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Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw Chopin Airport is an international airport in the Włochy district of Warsaw, Poland. It is Poland's busiest airport with 18.9 million passengers in 2019, thus handling approximately 40% of the country's total air passenger traffic. The airport is a central hub for LOT Polish Airlines as well as a base for Enter Air and Wizz Air.

Warsaw Chopin Airport covers 834 hectares of land and handles approximately 300 scheduled flights daily, including a substantial number of charters. London, Kyiv, Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam are the busiest international connections, while Kraków, Wrocław, and Gdańsk are the most popular domestic ones.

Founded in 1934, the airport was previously known as Warsaw-Okecie Airport and bore the name of its Okęcie neighborhood throughout its history. It was renamed in honour of Polish composer and former Warsaw resident Frédéric Chopin in 2001. Despite the official change, "Okecie" remains in popular and industry use, including air traffic and aerodrome references.

An underground railway station connected from the airport to Warsaw's suburban rail system was opened in June 2012 in time for the Euro 2012 football championships, and on 25 November 2013, the airport announced accommodating – for the first time in history – its 10 millionth passenger in a single year. A new and modern terminal was completed in 2015.

The secondary international airport of the city is the much smaller Warsaw Modlin Airport, which opened in 2012 and is used for low-cost traffic.

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You can spend the night there

I had an early flight and slept inside the airport. Besides the restaurant, which is close during the night, you can sleep there in a comfortable way. You can get to the airport from downtown Gdansk for about 1 euro (4.8 sloti). I The journey takes about 40 minutes. The bus is number 210.

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Great airport

Small but extremely efficient. Have used dozens of times and rarely been disappointed.

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Runway 090/270

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very good


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(no subject)

Better never land on this airfield they will take from you 100 PLN for one day staying outside, they empty your tanks and block your Aircraft till you pay.

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pilot 2015

no landing/handling fees. Avgas 100ll is available-low price. At the airport, cheap hotel. You can also find other hotels close to the airport.

There is also a service station aircraft. No need to pre-announce your arrival. frequency 122.6 MHz.

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Nice Aiport and Beautyfull City

Nice small international aiport is situated 10km next to City of Lublin

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Borsk is operational airstrip

Borsk Airstrip EPBO is operational. Most of the time used by paragliders due to perfect conditions so caution is required on arrival.

Contact B4 arrival is appreciated. Very nice hosts and beatuiful area.

Runway pawed partially shortened from W marked with ->.

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international flight


This location would be perfect for international flights. This region could use this to improve local businesses and local comunities. To visit this region you can go either to Gdansk or Warsaw then drive 175kms on not so good roads. When you arrive at Olsztyn you notice the city is growing at a fast rate so commute is already an issue. No motorways nearby, thats why i believe this airport could be a good opportunity for all mazury region.


Bruno Ganhao

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Very nice airport

Very nice airport !

We were coming with trike and ultralight aircraft from Slovakia - did a short/unplanned stop there.

Guys at the airport were friendly and speaking English.

Thanks for the welcome - all the best !

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Visit to Malbork Air Force Base, former Marienburg in Ostpre

The Flying Veterans of Sweden visited the air base om August 1, 2013 with our DC-3 and were welcomed by a Su 22 which did some aerobatics over the field. There were talks about an air show at the base some time in September this year.

Anyone who can fill me in?

Lars Cedwall

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NDB Changes

P 588 kHz u/s Apr 2007. Changed to KTW 326 kHz May 2007

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NDB Changes

P 588 kHz u/s Last Apr 2007

PT 285 now KTC Aug 2001

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IATA designator for EPMO

Ident EPMO has a IATA assigned code of WMI. Please update this.

