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EVB NDB decommissioned

There is no way for me as a user to delete NAVAIDs or mark them as decommissioned. Many NAVAIDs on the site are out of date as a result. Please open editing of NAVAID to the users, including access to delete or mark as decommisioned.

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re: Frenchy's Cassette Tape - The Art of Flying

I still have the 8 track tape.

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Coastal Airport (83J) is closed (Closed in 2014)

Coastal Airport was closed and is now an Escambia County school. It was a fun airport, my daughter sat in her first glider here. The gliders moved over to a nearby field in Alabama, just up the road a piece. The airfield closed sometime in 2014 and was not even on the 2017 sectional as a closed airfield. I was sad to learn that it was no longer there as it was a place that I enjoyed watching the glider at.

You can learn more here:


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A Very Nice Airport

Welcome To The Conch Republic or USA! This airport is very nice and I like how it pinpoints the existence of the Conch Republic, i would have not known if it didn't Say "WELCOME TO THE CONCH REPUBLIC" On The Wall.

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Used for 1992 Landing of Mickey Mouse One

Upon the retirement of Walt Disney's private plane Mickey Mouse One (Grumman Gulfsream I N234MM) in 1992, it landed here to be displayed at the adjacent MGM (now Hollywood Studios), as the old Walt Disney World Airport to the north had been blocked off by the construction of the monorail system. Further use of the site for aviation purposes has been permanently precluded by the No Fly Zone orders in place since 2001.

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Converted to solar panel field

From a problem report: "Another business has bought the airport and is now using it as a solar panel field. Nobody can access the airport unless authorized."

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Formerly Orlando Hyatt House, Orlando Sun Resort, Ramada Orlando Celebration Resort. This property is now closed and derelict.

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Fantasy of Flight

Better known as Fantasy of Flight. In addition to the visible turf runways, there are also seaplane operations here.

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Walt Disney World / Lake Buena Vista STOLport -- still here,

One of the advantages of being a Walt Disney World Cast Member was being able to access the old airport grounds. The runway is still in use, but not for aviation; it's a vehicle storage facility for Disney. You'll have to go to Castaway Cay to find an active airport on Disney property nowadays (2020).

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Beautiful new FBO

One of the most interesting FBO buildings, anywhere. Great airport on a beautiful island

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Friendly FBO

Kissimmee jet center was great!

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Nice lunch spot

Good on airport restaurant

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Controllers are great but...

At KORL... Due to Class B ceiling above and catering to the executive jets, a regular joe can wait at the end of the runway or be sent on a cross country while in the pattern just to accommodate a biz jet that hasn't yet made the IAF. It wastes tons of time. Neither MCO or SFB are convenient for quick business trips.

One day I was cleared to land same time a student was right below me on instruments. Tower was not aware. Thanks for the guy behind me turning base.

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Shoutout to Owner! :D

Seeing your seaplane in the sky always brightens my day! As an engineering student/rusty private pilot who doesn't get to fly as often as she likes, I love to see that the GA community is as strong as ever.

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(no subject)

KCOI is a hotspot for student pilots, whether it's you're home airport or you're doing cross-country. It only has one runway (11-29), which makes life so much easier when you're starting out. The final approach for 29 is over the water, which is insanely fun because it's almost makes you feel like you're landing on an aircraft carrier. Sometimes the traffic can be hectic, so keep your scan up, follow the CTAF procedures, and make ALL of your calls. A CFI I know insists on calling it "Scare-itt Island" because of the goofy stuff pilots sometimes do in the pattern, but it's not that bad if you fly safe.

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Love This Airport!

I completed my PPL at TIX, and I can honestly say I love flying there! Sure, you have to watch your ps and qs or ATC won't be happy, but you can't beat the view of Kennedy Space Center when you're taking off from Runway 9. The 4 long runways are give so many landing options, especially for student pilots.

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Excellent fuel price

This is a typical country airport with great service

Be careful of the adjacent airspace

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Small but Pretty!

