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Stopped over to deliver parts.

Nice airport. Nice courtesy car that they allowed us to reserve ahead of time.

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Stopped in for fuel

Just stopped in for fuel on my way by.

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Plain little Airport

Went down do deliver parts and to work on a center pivot

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Nice airport

Fuel pump card control wasn't working but friendly local helped out.

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Nice Older Airport

3 runways 2 grass 1 cement look to be in good shape. Went down to work on an irrigation engine. Was a sign on nice big hanger β€œfor sale or rent” I would love to have it at home.

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Nice facility

Cheap fuel prices

Lousy fuel payment kiosk

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PHG 368 Phillipsburg NDB decommissioned

Decom Mar 2015

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EWK NDB Decommissioned

EWK 281 NDB decommissioned 17Aug14.

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(no subject)

Home airport

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New Century Aircenter KIXD

Formerly known as Olathe Naval Air Station, and later Flatley Field after James H. Flatley Jr.

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NDB MPR 227 kHz Decommissioned

Decom July 2013

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re: This airport has not operated in over 35 years. It is c

Somebody needs to alert the FAA then, because it's still in their database and according to them they verified the data with the facility owner in 1993.

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This airport has not operated in over 35 years. It is close

This airport is closed and not maintained.

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code 65KS

The FAA uses '65KS' for Griffith Field Airport, Downs, Kansas

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Cheap Gas, Great Service, Under New Managment!

Cheapest fuel around SE Kansas. 3.00/gal for 100LL after Tax! they sell Auto also, 1.89.gal and Jet A 3.59/gal. The airport is under new managment. They now have wireless internet, and vending services. Has a "vintage" feel to it. The manager had said the possibility of having "Dawn Patrols" on the weekends in the future. If anybody has been to one they know they are a lot of fun!

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Used to be in FAA data, isn't any more.

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Nice Little Place!

Very quaint old-style country airstrip. Self serve fuel, friendly people. There is a Husky dealer (Wayne Clements) on the field. You can buy a nice house on the property close to the hangars or the strip.

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Good Fuel Stop at Wichita

There is a full-service FBO here. The airport is at the north edge of town, away from the complicated airspace around the other (12+?) airports at Wichita. Fuel is expensive, but they have lots of hangars in case of thunderstorms during an overnight stop. Lots of hotels with shuttles to pick you up.

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Check out Flower Aviation. Great facility and nice folks to

GCK is ALWAYS windy so be prepared.

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Home of Cessna

As the name implies, this is where 172s, 182s, etc. start out their lives. It's only 2 miles from the rival Beech Factory Field (KBEC).

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Home of Beechcraft

As the airport name suggests, this is where Bonanzas, Barons, etc. take off from the first time. It's only 2 miles from Cessna's home field (KCEA).

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Pick Up Your New Pilatus PC-12

Stopped here enroute Arizona. There is a large Pilatus dealership on the field. We sat drinking our water while watching a private owner inspect his brand new Pilatus. Jealous? Me?

They had a BBQ going and we got free burgers - so we didn't feel too bad.

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