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A wonderful airport for observing aircraft

I base my Grumman Tiger here. The FBO Journey's Aviation is very helpful. There is a place to sit to watch the many aircraft that land and takeoff, including gliders, singles, a few twins, both piston and small jets. There are even occasional parachute jumpers! The fenced in area in front of parking has a mock runway. EAA Chapter 1627 provides Young Eagle flights on spring and summer Saturdays, but sign up in advance at .

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Peterson Space Force Aero Club

Peterson Space Force Aero Club is on the North end of the field. Website is

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$40 landing fee and $50 handling fee for a single engine bonanza. Highest fees I’ve ever seen

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Stopped here today (6/30/20) to ask Smiling Aviation to handle a ferry permit sign-off for me. They could not have been more fun or more professional. I learned a lot (as a pilot not a mechanic) watching them work. The runway is great, and the gas was cheap. Will be back!

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Where would I fly into to get closest? (Pueblo)?

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Need to update this database. There is no Reasoner Airport. It is now the Outlook Community Park.

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(no subject)

Wow, they are proud of their fuel. Exciting place to approach - hard to recognize the airport way down there in that box canyon. Bought the T-shirt "Some fly at 9070 feet, WE LAND"

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NDB AP CASSE 260 kHz Gone

FAA techs confirm AP 260 is gone. AP 206 failed in Jan 2017 and since it was to be decommissioned anyway AP will not be repaired. Also stated they could find the NOTAM. Neither could we.

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NDB AP CASSE 260 kHz Gone?

Not heard since 18 Jan 2017. No NOTAM.

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Save time and money take Uber!

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But for connecting flights

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re: Confirmation?

Reply to @Crimson_Dej: This is the location the FAA has for the heliport.

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Can anybody actually confirm the location of this heliport? This location appears to be in someones backyard.

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Easter Trip 2015

Stopped to see Dan and Sue - Nice FBO

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Great Country Airport

Very close to downtown Durango

Very nice people helped me out with major mechanical issue.

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The Farm

1979 Karen and I

Jim and Bev farming

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First Long Cross Country

Karen, Dad and Fern 1979. Cece Reed was flying there.

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BUFFS NDB DC frequency correction

This NDB is actually on 348 kHz foryears now.

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A very nice place...

We were delighted with our recent visit to Pagosa Springs. The airport is nice and the runway long and wide. There is self-serve fuel and a bathroom in case the FBO is closed.

We stayed at the Sky View Motel, not the fanciest place in town, but were willing to pick us up and drive us around town a bit. They even have complimentary beer and a continental breakfast/snack! 970-264-5803.

Pagosa Springs should be on everyone's bucket list. A wonderful little community nestled against the mountains, with great things to do Summer or Winter.

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One of very few airports in the USA , which has so much of general aviation activity

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Perfect Landing

I love to come here before I fly in my Cirrus SR22!

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Nice little GA airport

Great airport and very good FBO. The runway is a little hard to find among the bluffs, but if you can see the golf course immediately to the north (it's the only green thing around) you're in the right place.

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Great airport to land at in any aircraft. Great scenery and always a pleaure to visit.

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A great layover on our trip eastbound

Good fuel prices, great town, wonderful food at Cafe Diva at the base of the ski hill

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Scheduled Passenger Service

United Express operates flights from Yampa to Denver quite regularly. Most other airlines like American, Continental, Delta, and Frontier fly seasonal routes here to and from their main hubs. It's the only airport in NW Colorado to offer passenger service.

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One of my most favorite airports

From the unique tent-like roof lines, to the large spacious terminals, down to the train that shuttles you to/from the Main Terminal, this is one well-designed airport. Traffic just seems to flow no matter what direction its moving. Delays are rare but are mainly caused by weather (locally or for connecting aircraft's origination point elsewhere). Like Cactus said, it's beautiful inside and out, including the historical memorabilia (home of Jeppesen), and other art displays that routinely cycle. The food areas seem spacious enough and I've always been able to find a seat to eat or one to drink from. Transportation to/from the airport is plentiful and flows just as well as the aircraft.

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I love this airport. Nice facilities all around and unique artwork throughout the terminals makes DEN a worth-while experience.

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This is the airport where I learned to fly. There's some court activity to return it to active status, but for now it's closed, and somebody dug a ditch across the runway, Mayor Daley style... :-(

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re: Perfect Landing Restaurant

Reply to @Komatoast:

Well, its a great place, as long as you are not vegetarian!

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Heli Ops

Small operation based on a ranch. Operates Bell UH-1H/ 703 for fire fighting, seismic exploration, powerline construction.

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code 84CO

The FAA uses '84CO' for Rampart Heliport, Castle Rock, CO

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code 5CO3

The FAA uses '5CO3' for Jim's Airport, Delta, CO

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code 6CO6

The FAA uses '6CO6' for Skywagon Ranch Airport, Berthoud, Colorado

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code 2CO9

The FAA uses '2CO9' for Lands End Heliport, Grand Junction, CO

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code 7CO6

The FAA uses '7CO6' for Vantage View Airport, Rush, Colorado

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code 64CO

The FAA uses '64CO' for Cholla Airport, Walsenburg, CO

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41CO code

The FAA uses '41CO' for Flying Dog Ranch Airstrip, Meeker, CO

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Perfect Landing Restaurant

This is a great place -- fly in park right in front on the ramp. Sometimes busy --- but fabulous airport eat place. Decent prices; free aircraft parking. My favorite is their wings club sandwich.

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Blue Sky Bistro

Stop in to eat at Blue Sky Bistro... great sandwiches and breakfast food. Not open weekends. Runway grill also on airport... OK if not too busy.

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Wrong ID?

FAA uses 77CO for Memorial North Helipad in Colorado Springs

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses 93CO for Antelope Airpark.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses '22CO' for Flying E.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses CO22 elsewhere.

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re: Long Runways

Hi Tony

Did you work with Craftsmen Electrics in Sydney in 1989 as i think i might know you. I am across from Scotland visiting my brothers in Newcastle (Don) and Sydney (Jim). If you are who I think you are it would be great to catch up.

Billy Broadley

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Long Runways

During the summer, the density altitude is over 10,000 ft and the runways are extra long - I made the mistake of landing on 17 and had to taxi two miles to the FBO.

Lots of executive jets and charters fly in here during the ski season. During the summer, there is less traffic and rates are better at the FBO.

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Friendly FBO

Landed here in the Husky just to take a break and stretch my legs. Didn't buy fuel or souvenirs, but the staff made me feel welcome. Lent me the courtesy car to have a look at the downtown. The FBO manager and I sat on the porch and discussed flying and life in general.

There is a crosswind runway here, it is grass/gravel and hard to see. Actually, it is easier to see here on Google Earth than in the afternoon sunlight.

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9927 Ft Elevation

North America's highest airport - land here, buy the Tee shirt, get the certificate. Check the weather before you proceed, the mountains on both sides of the valley here exceed 14,000 Ft.

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Good FBO but cheaper self-serve fuel (Texaco)

There is a small self-serve fuel stand at the western end of the ramp. I needed to get a car, hotel, washrooms, etc so I taxied to the Flowers FBO. It was late and they were a little disorganized because of an airshow that weekend, but they came and towed my taildragger to a better spot after I unloaded my gear. They gave me their well-published 40 cent discount on the fuel, so it was competitive with the self-serve fuel.

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Many should add this after 8 Sep 2007

haven't had the pleasure of visiting here yet but there's a great show scheduled for 8 Sep 2007 .. classic radials, fancy cars and lots of fun.

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Strange juxtaposition

First time I ever saw tumbleweed caught in a snowbank.

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