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On the site of former Kona Village Resort Airport.

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Agreed with what @Komatoast said

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Free Parking.

Ideal Place for Corporate Overnights into Asia or US

It is only 20 NM from Honolulu International but

Honolulu is so busy there is little parking space and very

expensive - $1,000 / night for large jets.

Here you have competitive fuel rates, free parking and

a friendly FBO.

Ask for Fred Turshman.......tell him the other Fred sent you

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Neat Airport

Windy... potential for lots of x-wind!

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Photos from VFR circle of O'ahu


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Come to the airport and have some fun in Hawaii's skies!

Glider rides (scenic and aerobatic), glider flight instruction, skydiving, beautiful beach right across the street for any non-flyers in your group, just ten minutes from Haliewa with its reataurants and shops.

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Amazing Approach

Saw whales breaching during my descent into Kona! The ocean was sparkling and it was a clear day!

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Aircraft Rental

Recommend Tropicbird Flight School if you are wanting to rent an aircraft while on the Big Island. They have great aircraft including a 182; a G1000 172 and Diamond 120. Call Mike or Ashley to reserve an aircraft. Spectacular island flying!

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Graet Views Tough Landings

This little airport on the very northwest tip of the big island is probably one of the most challenging landings in Hawaii. Expect a lot of turbulence on approach. A wind farm is adjacent to the airport -- go figure why they built an airport here... No based aircraft or fuel. Enjoy!

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Local Food Nearby

Get place to eat just a mile away from the airport -- Seaside Restaurant; on Kalanianaole Ave. Great seafood, a local favorite.

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Crosswind Extravaganza

Better be up on your crosswind training when landing here... neat little airport with terminal. Unattended most of the time -- NO FUEL.

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From Wikipedia

"A short coral runway still remains on the island, but is in disuse and is not maintained."


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Looks like the inside of a BBQ!

The approach into this airport is amazing with blackened earth surrounding pristine tarmac. It was quite the shock to see this place in the middle of paradise. The airport itself is made up of a series of interconnected huts. Half the time you are outdoors even on the airside.

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Alpine Air Beech 1900 crash

A Beech 1900 on a mail run went down 7 miles short of runway 35 on 14 January 2008:


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A pleasant short flight from Honolulu.

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A great airport to fly into.

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Flight school and aircraft rental

Maui Aviators has instructors and aircraft for rent. It's an beautiful area to fly over, you can visit some of the smaller islands this way.

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