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(no subject)

Looks like a brand new fbo. Great service. As of mid 2022 it’s pricey but I write this with Jet A at $8 at most places

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Dropped off a new freind

I would like to see it in daytime. Maybe even try out the Mexican. They need to put in self-serve fuel

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Unusual IATA code "MDN" vs FAA LID "IMS"

The IATA still assigns the code "MDN" to this airport:

However, based on a problem report, it appears the airport itself does not choose to brand itself under that identifier: "MDN is not associated with our airport. It’s just IMS. Please take the MDN information off or please send me where you are getting information so that I can get it corrected. I’m the airport manager for the airport and I have been tracking down the source of this misinformation. Thanks"

Since IATA, and not the airport, controls the IATA codes, we will be keeping that code here for now. It would be best if the airport authority reached out directly to IATA to have the "MDN" code deleted.

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(no subject)

Alexandria Airport is one of the busiest airport in the world. HBE is the airport code for Alexandria. There are too many airlines to fly daily like flydubai, emirates etc.

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Runway not that bad

My CFI tried to scare me away from this airport because the runway is in poor condition. It really wasn't that bad. I'd say Sky King, Hobart and Orleans have worse runways in Indiana.

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Airport with my last name!

Runway is reasonable condition

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Short Field!

Really cool airport. Runway is the only well maintained section as the rest of the pad is in poor condition. you could taxi around on it as it wasn't super jagged. Good place to practice short field technique.

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Runway extended

As of 3/19/19 it appears the runway has been extended. Not sure how long it is now but probably >4000 ft total

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On top of a hill

From the sky I was concerned about obstacles but after landing and taking off it is clear there are t really any on either end. Pattern altitude is higher than usual because of the hills/towers surrounding the field.

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Birds and trees!

When I was there in March there were thousands of birds just northwest of the runway. Obstacles on both ends so make sure to check your POH!

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Narrow runway

First third of both runways was well paved with the middle section being older. At only 30 ft wide this was tricky to do with a crosswind

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New runway under construction!

When I landed on 3/2/19 it appeared the new runway just northwest of the old field was not yet operational. It had lines and numbers painted but there was something yellow on the end of each runway which I assume was a canvas X that the wind had blown into a bunch. I landed at the original field no problem.

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Cheap gas!

Runway in good condition, need to back taxi to get to the start of 36

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Watch out for the tall towers just north of the field. I think traffic for RWY 10 is right for this reason. Also if taking RWY 10 note the mature trees/telephone poles right at the end of the RWY. The trees look to be taller than 50' and are maybe 30ft from the end of the runway so plan accordingly.

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Ricks boat house

Busy airport, Awesome restaurant for the view of the water and great food. Best place for a date out.

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Tractor Show

Love to fly into here in August for the antique tractor show. They will give you a ride over and come get you to go home. Nice airport.

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Night Flights

Landed here in a 1964 172 during my night cross country in the fall of 1999

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Great little airport,

Towered, breakfast and lunch restaurant on the ramp, and a great little WW2 museum. Used to be a glider training base.

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Plowed field

Wow! This place is as rough as a plowed field. No tie downs, no fuel, no FBO, just a strip of grass.

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An unlikely looking airfield - a small narrow ploughed field in May 2017

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Awesome FBO

The FBO owners Darrell and Sherry are great people. Very personal service!!! Clint & John Davis

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Design Parameters of Gyroport

Dear Mr Sanders,

Can you please provide essential details of making a gyroport. We have no regulations for Gyroplanes in our country India. Could you please provide us with details of designing and constructing one for my personal use/ for public use.

Thanking You

Col Rampal Suhag

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(no subject)

Airport not on satellite imagery, code has been reallocated. Marking as closed. Not in FAA register.

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No Longer Operational

A farmer bought this property and never bothered to go through the process of getting it changed to a non operational status. The landing strip has been tilled and is used as farm ground.

