondering only that malaysia should make 2 or 3 flight from Kuala lumpur to Bintulu and that is for Malaysia airlines . and air asia too.. My friends always to johor. that said. they always transit to miri to get a fligth to johor and terengganu.kuantan.. is also always go to bintulu for their business or oil industrial. My teacher's too always transit to kuching. Because always full when she goin to KL and Pulau pinang.

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re: Duplicate?

Thanks, Paul -- I've merged them.

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Disputed territory

This territory is claimed by Malaysia, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Malaysia currently has effective control, with this airport on a man made island, a small naval base, and a diving resort.

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This appears to be a duplicate of RP10, Shallow Reef Airport, Spratly Islands.

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The Redang Island

The LTS Pulau Redang Airport is located on the Redang Island , in an archipielago designated as a Marine Park that is protected by the Malaysian Government which prohibits fishing and collection of corals as well as aquatic life within 2 miles radius of the island.

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