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Site of Arizona Flying Circus Fly-in

Not quite the same location as the old dedicated airfield to the west, but in a way this resort continues to have aviation facilities in the 21st century. Pretty neat.

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My Experience

Very Tiny and nice airport

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My Experience

This very Small, Closed airport looks like it is still Operating, But It Isn't.

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Very Nice Heliport,

Two heliports is nice, Pretty big spaces.

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My Experience

Yuma Is Also A Nice Town To Vacation In @Apollu1 , and it is a very nice airport. It also has a pretty nice terminal.

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My Experience At This Airport

I Flew Here On A Flight From SFO To Yuma With A Layover In Phoenix, Yuma Is A Very Awesome Town For Vacationing, And It's Airport Is Not Bad For A 90,000 Person Desert Town.

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Some more deets

Visible on the old topo maps available in CalTopo, and the eastern half of the runway is clearly visible running due east from the modern-day Lone Butte Casino.

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this airport and surrounding area are stunning

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Old Chinle Airport

This is the heading for the old (closed) and private Chinle Airport (04AZ), not the newer Chinle Municipal (E91).

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Old Landing Strip

Shows up on 1970s-era topo maps and old runway still visible on satellite, but very little info available. Any further information on this obscure landing strip would be appreciated.

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No heliport at location.

PIma County Sheriff's Department airborne operations seem to have moved completely to KTUS -- sensible, PCSO HQ being basically sandwiched between the flight paths of KTUS and KDMA probably made this location untenable in the long run.

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Since all the FAA databases seem to be 10-12 years behind on heliports, it's probably a good idea to leave this up here so people *know* it's closed, instead of removing this and leaving only the inaccurate, old information online on other sites as Google hits. Also, it was inaccurately plotted to begin with (protip: always cross-check owner addresses on heliport listings!).

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Bowie International?

Labeled as "Bowie International Airport" on Google Maps, but I can find no evidence this was ever actually called this other than as a local in joke.

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Bring me the head of John the Baptist!

This is actually the 1930s Salome CAA Intermediate Field, resurrected in the late 2010s as an emergency airfield for GA pilots! Neat to see what was effectively a forgotten archaeological site return to current use.

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I thought this was closed...

But there's YouTube videos of activity here from 2015-2019. Pretty fascinating rebirth of a 1950s airstrip!

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Silverbell Notes

When I was here in the oughts, it primarily housed AH-64Ds for US ANG and Singapore AF units -- the Singaporeans train here as there's not exactly a ton of room to have a training base out in Singapore.

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Gila River Memories

I used to ride my bike here as a kid in the late 80s/early 90s to see the old Biegert Aviation C-130s come in. Sad to see this airport fall into disuse and disrepair. Those DC-6s and hangars deserved so much better than to be turned into tinder for meth heads.

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Cheap Fuel

unmanned but good FBO

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Excellent AIrport

Lots of choices for FBO/s

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The Best

Funny I was coming on here to testify about my experience about MEDALLION and how their team got it done for me regarding my low credit and debts, but seeing all these other persons also enjoying his service and talking about him I have nothing to say. I’m short of words. Amazing company. MEDALLION CREDIT GROUP AT GMAIL DOT COM.

Stay safe all

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(no subject)

This heliport has been closed and should be removed from the database.

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Great FBO at Legend. Very helpful and great service. I didn't need any fuel and they let me have a Crew car. Fun town trip.

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2AZ6 Closed

As you can see from the satellite image, this heliport has been replaced by an apartment complex. There are NO helicopter facilities at this location.

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(no subject)

Ag airport, Airtractors.

Friendly people.

No fuel, maybe JP from Ag Operator.

928 346-1501

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re: Shuttle/Taxi/Limo Ground Transportation

On 4/14/16 I caught the yellow cab vehicle #494. I informed the driver that I come here often for work. Please do not try to scam me. That is the history of yellow cab and my experience at this airport. What usually cost me $50. Was already close to $70 and we still were not there. I went on the north side where all you have to do is get on the freeway and it takes me straight to my job. Usually get there in 20 to 25 minutes. He did all this extra driving around the entire airport. He went through the mountain which I have never been through in over a year that I have been coming here. This guy is a rip off. I did not allow him to rip me off. But I am sure he has done it to other. I called discount cab to return to the airport. It was a pleasant trip. I feel we should have a selection on which cab we want to use. Yellow cab drivers are a rip off. I will never get in his cab again.

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re: Shuttle/Taxi/Limo Ground Transportation

We had a great taxi ride experience very late (12:30 AM) on 3/30/16 after arriving Sky Harbor. It was a Checker cab. Can't recall the #.

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Good Fuel prices

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Good gas prices

Petti, James

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Condors under the bridge

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The FAA still lists FFZ as active. See and for instance.

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Evidently the FFZ NDB service is no longer there. When was it turned down?

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Shuttle/Taxi/Limo Ground Transportation

Rather than using a taxi, shuttle or limo try a Luxury SUV. At Anthem Shuttle we provide a safe, reliable and affordable means to the taxi services at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

American Drivers, English speaking drivers.

(480) 251-2967. Cash or credit

Create an online account and securely save your credit card information for easy payment.

WWW.ANTHEMSHUTTLE.COM. $20 off your first round trip reservation.