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Close to Holiday World

This airport may seem like it is in the middle of nowhere, but it is... actually yes. But keeping it company is Holiday World. One of the best amusement parks I have ever been to.

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First Sunday Fly In Breakfast

During flying season head to Nulltown the morning of the first Sunday of the month. Breakfast is served and the true feeling of flight will be upon you.

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airport closed

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Awesome lunch

Final approach

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Ferry trip

With Matt Carner

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Ferry trip

With Matt Carner

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Flight school New Horizons Aviation

New Horizons Aviation

17229 County Road 42

Goshen, Indiana


FAX:Β  574-971-4276

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aka CLU

10.06.12, FAA document called Columbus Municipal Airport: CLU


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05C - Griffith-Merrillville - Mexican Food on Airport

Great place for both 100LL and Human Fuel (on airport Mexican cafe).

If you're there at night during late summer, watch out for mosquitoes - they are huge and have a big appetite (I had quite the cabin cleanup after smashing a dozen or so).

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History of Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport

The airport was built by a farmer on his farm in 1960. He ran a fixed base operation, including a flight school and a Piper dealership. He fought battles over zoning, neighbor complaints, and the city of Indianapolis wanting to take over ownership, which they did in 1967. Read the history in 175 pages and over 200 photos. Available on

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Excellent Airport

Great runway options, excellent approach/departure and tower personnel, smooth ground operation, plenty of nearby hotels (great Marriott but many other options too). Fuel prices tend to run high on 100LL. Ramp personnel are friendly, skilled, and helpful. I currently hanger there. Have also done training there, MSN, and PDK; EVV is a great beginner and low stress class C refresher location but a little sleepy for advance traffic work. Also doesn't have anything in the way of higher performance or multi-engine training aircraft available. Community is worth the stop too; don't think Indiana corn fields but rather more Ohio River Valley hardwood forest area (big high-end furniture area).

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1st solo at this field! love it

greg livingston

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code 3IN6

The FAA uses '3IN6' for Holloway Field Airport, New Washington, Indiana

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Kacy J's

The restaurant is reopened and the new people couldn't be nicer. Took some family up flightseeing and the owners even brought out a portable so that those on the ground could listen to the exchange with the tower.

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Hello to the manager

Hey man

Sorry I wasn't airborn virtually and able to kick your ass.

From the sattelite-photo, I can see, you are hiding. Best wishes and good luck

Ivar, Denmark, Odense.

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Landing fee for transient aircraft

The Clark Regional Airport's board has voted to levy a landing fee on all transient aircraft -- the story says it will be about $25 (!!), but does not mention if different fees will apply to different sizes of planes:

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Nice, friendly Class D airport

Bloomington has a terrific towered GA airport. There are two FBOs on the field. When we stopped in 2005, we used BMG. Because of thunderstorms along our intended route of flight, we stayed the night at the airport. BMG has a "cabin" at the foot of the control tower that was made available to us for $60 a night. It was a well-appointed modular home with internet access and computer, a full kitchen and laundry room (both stocked with basic supplies), a comfy living room with a television and several movies available on VHS and DVD. Plus, they gave us keys to a courtesy car overnight. As graduates of Indiana University, we used the car to venture into town to visit one of our favorite restaurants that we missed since moving away (there's a great selection of little ethnic restaurants in the area defined by Kirkwood Ave, 4th Street, Dunn, and Grant). Bloomington is a great stop.

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Smoking areas at Indianapolis International

The airport has reactivated its five designated smoking areas until 30 June 2008. After that, smoking will be permanently banned anywhere on airport property except inside privately-owned vehicles:

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New service from Skybus

Skybus will begin scheduled service to GYY from Greensboro, NC on 13 March:

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Home Sweet home!!!!!!!!!

This is my home airport, not to busy and not so empty that it makes you sad. There is flight training on the field and also a jump school. Avg as only, but who would lad a jet on 2300' of runway anyway? Come on down to 3fk and see us sometime.

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