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I wish o book a holiday to Tunisia but no british firms is taking bookings can you please let me know who is flying to Enfidha so I can try and get a flight my e-mail is verrallken@yahoo.co.uk

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re: AVS

We were at Tunis airport on Thursday, June 16th. We went to use the lounge for Priority Pass members just past duty free for departures. Even after showing my pass and being asked for my boarding cards we were told that this was now business class only. Instead we were to go back to the AVS Lounge. This was about 05.55a.m. and when we got there the doors were locked and no sign of life. Walking back thinking we would have to get some coffee at one of the bars there, luckily we ran across a kindly member of staff who told us that the AVS lounge does not open until 06.00a.m. Sure enough by the time we had returned it was being unlocked. Inside all there was were some food left over from the previous day and some bottles of water. Again luck was with us as two locals who fly to London were talking to the chap who had unlocked. They then told us that they had told him that they were not handing over their cards until they had seen some fresh food and some coffee. About 06.30a.m. some croissants and paninis appeared, followed ten minutes later by some coffee. So much for 24 hour service! When I got back home I sent off an email explaining what our experience had been like. To-day I got a phone call from a lady who said we should have used the other lounge, and that AVS was not a part of their lounges. Strange how people who are not experiencing what you have just gone through seem to know more about what we should be getting. Be warned that when going through security check it is now belt, shoes and jackets off. As you come out the other side look ahead and to your left. There you will see glass doors clearly marked up AVS." To the left of the doors is a stand clearly marked up with who can use that lounge. Don't be surprised when you read "Priority Pass" as one of the groups entitled to make use of it. Due to return in September, will make sure that I have a camera ready so that I can send a jpeg off to Priority Pass. Unless of course some one else does it before me.

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just one thing to fix up

This airport has a contact number that does work. 71-754-000

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i was on Sunday morning in your avs Office do make check in with Guests,

their was no coffe because Machine is out of order ,then we are going in Lounge the machine is out of order.

dont tell me i have to pay for something this no Service what you give.

i pay a lot of Money for my Card i have the right to get a good Service,or do you Need someone who is Sponsor a coffeemachine

this couldnt be

Alfred Gajdosik


Austrian-Tunesian Friendship

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heavy load with less Emmigration counters opened in and out

was going to miss my flight due to leasy emmigration officers and the queue lines in all counters. It took me as well anhour to get in and stamp my passport. Since you have many job less people why don't you ask your superiors to employ more people at the airport and open more counters to make things more easy, that will allow more people to travel to your country.

Have remarked in Europe there is special counter for EEU citizens as a fast track. the same is applied in GCC, however in your country the Tunisian national line is to punish your citizens to stay longer on the que.

Make it easy guys.

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Your web is close to useles

Get it fixed

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please update name and ICAO code

the new name is Enfidha Hammamet International Airport

Th new ICAO code DTNH

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c la me*******de

Un telephone portable a ete vole par des employees de laeroport le 2 janvier 2013 et il est trop cher, cet airoport c la merde et ce pay c la merde aussi( je suis tunisien pour etre clair)

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contruction finished operation already begun since 6 months.

Please to update your wrong information.

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