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re: IATA note

Reply to @animebirder: Thanks for the clarification. I've removed the IATA code from the military base, because it doesn't show up in IATA queries.

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IATA note

Has the same IATA code as Mano Dayak International but is a separate airfield, operated by the United States Air Force.

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DRZI Geo Coordinates Incorrect?

It presents that the Lat/Lon for DRZI is recorded incorrectly on a good number of databases out there on the web. The actual airfield presents to be ~2.7nm East (@ ~92 degrees) from the indicated position.

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re: Location

Better now?

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Lat 13.756968Β°

Long 8.020568Β°

about a kilometer south of position on map above, just under 1000 long and running - 100 / 280 degrees

Gravel / earth surface

just off road from Tessaoua towards May Jirgui

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