Upper Nile State, South Sudan

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re: re: Palouge (Paloich) Airport, South Sudan.

There is fuel farm in this airport

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Updated airport facts

Runway status is excellent, runway, taxiway and apron surface rejuvenation project completed and a full compliment of ICAO Compliant Pavement marking also just completed.

Aerodrome Code 4C

Aerodrome Category 6 (Boeing 737-700)

ICAO Qty Firetrucks One Vehicle

ACN of design Aircraft 48

WGS 84 LA2-Africa-UTM-zone 36P

Geographic coordinate

Airport Reference Point 10.529054N 32.500507E (Enter directly in Google Maps)

Runway Altitude 385.741 Meter AMSL

Aerodrome Reference Point

Latitude (Decimal Degrees DD) 10.529053633038757

Longitude (DD) 32.50050673351838

Runway 01 Centre Line Azimuth 15 Degrees

Runway 19 Centre Line Azimuth 195 Degrees

Runway 01 Threshold 10.518162N 032.497430E Elevation 1274 Feet

Runway 19 Threshold 10.539920N Elevation 1269 Feet

Runway 01/19 2500 x 45 Meter (turnpads both ends large enough for DC8-73)

Apron 150 x 200 Meter

Taxiway 175 x 23 Meter

Apron Light Masts 20 Meter high

Rotating Beacon Visibility > 30 Miles

Approach Lights RWY 01 900 Meter long Calvert Style system

Approach Lights RWY 19 Simple Approach Light system

VHF Radio MHZ 128.700

HF Radio MHZ 11.300

VOR/ DME 117.100 CH 118 X (not operational presently)

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December 2014

Used December 2014 to fly in relief supplies with an 2 MT Antonov 28.

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Prevailing wind is from the south-east. A drainage ditch has been dug around the north end in April 2014 by Medecins Sans Frontieres, who have a hospital alongside the airstrip. They are also regularly resurfacing and levelling the airstrip, which is made of local soil that becomes very slippery when wet and easily allows sinking. They have regular flights by Cessna Caravan, and in April 2014 have also received an Avro Andover and a Fokker 27 and 50, though these larger aircraft attempt landing only after at least one full day without rain. Samaritan's Purse land their DC3 here, and the UN/WFP regularly use Caravans and Twin Otters.

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re: Palouge (Paloich) Airport, South Sudan.

Palouch Airport (HSFA)


Elevation :- 1270'

Runway Length (1/19) :- 2500M (8202 ft)

Runway Width (1/19):- 45M (147.638 ft)

Coordinated N10 31.84' , E032 30.24'

VHF :- 128.7

HF : N/A

Surface :- TarMac

Lights:- On Request

Fuel :- N/A

From MLK 035 degrees 72 NM

From JUB 006 degrees 340 NM

These are information from a Zimex Aviation Airport Chart Published on 12.07.2010

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Palouge (Paloich) Airport, South Sudan.

Good asphalt runway 01/19 (actual 014/194). Unknown length but able to opeprate large turboprops Antonovs and Canadair Regional Jets with ease. Elevation 1270'. Turning areas both ends. ICAO identifier is HSFA. N10deg 32.2’ E032deg 30.1’. Old (not working) VOR/DME is 117.1 PLG for VOR/DME approach to 01. Tower 128.7, Inbound traffic calls 30 nm from Palouge. General Broadcast is 124.1 MHz. Fuel is in a bowser, Jet A-1 only and is in short supply.

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