Nordland, Norway

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As of 08/10/2014 Værøy heliport is now submitting METAR in the same manner as for any other airport in Norway. How can this data be included so that i.e. Aero Wheater app for iPhone etc is updated with this information and METAR information submitted?

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Lufttransport AS

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Norwegian Air Museum

Bodø is the main commercial airport and main NATO-base in the Arctic region of Norway. It is also the home base for one of the worlds oldest airlines (and the most punctual in Europe), established in 1934. It operates nearly 350 singel flight per 22 hours, year around.

Bodø is also the home of Norsk Luftfartsmuseum (, the museal authority on aviation in Norway.

Bodø is the regional center for an area the size of Denmark and has a lot of tourist activity to offer. One very popular attraction is the maelstrom "Saltstraumen", situated a few miles outside the city. Saltstraumen was depicted by Jules Verne in one of his books, as being the strongest in the world.

BOO is home base for search and rescue helicopter, De Havilland DHC-6/300 Twin Otter light transport squadrons and F-16 squadrons.

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Cold War History

Bodø was a major NATO air base during the Cold War. In 1960, it was the point of departure for the U2 spy plane flown by Gary Powers that was shot down over the Soviet Union.

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