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Henri Coandă International Airport

Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport is Romania's busiest international airport, located in Otopeni, 16.5 km north of Bucharest's city centre. It is currently one of the two airports serving the capital of Romania. The other is Aurel Vlaicu Airport, which no longer serves scheduled passenger traffic.

The airport is named after Romanian flight pioneer Henri Coandă, builder of Coandă-1910 aircraft and discoverer of the Coandă effect of fluidics. Prior to May 2004, the official name was Bucharest Otopeni International Airport. Henri Coandă International Airport serves as headquarters for TAROM, the country's national airline. It also serves as a base of operations for low-cost airlines Animawings, Ryanair and Wizz Air and charter airlines Air Bucharest. It is managed by The National Company Bucharest Airports S.A. The military section of the airport is used by the 90th Airlift Flotilla of the Romanian Air Force.

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Aurel Vlaicu International Airport

Aurel Vlaicu International Airport is located in Băneasa district, Bucharest, Romania, 8.5 km north of the city center. Named after Aurel Vlaicu, a Romanian engineer, inventor, aeroplane constructor, and early pilot, it was Bucharest's only airport until 1969, when the Otopeni Airport was opened to civilian use.

Until March 2012, when it was converted into a business airport, Aurel Vlaicu International was the second airport in Romania in terms of air traffic, and Bucharest's low-cost airline hub.

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re: ICAO

Reply to @Specialdog: Updated — thanks.

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This airfield has an ICAO : LRCN

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(no subject)

It was a nice surprise to arrive at this airport and to see it has lights for night flights.

good job guys

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IATA identifier

IATA identifier BRV may have been requested to be used when this airport opens, but as of 3/24/20 BRV is still assigned to the Metropolitan Area of Bremerhaven, Germany, and to the closed Bremerhaven Airport.

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(no subject)

Yes, it is open. Around 900m x 40m, very good quality grass strip.

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Lăzarea open?

Does anyone know whether Lăzarea is open to visitors?

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re: pula

According to Wikipedia, it's still used by the Romanian Aeroclub. However it's not in the latest Eurocontrol data dump (although it was in the previous one), so maybe it is closed now?

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is closed from 1994. in 2002 the airport was bought by a private company.

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Nice airfield

A very nice and quiet airfield with fantastisc people.

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Do not go there

Handling not professional extremely expensive and we had to wait 2h15 for fuel....

Hopefully we will never go back.....

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Banesti Airfield

Friendly airfield, surrounded by beautiful landscapep.

Both general aviation enthusiasts and gliders are haveing optimum conditions to fly.

Hope to see you soon on our airfield.

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Banease airport

it got better in the last year, the service is better and people are more helpful.

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An international airport, with flights only to Buchurest?

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There is another NDB at Oradea

The NDB is O 360kHz on the Rwy 19 end. N47 02 42 E021 54 29

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terrible organization

Some days ago i was in Romanian like tranzit passanger , when i come to pasport control , support man - cant speaking with me English no one understand nothing , then they spoke me that they will deport me for 5 yers without reason becauase i start discuss about troubles . ok np that was so bad .

I wish that i never will be come to Romanian and i hope that everyone will make conculison at my massege , and no one will come to this shit Airport .

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Wierd airport

Local hub for Capratair flights to Italy, Greece and some other countries. Small airport. Although there are free wifi signs, no wifi internet there.

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Is this airport still open for flights?

What routes are offered and what companies fly from here? If any...?

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new Activities for this AIRBASE

here are two official annoncements regarding further usage of this airfield:


"United States Ballistic Missile Defense Site at Deveselu Air Base in Romania"

Fact Sheet

Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance

May 3, 2011

"The United States and Romania jointly selected the Deveselu Air Base near Caracal, Romania, to host a U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System which employs the SM-3 interceptor (also referred to as the “Aegis Ashore System”). The deployment to Romania is anticipated to occur in the 2015 timeframe as part of the second phase of the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) – the U.S. national contribution to a NATO missile defense architecture.

The EPAA will provide protection of NATO European territories and populations, and augment protection of the United States, against the increasing threats posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles from the Middle East. At the November 2010 NATO Summit, the Alliance welcomed the EPAA as a U.S. national contribution to the NATO missile defense capability."


Romania Air Base to Host U.S. Missile Shield


Published: 3 May 2011 18:50

"DEVESELU, Romania - Bucharest said May 3 that U.S. missile interceptors would be deployed in southern Romania, a key link in Europe for a defense shield, prompting Moscow to ask for "safeguards" from Washington.

Romania and the United States have been negotiating for more than a year about the deployment of ballistic missile interceptors, which should be operational by 2015.

"We have decided that the anti-missile shield will be deployed at the former airbase at Deveselu," Romanian President Traian Basescu said in a televised address.

Moscow, which fears the shield could be turned against Russia, swiftly demanded assurances from Washington."


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Home airport

Used to have a grass strip but now only concrete

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re: Potential disaster

I landed there last week, you have got to be kidding(jets) more like crop dusters.

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re: Landed in Craiova

Reply to @robert: at EUR 130, that's actually more expensive than landing at Toronto's Pearson Airport (CYYZ)! When they set a landing fee that high, it's really a "keep out!" sign.

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re: Closed

Reply to @robert: Updated -- thanks.

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By information from LRCV opertions manager (and by info from Jepessen VFR charts) this airport is closed for several years now.

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Landed in Craiova

After spending almost a year clearing formalities regarding flight approval to Romania (my plane has only permit to fly not airworthiness certificate) I finaly landed there. All OK, but the landing fee of EUR 130 for a 600kg MTOW airplane is outrageously expensive. No fuel, (virtually) no ARO - they advised me to submit the flight plan at least 3 hours before flight (I did it over phone to LJLJ ARO one four before), ...

Otherwise quite pleasant and friendly (and empty - guess why).

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I think this airport has potential if it can expand its runways to handle corporate jets. I'll visit one day...soon.