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deceitful and rude

Chandler Air Service is owned and operated by Diana Walkup and her husband. She did not like the fact that my husband objected to the $12 per night tie down service (which equates to more than a hangar rental) when we spoke with the FBO lineman, so she called the Chandler police. She was not even a witness to our conversation with the lineman, but simply didn't like the fact that he complained. She did, however, wait until AFTER we had purchased $700 in fuel and paid for the several days of tie down before she made the complaint and had us served with a Trespass Notice - attempting to ban us from the airport for a year (not that it is even legal for her to do so). She acted with deceit and malice. This FBO should be avoided at all costs.

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I arrived in TUS late Saturday night on a delayed United Airlines flight. I suspect we were the last flight in. The airport was mostly empty, aside from a few cleaners, security staff, etc., but there were still a lot of taxis waiting outside at the queue, which was a relief.

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the Cordes Airport is private and closed --

the Cordes Airport is private and closed --

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Black Hole

Worst black hole at night I have ever encountered. 24000TT 18000TT Alaska Bush

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Sticky Fingers! (Sky Harbor Airport)

Sky Harbor is a good and nice Airport, but one thing is don't leave anything behind! I forgot something that was about $200 on a chair at one of the gates...My plan was the last one to land and they were closing it all down for the night since it closed at 1am! My plan landed at 12:30 and I didn't get off till 12:50. I was the last one on the plane to get off. When walking to get my bag the only one behind me was the guy at the ticket stand and some cleaning people! I notice I left my tablet and went back after only 15 mins later and of course it was gone within 15mins! I called the lost and found and of course no one turned it in....I'm sorry but I think someone from the airport that works there took it...I don't care if they tell me no one from there took it *lies*

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More about landing here

It's not that bad, even for a flat lander. Land rwy 3, even if there's a slight tailwind. Fly the VASI, which will put you a little long and keep you on glide slope. Just flre and let the rwy come up to meet you!

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I am looking for rental space for starduster too, preferably out of direct sunlight.

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I would like to know more...

I have flown over this several times enroute between KTYL and Yuma and wondered about it - it sure looks nice... but lots of restricted airspace around, with all the military training ranges. What can you tell us about land nearby if you have recently bought property there?

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re: Cross currents make landing difficult


KSEZ was landing number 4 on my long solo cross-country flight during my flight training (my "3 towered landings" x-c: The first 3 ldgs were at Flagstaff, another bumpy, cross-windy airport!)

Most of Arizona's airfields, especially those in the more northern parts, can be windy, gusty, and bumpy - that's just Arizona flying... but if the air was always smooth and always straight down the runway, everyone would want to live here!

Don't let the "SS Sedona" spook you - it just looks scary since it is up on a teeny, tiny looking mesa. But it just ~looks~ that way. (That's how it got the nickname "SS Sedona" - it kinda looks like an aircraft carrier landing...)

Here's the trick to landing there - NEVER try to put it down on the numbers! Land a little long - there will almost always be turbulence and even downdrafts at the ends of the runway - since the runway ends at the edge of the mesa which falls off rather abruptly to the valley floor below...

Come in high, maybe a few knots fast, with a good sink rate and make it a short-field landing. Even though the runway looks small (since it looks like it's all alone up there, perched on a mesa) it really is plenty long and wide. It will probably be windy, so just keep flying the airplane all the way to the tie-downs.

Get it tied-down and visit the FBO - get yourself a "SS Sedona" souvenir ballcap so you'll have braggin' rights. Then visit the new restaurant there - I hear they have good food!

When you are done, go out and make a short field take-off so that you've got a little altitude under your butt before you pass over the far end of the runway - you'll be fine!

Have fun!


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Cross currents make landing difficult

This is a scary airport to land at. METAR does not show all the wind currents, even experienced pilots crash here.

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35uio bro bro bro

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My First Flight into Gateway!!

Will be taking my 1st flight into Gateway on Allegiants new non-stop service from Duluth, Mn.. Will post more once we are done traveling for the Holidays!! Be Safe!!

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re: Info on getting there

You should probably contact Scenic Airlines as they seem to be the only company operating into this airport. They appear to be a tour company rather than a simple airline.

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Info on getting there

How can I get a list of flights and other information of incoming flights (so I can book a flight if possible) from Las Vegas, or Flagstaff? I travel from a larger city (Balt) that has direct connection to this airport.

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First visit

Was asked to leave as this is a private airport and I was trespassing.It seems as though the local Airvac Service is running the show with the cooperation of the sheriff. No one attending and no 100LL.

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Getting better!

It seems like KPHX is always updating, and for good reason. Biggest problem commercially are those passengers who use Phoenix as a stop-over and have to change airline (i.e. US Air to America West). It may be updated by now, but in the past you had to shuttle in buses between the terminals and the delays can be extensive as you have to go through security when you arrive at the next terminal. This has caused me to miss a flight in the past. Other warning is flying into/out-of/thru here in summer months in the mid-to-late afternoon time frame as this is monsoon season. When lightning approaches the ramp completely shuts down at a moments notice, stranding passengers in the terminals and in the aircraft if they're away from the gate. These delays can be minutes or hours.

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Great place to learn to fly!

Next time you're in the area, look up Mr. Howard Deevers, a living legend in his own 50 years of aviation. Ask him how "Doc" is doing these days... you might even get him to show you how to fly, sign off on your certificate, take a look at your engine, or help you get your next rating. It's one-stop shopping with this incredible guy!

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Springerville Airport

They have a new self fueling station that is open 24/7. Price is usually one of the least expensive in Arizona and they have both Jet A and 100LL. It is usually a windy airport in the afternoon and when coming from the west over the mountains it can be quite bumpy. This is a high density altitude airport so make your calculations prior to take off during the summer months... not uncommon to have a density altitude of 10,000 ft or more!

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