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Fuel Stop on the way to KMKV

Fueled up here. Very friendly Operator and gave me a free water.

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2022 Google Maps imagery

New airfield visible in 2022 GMaps.

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I'm not with the FAA and I'm here to help

I moved it. It was wrong.

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The FAA disagrees with you

The FAA says the airport is at 35-28-00.2860N / 091-58-00.5290W, which is exactly where the marker is shown on this map.'00.3%22N+91%C2%B058'00.5%22W/@35.466746,-91.966814,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d35.466746!4d-91.966814

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(no subject)

Place depicted on the map is not the River Acres airport. It's actually on the other side of the river

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(no subject)

It's the shortest paved municipal airport in Arkansas. And home!

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(no subject)

Permanently closed

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LIT/KLIT Name Change

Not sure of the time-frame, but the name of LIT has changed from Adams Field to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field.

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re: Flight Training

Reply to @Nitrohog: and takeoff clearances.

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Flight Training

Flight training with Matt Carner...First Class C landing

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First Long solo XC

First Long solo XC

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Flight training

Night XC with Matt Carner

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Heads Up

Some pointers:

Watch out for the trees on both sides of the runway as they are not far from the edge (~10-20ft)

Must land on RNWY 31 and take off 13.

Don't try to out climb the hill at the "departure" end of RNWY 31 as you will fail

Please keep in mind of the houses around the runway.

RNWY 31 in up hill which in turn makes RNWY 13 down hill. this is very helpful for braking on landing and accelerating on takeoff

Call before arriving 479-359-3204

Above all. Enjoy the view of Beaver Lake on approach and after Take-off

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Won court battle

This airport just won a lengthy court battle to stay open, but there are some restrictions on takeoffs and landings. See for details.

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Very nice runway. 18/36 150' wide in excellent condition. Nice FBO and fuel is reasonable but can be found cheaper at 4M1 at any time. Fuel is 24hr self serve at both places. Crew cars available as well as hotels and decent places to eat. For short stays, the FBO offers hangared storage for a reasonable fee ($25/night I think is what I paid). FBO has nice pilot lounge with recliners and internet access. Newly remodeled and includes a single pilot sleep area!

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code 08AR

The FAA uses '08AR' for Crittenden Regional Hospital Heliport,

West Memphis, AR

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re: This time the FAA is wrong

And the FAA replies:

We received the information to change the lat/long from GCR thru a XML


Per telephone conversation with Joyce, GCR, she advised me to change the

lat/long back to what was previously published in NASR. See NFDD 015 dated


Karen Myers-Martino

National Flight Data Center, AJR-32


Fax 202-267-5322

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses '30AR' elsewhere.

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This time the FAA is wrong

For some reason, the FAA has this heliport miles away in Lowell Kansas! I'll write to them.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses this id elsewhere.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA has a different airport with '45AR', and doesn't have this airport at all.

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re: Needing more info

There's a little hamlet in Illinois called "Grubbs" -- is that what you mean? If so, it looks like the closest airport is Pinckneyville Du Quoin:

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Needing more info

I am writing from Patterson, NY Myt FBO is KDXR (Danbury Municipal, CT)

I have a friend who just moved to Grubbs and will be needing an aviation pick up around the holidays. I am having trouble locating map(s) to plan my flight.

Sincerely Yours,

Michael Jacobson


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