Sakhalin Oblast, Russia

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Closed since 1977.

Microsoft Flight Simulator lists this, hilariously, as "USEU Severo-Kurilsk". Okeanskoye has been closed and unusable since at least the 1970s.

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Wrong airport ICAO code

This is UHSN ICAO code in real

Plz check it!!!!!!!

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Excellent visibility for take off and landing

Easy landing and take off with Aurora airlines from Yuzhno-Salkalinsk, little questioning over my Russian visa I think due to being in disputed territory and close proximity to military installations. Exploring active volcanoes in the area, vegetation and ancient oaks all over Kunashir and Kurilsk is a small but lively town.

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(no subject)

Interesting airstrip, I had to go with a guide due to security concerns as it is a disputed territory but quite magnificent with no one around. If the guide wasn't there and the military aircraft weren't buzzing overhead you'd think you were on a deserted island.

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Saturday flights

Kindly I need to ask if the airport will be working next Saturday and the flight will be on schedule or something will change due to storm expected.

Please advise.


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Best Airport I've ever been to. The broken down airstrip is a lovely touch and the lack of any living people make it a very quiet and relaxing environment.

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re: Emergency Only

Thanks - I've entered the information and marked the airport as closed.

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Emergency Only

Old Soviet airfield used for rusupplying the garrison stationed here until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The island is uninhabited!

The Runway is probably no good but for information:

Rwy 50/23 - Concrete - 1180m

Rwy 12/30 - Overgrown Concrete - 1470m

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Disputed territory

This airport is operated by the Russians as part of their claim on the disputed Kuril Islands, near Japan.

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