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Cherokee 6/300 lived here

I met a couple of gentlemen on a Cherokee 6/300 I was interested in. Sadly I came home empty.

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Heliport coverage by the FAA

... is NOTORIOUSLY bad. Even heliports that have continually existed for the last forty years are routinely given GPS coordinates up to 10 miles off course.

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This heliport doesn't exist.

This heliport doesn't exist, and hasn't for *years*, if it ever did. There is no pad here, or anything else for a helicopter to land on besides sodden grass. There is no access besides a nearby dirt track. The Sun Drilling Products building is located miles away from the given location. Easily accessible satellite imagery with resolution adequate for spotting a helipad became available with Landsat 4 in 1982: there's no pad then, or in any year.

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Hurricane Ida!

Great airport. My first visit was to drop supplies for victims of Hurricane Ida. The place looked like a war zone, in part because an army search/rescue unit was staging from there. Hope to be back when they've built back!

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Elevation: ZERO!

Great airport with helpful service, chilled FBO, and cheap gas. But I came here for the selfie with the airport sign showing "Elevation: 0.0"!

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Excellent Facility

The cheapest gas for over 15 years is right here

Great facility with courtesy car

Too bad the don't wear masks

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Any port in a storm...

I set down here today to wait out the passage of a wicked cold front. I hadn't realized that every building on the field had been literally demolished by a recent hurricane. So, after I tied the plane down (tightly), I climbed back in the plane and rode out the storm. A little lonely but the pyrotechnics were good.

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E-8 Tank Battery

The food is not up to par with E-5 battery. E-8 needs more things to do for the kids and not much shopping in the area

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As of June 2013 the airport is in great shape (Flightline First is a lovely FBO). The best way to arrive at a still-great city.

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Daniel Airport Addis, Louisiana

Planning a trip to the area in 2 weeks

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LCH Lake Charles Municipal is located south of Lake Charles 10 miles from city center, and 30 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. It is the closest airport to midway from New Orleans to Houston.

New commercial airport terminal with two jetway-equipped gates opened in 2009.

Commercial service provided by United Express (Continental) to/from IAH 5 times daily on Saab 340 aircraft operated by Colgan Airways, supplemented by 1 ERJ-145 roundtrip operated by ExpressJet (SkyWest).

Also served by American Eagle ERJ twice daily to/from DFW.

LCH also home to Era Helicopters maintenance base. Additional offshore base for PHI Petroleum Helicopters.

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flights to albany new york, today

im looking for the times of flights, today, from there, to albany new york

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sight seeing flight

My husband loves to fly and he and my son took a sight seeing flight out of this airport and i was wondering if they still over these flights and what the prices are now? my email address is rachelcarroll012@yahoo.com if someone could please get me this info.

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code LA62

The FAA uses 'LA62' for Grand View Lodge Heliport, Lake Charles, LA

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code LA93

The FAA uses 'LA93' for Children'S Hospital Heliport

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code LA65

The FAA uses 'LA65' for Acadian Medical Center, Eunice, LA

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code 31LA

The FAA uses '31LA' for Iota Volunteer Fire Department Heliport,

Iota, Louisiana

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code 3LA7

The FAA uses '3LA7' for Variable Bor Ram Heliport, Broussard, Louisiana

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code LA41

The FAA uses 'LA41' for Dupuis Airport, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

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code 39LA

The FAA uses '39LA' for Whitaker Ultralight Flightpark, Chataignier, Louisiana

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code LA53

The FAA uses 'LA53' for Tensas Flying Service, Grand Chenier, LA

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code 41LA

The FAA uses '41LA' for Metro Aviation Heliport, Shreveport, Louisiana

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code 04LA

The FAA uses 04LA for St James Heliport, Lutcher, Louisiana

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code LA95

The FAA uses 'LA95' for Abbeville General Hospital Heliport, Abbeville, LA

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Wrong ID?

FAA uses LA14 for Coffman Heliport

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Wrong ID?

FAA uss LA44 for Calpine Heliport

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Got a response back from the FAA about this

Or rather, I got CC'ed on a message between two people at the FAA saying the following:

Karen, LS20 and LA84 are duplicate records. Make the flwg changes:


CHANGE LA84 as follows: CHANGE the rwy length to: 55 and CHANGE the rwy width to: 55


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Ok, this is weird - the FAA data has two "ST ELIZABETH HOSPITAL", one with the id "LS20" and the other with the id "LA84", but with slightly different coordinates.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses LA84 elsewhere.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses LA75 elsewhere.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses LA36 elsewhere.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses "LA03" on a different airport.

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New Orleans Lakefront

Great location to New Orleans. The hurricane tore this place up though. Able to land but everything is in temp buildings and hangers.

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