When I flew into this airport, it exceeded my expectations! I thought for such a small airport, it has to be trashy and dirty! But that is completely false!!! It’s clean and well taken care of, and the workers are amazing. When we go to Naples, we usually fly into Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) but we thought we’d change it up and fly here, next time I think we will fly to Miami International Airport (MIA).

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Landshark Bar - dirty

I gave been traveling this terminal for years as a business traveler woth hreat frequency. This bar is filthy. The dtainess, the inside bar walls, the clear counter inserts are crusted with filth on the inside. Shocked at the lack sanitation. I know renovation is in process, but that dies not have to do with keeping it clean and safe from mold, bacteria, infesration....

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Easy to fly in and out of

Great FBO, nice building with a snack and drink bar.

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Frenchy's Cassette Tape - The Art of Flying

Frenchy taught my father to fly and my mom and I were taking lessons when Frenchy passed away. I only had about 8 hours in my log and was 16 or 18 years old. (1976 or 1978 I think). I never took another lesson because I couldn't imagine someone telling me to fly over a VOR to watch the From/To flag switch. But, I still have the cassette tape Frenchy gave me to learn his Art of Flying. Does anyone remember this? Contact me if you would like to listen to it. niahartman@icloud.com

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Amazing little strip with short runway. Excellent VFR stop with fantastic views from the air and ground. Beware when planning, this airstrip does not yet have an ICAO or IATA code, yet, only the FAA LID code (despite many sites assuming otherwise),

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(no subject)

Yes you do spot Ringling - Very good eye. I live here just 8 miles from the Arpt. and the renovations are beautiful. Gawd, you should see the huge fish tanks that they put in.

Only problem with SRQ is the landing fees keep the majors away. Sad but true, as an international arpt. they should want to bring in more majors and reg. flight's not price them away! MHO

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I remember Frenchie

In around 1968 I cleaned Frenchie's planes (two Cessna 150's and a 172) for flying lessons. I was 13 I remember his grandson, his stories and all the fun people who learned from him !

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Just moved to are

Hi "friends" is anything available at the airport strip there? We are living in Weston right now.

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Not too bad for TSA

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Miami American Airlines is chaotic, unrestful and not worth

International flights from the Caribbean should be short, sweet and relaxing. Instead American Airlines subscribes to the notion of long, bitter and anxious. Coming back from the Caribbean is a nightmare. This has been going on for years, at least two. They make you walk from the airplane the entire length of the airport to make a line and imprint your passport in the new machines. Then they take a picture. After this line where no one really knows where exactly to go, one has to go to another snaky line where they check the passport again and the picture. This second time is an unfriendly foreigner asking nonsensical questions. Why they couldn't put the machines next to the man asking the questions so one only has to make one line is beyond me. Then they make you pick your luggage, yes they don't have the decency to transport it to your connecting flight. Then you make another line to put your luggage through a conveyor. They don't tell you at this time to put any liquids you purchased in the airport into your luggage so later they will confiscate it. Then you move for another half length of the airport to another more lengthy, more snaky line where they check your carry-ons and any liquids you bought at the airport even with receipt bags and the like the confiscate or you have to re-check for another 25 dollars. This is done by a zealot observer who even the bag checkers make comments on how unreasonable his pulling of certain bags are. Then if you have a connecting flight you must go back through the tram to your gate which usually is gate 60 where they huddle everyone into a packed noisy, hardly-beveraged area until 9:30pm and at 9:30pm they start boarding around 10-15 flights all at once. Then one has to hurry to walk to the tarmac through this outside corridor and go up stairs or a bus to you plane. Miami and American Airlines is a bad combination. It has been so for a while and the organizer of this deal is either a novice or needs different skills.

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About airport

Its very nice airport.I seen in a some photos

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Airport Restaurant

Ocala is a great field to fly into with always friendly service. It has an not-so-busy ILS so instrument ops are great to practice here. The Airport restaurant is great and there is no landing fee. Simply taxi up and get some great food!

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The airport restaurant is great at KLAL. The food portions are more than enough for you to eat and have some to stash in the baggage compartment! The service and food is excellent and there are headsets at each table to listen on freq. while over-watching the field. Great option to fly into!

Caution: Restaurant hours are odd so double check before you fly in!

