Khomas Region, Namibia

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Once can also land in the nearby salt pan (all fences have been removed from within the salt pan).

Most bushes have been cleared along the main road cutting through the farm yielding many possible emergency landing opportunities.

The cross runway cannot be seen on the map above.

Great place to land in the Kalahari, accomodation is available, so is transport to Windhoek and the International Airport.

This place is also a great guest farm in Namibia, (Gaestefarm).

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Kiripotib Landing Strip Details

GPS location: S 23Β° 19' 50'' E 17Β° 56' 50''


26/08 (left and right plus taxi way on northern boundary) - Main runway in use - 1410m

36/18 (left and right) 1500m

frequency in use: 123,7 MHZ

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RUNWAY 26---110.30---258ΒΊ

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re: Cessna 210 crashes after takeoff


In defense of Eros Airport as such, the Pilot was NOT familiar with the Airport and took the shorter run-way with an overloaded Plane. Having 5 Passengers in a 210 on a very hot day at 5600ft ASL is looking for problems.

It is sad that Namibia gets such negative publicity, due to one Airline not putting Safety First. :(

A Namibian.

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Cessna 210 crashes after takeoff

An Atlantic Aviation Cessna 210 lost power and went down in a residential neighbourhood right after takeoff from Eros Airport on 11 January 2008, killing all six people on board:

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