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My favorite small town airport

I have landed here dozens of times to visit the in-laws. The first time was at night! It's a local family that owns it and offers good fuel prices. Tie down near the road or ask if there's hangar space. The paved strip is narrow, but there's lots of grass around it to use if necessary.

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Fuel stop

Would like to see in daytime. Stopped in for fuel because 05C doesn't have after hours fuel.

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Great gas stop!

Loved stopping here for gas, classic small town airport

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Smooth landing

This airport had one of the smoothest runways I’ve landed on!

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Narrow runway!

the paved part of this runway was only 21' wide!

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The Best

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new gas tanks

looked like some brand new fuel pumps were being installed on 11/2/19

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Great Facility

Good fuel prices and free courtesy car

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(no subject)

I flew in today, the FBO is unbelievable. Beautiful with a very swanky pilot's lounge. I think I would get spoiled if I flew out of here regularly!

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Farthest West... So Far

Landed here while doing my training hours when I had a Cardinal RG. Nice St. Louis area airport

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First flight into and out of this airport

While I do have Midway listed as part of the airports that I have flown into and out of, this will, as of July 16th, be an official statement. I will be flying into and out of Chicago-Midway International Airport for the first time this coming summer.

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Seating and charging outlets

Why isn't there more seating in C concourse? 2 hour layover, no available charging ports and very little seating. Kind of awful for one of the largest hub airports in North America.

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Joy ride while in Illinois

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Nice FBO Fuel price OK

Visited my niece on the way to Lancing 2015

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Grass strip

Crop dusting strip

Land with permission only

Bobby Gene was caretaker 2014

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KDPA - DuPage, West Chicago

Excellent airfield and controllers.

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re: Rossi's Farm Airport

You wouldn't want to do that in real life as it's a private "prior permission required" and as you might have seen in a recent comment on another such airport, landing without permission can lead to dire legal consequences if not outright violence.

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Rossi's Farm Airport

I have landed hundreds of time with my Cessna 172 on this airport (on FSX) as a starting or ending point to Joliet Regl, Lewis University, Clow Int, Naper aero club, Brookeridge air park, Chicago Midway. I am an italian guy, and i live in Padova, Italy.

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rossi's Farm airport

I have landed hundreds of time on this airport (on FSX) as a starting or ending point to Joliet Regl, Lewis University, Clow Int, Naper aero club, Brookeridge air park, Chicago Midway

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Great ATC Tower controller

I was coming in at night and the airport is very hard to find among all the other light clutter. A very patient tower controller turned ry30 up full and turned all the other runway lights off to make it easier to find.

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Ground transportation

There's a station for the "L" train Orange Line in the terminal: ~25 minutes to downtown and the Loop.

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This is where Porter Airlines flies from downtown Toronto.

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Great AirPort

Nice People !!!

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re: Why Is It ORD

According to the wikipedia entry for O'Hare (which I can't link as an anonymous coward) the airport was originally Orchard Field Airport.

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re: Why does this helistop exist?

Reply to @ptomblin:

Nope, no hospital nearby. This is a municipal helistop and is in the middle of a large area of office buildings. My guess is that planners thought that there would be some helicopter traffic to and from the buildings and wanted to plan for general access instead of every building needing it's own stop. This, obviously, was not needed as the helicopter as a mode of everyday travel is simply silly for most people.

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KFEP - Freeport/Albertus - Second Time.

Always like going into Freeport to meet up with the parents. Nice long strip, however it was short field landings today to maintain proficiency.

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Bought gas here

Just a quick stop for gas on my way to Oklahoma from Oshkosh.

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0C2 - Hinckley - Soaring, Soaring, Soaring

Windy City Soaring based at Hinckley (0C2).

Nice Grass Strip 2600x100.

Enjoyed a day of Soaring over North Central Illinois thanks to the Windy City Soaring club. Go check it out.

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LOT - Lewis - Mixed traffic

Busy field during primary training with mixed traffic. Pattern always seemed full and extending downwind was normal.

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C09 - Morris - Quiet Airport

Nice for practice field outside of busy Chicago airspace.

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C77 - Poplar Grove - Hard and Soft

Great airport for both Hard surface and soft surface TO/LDG

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1C5 - Clow International - First Starts

I started primary training here a long while back.

Home to A&M Aviation - excellent training and services. Thanks Al.

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3CK - Lake in the Hills - Blue Skies Pilot Shop

Just an awesome training, flying service and friendly people around.

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06C - Schaumburg - Pilot Pete's !

What else to say - nice airport with a great restaurant under a class B shelf

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that's me standing there

we were looking at the work that was just done to the txy.

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Pilot Pete's

Great airport restaurant

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Chicago Meigs Airport

I can't believe the airport is closed. It was my default airfield for Microsoft's Flight Simulator and I have landed there hundreds of times and flown to and from O'Hare airport as many times. It's a shame!

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re: Why Is It ORD

Reply to @XingR:

Actually the original name of the airport was Orchard Downs "ORD"

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I had the pleasure of stopping here in late 1998 before it was criminally bulldozed. Absolutely FANTASTIC setting. They even made us do a go-around while they shot the "cannon" at geese near the runway, so we got a bonus view of being in the pattern well below the skyscrapers!

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code 86IL

The FAA uses '86IL' for Sharp Airport, Bethany, IL

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codes 6IS6 and IL50

The FAA uses 'IL50" instead of 'SIS6' for this airport

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re: Why does this helistop exist?

That big building across the street is probably a hospital.

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re: North South Rwy Obstructed

Oops, didn't mean to imply that the airport was unusable... The E/W runway is 1800 feet long, and clear at both ends.

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North South Rwy Obstructed

Although this airport has a 1300 foot north/south strip, it's pretty much unusuable due to the high tension power lines at the south end of the field.

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Why does this helistop exist?

Anyone know why this exists? 06C is practically right around the corner, so I have to imagine that there was a specific reason to build this helipad where it is.

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Greetings From Poland

Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !

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Well maintained grass field

This is a nice E/W field adjacent to Illinois Route 15 between Belleville, IL and East St. Louis, IL. Very easy to sight on due to diagonal SW/NE 4-lane highway right next to it. St. Elizabeth's Hospital is very quickly reached from here.

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Such a shame!

This beautiful airport was closed by criminals!

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The Busiest Square Mile in Aviation

Midway is my home 'drome.

It's an amazing place. Commercial, Biz, and general aviation all in one square mile patch of city.

Everything from SWA 737s, to Lears, and down to 152s... 3 FBOs, 2 Flight Schools...

I love this place.

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