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Reopened as a UAS strip 2022

In newer imagery, this is now marked as an active UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) airstrip.

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re: This may be defunct

Reply to @AdventureAviator: It's pretty long since defunct and has been marked as closed.

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This may be defunct

I live in the area and while Foreflight does also recognize this airport, the geolocation is on top of railroad tracks and it is behind a mass transit train station.

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Great airport!

Nice newly paved taxi and ramp. Great fuel stop

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re: No Southwest Airlines?

We've removed the routes, because we didn't have a good way to keep them up to date.

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(no subject)

Charles Lindbergh first solo was at this field.

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This needs a link to NOTAMs

No link to NOTAMs:

!MCN 01/611 D73 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1036263) 334827.00N0834657.00W (4.7NM WNW D73) 1141.7FT (259.8FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1901280534-1902120434



!MCN 01/001 D73 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1042958) 334243.00N0834154.00W (4.3NM S D73) 1268.0FT (408.1FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1901010021-1902012359

!MCN 10/092 D73 NAV JNM NDB OUT OF SERVICE 1810241141-1904242111EST

!MCN 01/108 D73 NAV JNM NDB NOT MNT 1701031744-PERM

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Eagle Neck Airpark

Eagle Neck is a residential airpark located on the South Newport River in the lee of St. Catherine's Island on Georgia's coast. There is pilot controlled lighting and wind information on the unicom frequency 122.725 (5 slow clicks to activate). Visit the website for more information: .

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Can you please tell me the elevation of this airport?

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Day XC

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down home airport

Cheapest av gas in Georgia. Front porch rocking chairs at FBO to watch takeoffs & landings. A lovable FBO dog named "Goober" to pet. Pretty scenery nearby. JZP might be the perfect small town airport.

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No Southwest Airlines?

I know for a fact that Atlanta is one of Southwest Airlines' focus cities. How come Southwest Airlines doesn't appear on the routes list?

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Highly recommend stopping in here. Very friendly folks and modern facility. Love the crew car, its a VW. Good price for fuel also.

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re: ' or 1=1 --

Nice try, but no SQL injection here.

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Very friendly and accommodating

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KPUJ- Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport

The airport changed names from regional airport to Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport in 2009. Located 25 mi NW of downtown Atlanta, the airport was developed and branded to specifically attract industry and corporate aviation groups that will bring the jobs of the future to Paulding County.

For more information, visit:

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Easy international connection

Nice, easy connection here in mid November -- I had only an hour to connect from an inbound Montreal flight to an outbound Bogotรก flight, but I was able to stay in the international terminal without going out and back in through security, like at some other airports.

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I'm trying to find a flight from Portland ME (PWM) to Tampa FL (TPA) that has a stop over in Atlanta (ATL) of at least 3 hours. Why is this so hard?

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Nice facility

FBO building is well equipped and only a few years old. Runways are both sloped down toward the middle so let the runout just happen.

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SheltAir FBO

Good place to stop if visiting SAV. Nice facilities, friendly. $13/night ramp fee.

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Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Residing in Atlanta and use the Atlanta Airport for both domestic and international travel. I have been through many airports throughout the world and find the Atlanta Airport to be one of the best. The airport has a north and south terminal that are combined together. The rail system maks it extremely easy to navigate between terminals. A new separate international terminal is scheduled to open in 2012, which should make it very efficient with international travel and going through CBP.

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Moultrie municipal

Its unreal how friendly they are there. And the establishment is one of the most well kept places ive seen in the area. The owner allen is a top notch guy.

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re: Swaid Rahn

Sure is a good dude.

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Cheap 100LL

Cheapest fuel around. ILS.

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Nice place to fly near Atlanta

I did my primary training at RYY and then rented for a while until I moved. I liked the size of the airport and the fact that it has a tower, but is small enough that they have plenty of time to talk to you and the jets are never really in the way. Easy to fly in and out of, and the Atlanta Bravo is well above the airport. Haven't flown there as a visitor from another state, so I can't vouch for the FBO, but I really liked Superior Flight School when I was there.

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Nice FBO and great fuel prices

They are gradually building up the facilities at this new airport. The FBO building opened recently and it's very nice, with good meeting space and a modern architecture. They are luring fliers (at least piston fliers!) with some of the cheapest 100LL prices in the area, so if you're nearby you should stop in.

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Swaid Rahn

This guy is courteous and friendly. He offers a variety of services. His main activity is Indigo Aviation and he is an A&P, DAR, and IA. What a man to have all of this knowledge locally available.

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Nice place

Stacy Briggs is the owner and a very nice guy to have on your side in case of problems.

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Briar Patch

What a great place to fly out of.........Plenty of aviation oriented folks here....

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Runway Length

I think it is 1800 including about 25 feet of grass on the southwest end. I best I can tell from Google Earth, the paved runway is 1775+or- a few feet.

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code 6GA2

The FAA uses '&GA2' for Becker Heliport, Jackson, Georgia

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code 8GA0

The FAA uses '8GA0' for Pinetree Heliport, Cumming, Georgia

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code 66GA

The FAA uses '66GA' for Sawyer Farm Airport, Blakely, Georgia

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code '3GA3'

The FAA uses ' 3GA3' for Warren Field Airport, Lookout Mountain, Georgia

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code 68GA

The FAA uses '68GA' for Calhoun Heliport, Marietta, Georgia

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code 9GA2

The FAA uses '9GA2' for BERG PARK AERODROME, Midway, GA


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museum is shambles

I used to stop at this field/museum back in '80's when driving to Chattanoga for training when working for EME.....lots for aircraft back then...really a shame to see it now...back then I could just wander around and take pics for hrs.....that seems to have been when the most a/c were there......does anybody have a complete list of all the a/c and the total inventory of the museum.....I remember several comm type military vans/trailers...I stopped there in about nov. of 2006......and I could have cried...that place had alot of potential...

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Hodges Airpark Breakfast 11-14-09

There's a good breakfast served every third Saturday morning at Bill's hangar, starting around 0800. Lots of folks fly in for this so monitor 122.9 for runway 12 or 30. Park at the end of the row of T-hangars on the SE end. Several of us drive/fly up to Briar Patch airport (9GA1) for the EAA meeting and occasional lunch. Very casual meeting, mostly just meeting folks and talking flying.

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Mallards Landing GA04

Private airport; non-standard pattern: north downwind. 123.7 unicom/lights.

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It's actually 1800 feet. Newly repaved and expanded. I was there when it was happening.

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re: New airport

its deffinatly there...helped put the first set of rubber stripes on it a few months back...maybe its taking a while for the satelite to take a new picture of the area, dont expect one soon though we sold my old house over 3 years ago and it got demolished yet google maps still have it pictured!

kpuj is on the new sectional so go check it out!

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses 'GA98' for Grayhill, in Lagrange, GA

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses this id, 7GA6, elsewhere.

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New airport

According to its web site, this is a brand new airport that opened in November 2008. It does not yet appear in the Google satellite imagery.

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Did my ASEL Checkride here with John Mann. Great little airport. If it's windy, watch out for shear when you descend below the treeline.

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Nicest Folks in the South!

You absolutely must stop in Moultrie if you're in the area. They give every arrival a friendly "welcome to Moultrie," their fuel price is cheaper than anywhere even with full serve, and they gladly give up the crew car for a trip to town for lunch.

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re: Mathis Airport

1550 feet long, according to the FAA.

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Mathis Airport

This one's Short

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One of Georgias finest

Many of my family members live here so I visit often. Friendly service, courtesy vehicles, jump school.

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