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This airport is now registered :) see at: h t t p:// lotniska.dlapilota.pl/krzywa

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flight live departures

not working corect

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Lask NDB T 664 frequency and call change

Lask NDB T 664kHz is now NT 423kHz as of Oct 2008

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First Floatplane/seaplane flight school in Poland. Members of SPA, AOPA, EAA & WAI wecome. Very friendly FBO to GA, privately own, certif. maintenance/repiare station, airplane rental, used airplane sale from US, flight school, bar and motel. The best deal in town for over night hangar parking. Certif. flight instructors EASA and FAA. Help with filing and file a FP. Possibility of renting a safety pilot and tour guide operator. Open on call 24/7. Very short distance to Poznań. A lot of attractions in vicinity of airport including: bars, restaurants, shopping mall, night clubs, go-go bars, historical places and fishing on the spot. Before arrival call owner +48 609 121 626. For more info. go to www.airport-biernat.pl or search the page.

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re: Runways

To załóż konto i dodaj.

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runways are 09-27 and 17-35.

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For military aeroplanes only.

For military aeroplanes only.

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Civil air operations are not allowed!

Civil air operations are not allowed!

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Flight Procedures at Zerniki Gadki Airfield

Before commencing aviation operations read AUP/UUP observing EPKS MARZ/MCTR activity or obtain information about that airspace utilization and classification and restrictions form EPKS Flight Crew Briefing office.

All flights to Zerniki airfield should be set with EPKS Flight Crew Briefing Office flight planer or TWR Krzesiny controller. If requested a flight plan should be filed. All aircraft arriving to Zerniki Gadki airfield must request Krzesiny Tower to enter MATZ/MCTR which is necessary to cross the control space boundary and make an approach to runway 06 or 24.

All VFR flights in EPKS MATZ/MCTR are allowed not higher than 1500 ft on local QNH. Approach to runway 06 is made from right hand circuit and approach to runway 24 is made from left hand circuit. You should be very careful when you're on final to runway 06 because of high obstacles being located on final track approach.

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re: Sort-of open

the airport will be reopen soon :)

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Main runways in use are 09/27 (~900m) and 18/36 (~800m). Both runways are in quite good shape but bumpy. After heavy rain water patches can be present.

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Fuel is not yet available at Miroslawice airfield. The fuel station is a work in progress and should be completed by the end of 2012.

If you need to refuel without any problems go to EPLU (~25 NM NW, no landing/handling fees) or to EPWR (few miles to the North. Expect landing and handling fees).

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Mountain airfield, very beautiful place but a little bit tricky approach and landing. Avgas available.

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mobile crane was a threat to aircraft?

July 4-5, 2011 Airport Krakow halted air operations. Why? Mobile crane worked near the airport. Are mobile crane was a threat to aircraft? Judge yourself :) at youtube = samoloty + morawica

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airport has everything you need after landing-easy connection to the city,nice ,sufficient and not expensive service,

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Concrete RWY

The concrete RWY`s are unserviceable.

The only avaiable are the grass one.

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Kielce Airport

oh what a nice airport.

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Bystrzyca Klodzka Airfield & Junkers Ju-390 in 1945

This airfield interestingly appears to be the airfield from which the almost mythical Nazi Bell was flown by Junkers Ju-390 to Bodo, Norway about 17/18 April 1945. SS Lt Gen Sporrenberg and SS Hauptsturm Rudolf Schuster both gave depositions after WW2 saying the aircraft departed from an airfield at Klodzko, or west of Opole.

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Watch out fot water patches after rain in dhe middle of rwy!

like in subject.

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RUNWAY 25---110.30---254º

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Sort-of open

The Wikipedia article for this airport is interesting -- it used to provide access to a secret luxury retreat for Communist leaders. The airport is no longer officially maintained, but some pilots still use it (though some drivers also use it for racing).

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CASA C-295M crash

On Wednesday January 23, 2008, a CASA C-295M military transport crashed on approach to the 12th Air Base north of Mirosławiec, Poland, killing at least 7 of the 18 people on board:


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Civilian Flights

When can I fly in from London?


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