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HiJackers is my all time favorite place to fly and get food. Its about an hour from anywhere in Central Florida. The shrimp burger and Coconut shrimp are better than 5 star quality and the view of the pattern in addition to great service make this a must go for your flight plan! Also, the tower is a plus at KFIN, controllers are very professional and helpful. Great Destination airport!

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Blimp Ride

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Been there when they had a BBQ and auction for a blimp

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Frenchy was my grandfather, I grew up in his office and listened to all his stories, they were the best! I was blessed to have him in my life. Arthur W. Plante IV

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Pilot's License

Sanford I where, under the tutelage of Tommy Savage, learned to fly and obtained my Private Pilot License.

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Tampa Bay Aviation - KCLW - Clearwater Airpark

Wanted to note the Airpark-KCLW has no ATC and only operates until 11 Pm and reopens at sunrise the following day..

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Clearwater Airpark

Clearwater Airpark averages <200 flights a day. It is close to KPIE, Clearwater-ST Pete International and Albert Whited-KSPG. Both the other airports are Class D. Having them in such a close proximity makes it nice for T and G's while getting experience dealing with ATC. They just added AWOS, 118.925 MHz and Phone: (813)-251-6824. There is a flight school there operated by a nice young couple and everyone there is friendly. They have approx. (1) R-66, (3) R-44's and several R-22's. They have dual engine and singles from a Cessna 150 (only $80/hr wet!) to a SR-22 with Garmin G-1000. They also have 172's with G-1000"s The Airport also has Maintenance and the FBO sells AVGAS and Jet fuel. Airport is equipped with VASI and uses Uni-com on 123.000 MHz. Very friendly folks all the way around at Flight School and FBO! The noise issues have been "toned down". and watch out for KTPA's Class B Airspace. NOISE ABATEMENT PROCEDURES IN EFFECT CTC FBO 727-443-3433

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Easy Access

PNS has one Concourse, and one level. As opposed to KBNA, it is effortless to "deplane" & "grab" your checked luggage...transportation is 8 feet outside. T.S.A. Employees very nice, patient, educational. A pleasant "Initial Point of Contact" if visiting Pensacola &/or surrounding area.

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Learned to fly here

Learned to fly here in 2013. Miami Gliders is a great place to get your pilot training.

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Day XC

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Grandpa's Field.

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Frenchies Flying School

Does anyone remember Arthur Plante AKA "Frenchy"? I learned to fly at No. Perry in 1968 at Frenchie's Flying School. He had stories that would keep you enthralled for hours together with his wife Bea. He had a unique style of teaching and if you couldn't learn from him, then you weren't cut out to fly. I still have my solo shirt with the tail cut off! He came with me on the first flight after I overhauled my 1947 Talorcraft BC12D. He asked me if I had done all the work properly and I said, yes I had and he said, we will find out! He did loops and rolls and spins and then told me I did a good job, and all this with an A65 engine. Great memories.

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Updated Airport Code

Now FIN since this fall.

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Great on site cafe

A very good '$100.00 hamburger' destination!

Line service and fbo staff offers 'excellent customer service!

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Friendly Airport

Feel welcome to stop by to visit Tony and Danny. You will be greeted with a "hello glad to see ya" attitude. They are both A&P mechanics in case you need help with repairs. They are making improvements to the 5200' grass strip. They are always happy to great new visitors and are always glad to see old and new friends. They usually have a cook out every 3rd Saturday of the month and, all are welcome. Chip in by bringing your favorite dish or just show up to chat with fellow pilots while enjoying a pot luck dinner. You want find a more friendly place.

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Two restaurants on the field, the Gin Mill is in the middle of the ramp and has better food.

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Flight routes and Aircraft

Delta ( DL ) Only flies to ATL now not MEM. Also, They mainly fly 717's and the occasional Crj and MD88 out of VPS

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re: World Class Airport

But Tampa, home of the first Landside/Airside Terminal Complex structure, a frequent Global Airport Efficiency Award winner, and recipient of a Second Best Airport in the World in an aging J.D. Powers & Assoc. customer satisfaction survey, takes the lion’s share of shout-outs


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