Antalya Province, Turkey

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re: Database on github

Reply to @Gatelli: There was a pause because of a git conflict, but that's fixed now, and it's updating nightly again.

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Database on github

Good morning ! Just want to let you know @david : the database is no more updated on Github, since a month... do you think you'll gonna update ? Many thanks for your amazing work...

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Microlight tours

From a problem report:

"This airfield is NOT closed, it is still used by its owners, they do air tours with microlights"

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UYEM HELIPORT belongs to Turkish GDF, used as a base to Fire Management B429s, it has 11 landing locations and 1 hangar.


UYEM HELİKOPTER PiSTİ, OGM tarafından B429 yangın yönetim helikopterleri için bir üs işlevindedir, heliportta 11 iniş noktası ve 1 hangar bulunmaktadır.

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(no subject)

Alanya/Keşefli'de bulunan bu helikopter pisti Orman Genel Müdürlüğüne aittir ve sezon boyunca bu pistte konuşlu yangın söndürme helikopteri bulunmaktadır.


This helipad belongs to Turkish General Directorate of Forestry and there is a helicopter located at the helipad at the fire season, helipad is at Alanya/Keşefli

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(no subject)

Sometimes HEMS helicopters land there, usually there are stupid car drifters are at the helipad, drifting and chilling...

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About the helipad

Helipad is next to the hotels, and in a field surrounded with trees, don't know when it built but it looks old, probably built for customers coming to hotels but I guess no one used it...

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Manavgat Airport

TR-0040 is serving for more than a decade, it is 800 meters long, paved runway, used by firefighting aircraft actively in fire season.

And Manavgat Forest Fire Management Center is next to it.

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Transit & stay

Airport used for transit to North Cyprus and other times to stay at the sea

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Anyone got any information on this airport please post

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