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Fiedl 'ident' in CSV file uses old ICAO (SPIM) instead of ne

I am reporting that the CSV dump of the airport DB for the 'ident' field still uses the old ICAO, SPIM, instead of the new one, SPJC.

My understanding is that the 'ident' field is about ICAO code, from the Data dictionary page (

"The text identifier used in the OurAirports URL. This will be the ICAO code if available. Otherwise, it will be a local airport code (if no conflict), or if nothing else is available, an internally-generated code starting with the ISO2 country code, followed by a dash and a four-digit number."

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(no subject)

Hello, I think that the new ICAO code is SPJC, can you change it in airport.csv ? :)

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Please ignore the ATSA Arrivals/Departures question

My mistake. I see the flights now.

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Why does ATSA not appear in the Arrivals/Departures?

The arrivals and departures include LATAM and many others, but not ATSA. Why not?

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When Will Flights Resume?

ATSA Usually flies here, but stopped with the 2020 pandemic. Please reply if flights resume.

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Wrong IATA code

TCG is the IATA code of Tacheng Airport (ZWTC), Tacheng, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China. This airport doesn't have any IATA code.

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Erroneus data: wrong longitude and possibly longitude

Coordinates in the database place it in the Atlantic, with longitude = 0. Compare

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When will there be flights to Lima?

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Likely not an airport!

Several trustworthy sources have this position for SPFA but looking at it in Google Earth indicates that it is not an airport.

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Likely not an airport!

Several sources give this position but looking on the map above shows that this position is highly inaccessible in the mountains! Maybe, maybe a heliport?!

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No airport seen

When looking at this coarse position In Google Earth, no airport is found.

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According to Landings (www landings com) this is a heliport in position 09°02'23.20"S 075°30'25.30"W. Also looks like this in Google Earth, at least if one steps back in time to 2008.

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Not an airport?

This seems to be an ICAO-designator for something else than an airport. Maybe an heliport or abandoned?

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No longer exists

This airport has been disabled and no longer exists

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New ICAO code is SPJC.

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Andoas NDB 360 kHz

Where is it really located???

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lost camera

Contact via email

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Lost camera

On Sept. 26,2013 I lost my small. purple metallic Nikon Cool Pics camera in the airport with all my photos of the two weeks I spent in Peru. Needless to say, I am heart broken and am hoping beyone hope that it was found and turned in to airport. Travel company said they contacted the airport but I am still trying. There is a reward for it's return, no questions asked as long as photo card is in tact. I flew on TACA Airlines from Juliaca to Lima leaving at approx. 11:00 AM. If anyone can spare the time to look, please let me know?

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First landing...

I was there for the very first landing at this airport. In June of 1970 I was sent there to turn that dirt road into a runway. Rich Eubanks

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Ayacucho, Peru

Forgot to say that takeoffs are not permitted at dusk no matter what. This seems to be common for the mountainous airports in Peru.

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Ayacucho, Peru

No fuel available at this time, nor for the last 7 years. Airport is on a mesa with high ground all around it. It has an NDB approach, but it doesn't work very well due to location except for enroute navigation. Runway surface has a lot of small, pea gravel sized aasphlt rocks on it, so use of reverse is not reccomended (nor needed, as the runway is plenty long). Airport elevation is about 9000 feet MSL. Good services as regards flight planning, walking distance cafes, taxis to town, bathrooms, etc. Helicopter operations are frequent in the vicinity. We use an overhead entry to a left downwind for runway 20, but the locals will often use a long straight in approach. Power lines on the ridge on final for rwy 20. Tower speaks pretty good English.

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re: Typo in Region name

Reply to @carmuz: corrected -- thanks.

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No airports here

I'm peruvian and I haven't seen an airport in this city, ever !!! Not even in Flight Simulator.

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Typo in Region name

Region name is Junín, not Júnin.

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Name correction

"Alférez FAP Vladimir Sara Bauer"

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