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Amazing airport for spotting small planes and flying

Very friendly staff, free snacks and coffe

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$309 for a bonanza. not as bad as SFO's $365

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04MA Update

As of 2020, Google Maps imagery shows there's a Cessna parked behind the house at 1020 N Broadway, and the field across the street is still cleared enough for takeoffs. The four digit FAA identifier 04MA indicates this is for private use only; it is still listed as active on AirNav and FAA sources. I think that "anonymous user" may have had an ax to grind.

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NDB FIT 365khz OTS Perm

NDB FIT 365 kHz OTS 20Nov18. TBD 18Jul19.

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(no subject)

I'm looking for flights to Pittsburgh and back . any pilots that fly that route

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I fly Use that Airport all the time half of it is in Beverly

I fly Use that Airport all the time half of it is in Beverly the other half in Danvers, , i went to Flight School on the danvers side there.

Great airport, Runway 27 and 16 are my fav runways..

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Glider activity

Watch out for glider activity.

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61MA Hasn't Been An Airport for a Long Time... Please Remov

This airport hasn't been around for a very long time... It should be removed from your databases.

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Papps is a great on field restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner. Pulled portk macncheese was delicious. Upper deck overlooking field was a great place to eat and drink. I'll be back soon!

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Watch out for unadvertised & outrageous "after hours" fee.

I arrived at 6pm for a Saturday soccer match at Gillette stadium and was shocked to learn that they wanted me to pay $157.50 because I was departing after 8pm. Next time I will go to Mansfield, MA.

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Photo op

I was wondering if my daughter and myself could take pictures at night of the stars on airport property (because of limited light polution) .....across from the reservation area

Thank You


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re: Raytheon Heliport does not exist

The FAA still shows the heliport as active. They also show the location as "Estimated", so it's likely to be in those office buildings nearby. But this wouldn't be the first time nobody bothered to notify them when a private airport/heliport went away.

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Raytheon Heliport does not exist

Raytheon no longer has offices nearby, and in any case, the location given for this heliport is a residential neighborhood.

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Logan Fees and Fuel Prices.

Out of curiosity just checked on skyvector. The fuel prices are also extremely hefty in Logan and in Bedford/Hanscom. On average Massport is charging USD 2.50 - 3.00 more than the surrounding fields. Maybe the FAA need to be informed about that and on top of this all Massport run airports should be boycotted by GA and business aviation. Beverly, Lawrence, Norwood, Marshfield are still very good alternatives and with a little coordination with their local FBO's transportation to downtown is not a problem.

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re: Remove Goddard Airport in Haverhill MA!!!


(You seem to like exclamation points)

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Remove Goddard Airport in Haverhill MA!!!

Airport CLOSED! This was never an "airport". The Field use to be used for a small Cessna. The owner was stopped from taking off and landing on the field. The field has houses on it now!!! (Nov 15, 2012) and should no longer be considered an airport at all on any map what so ever!!! Remove Goddard Airport!!!

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Current Fees

FBO Flight Level Aviation.

$15 facility fee and $12 overnight ramp fee. Facility and first overnight can be waived with 10 gallon fuel purchase.

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Muskeget Island Airport

ownership divided both public and private

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re: Ice Cream

Reply to @MarkAnd: for the price, you get a great amount! best place to go on a sunny day! :)

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re: Logan sucks!!!

Fortunately, Beverley Airport, a 25-minute drive to the north, loves general aviation, and even offers free customs. Logan has a great location, but Massport clearly doesn't want us using the airports it operates.

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Logan sucks!!!

It's nice to see that they respect General Aviation pilots and work towards making their fees and costs reasonable! (this represents sarcasm, of course)

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Westport seaplane base

Does anyone have any information on this seaplane base ?

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Keep your eyes open for 4 footed friends

You need permission in advanced to land at Trade Wind, but when you do keep in mind it's now known as a dog park and heavily populated with dogs and kids running all over the runways. 6/24 is active and 15/33 is now only used as a taxi way, but there is one aircraft in the last surviving hangar on the property.

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Nice Place to stop

The FBO at plymouth is very friendly and there is a wonderful resturant with airplane parking right out front. Just a 10-15 minute hop to Provicetown Municipal. Which is a big advantage over driving, because driving take at least an hour and a half. Also easy quick access to Hanson, Boston, hyannis, Nantucket, Chatham, and Martha's Vineyard. There's an air shuttle to take you to Nantucket and the Vineyard. 10 minute drive to Plymouth center. Rental cars are available.

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has to be the nicest FBO I have ever seen - treated me in my Skyhawk like the Gulfstream right next to me. I will go back there just to give them my business.

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They have aliens

Aliens are housed here in kennels and pens. They are shuttled in at night to avoid detection.

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Light rail into Boston

This station is about 4 miles from the west side of the field, and just over 2 miles' drive from the east side, on the Newburyport/Rockport light rail commuter line into Boston. The fare to Boston's North Station as of July 2009 was $6.25 ($3.10 senior/disabled), and you can take the subway from there to other parts of Boston.

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my first solo

I took flight training and took my first solo flight out of GHG (formerly 3B2). It's a lovely place, right on the beach and managed by great people and a comfortable, new facility. This is a great place to fly!

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Nice town

Nice airport.

Use shuttle to town $ 2.00

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re: location on map, nice to have in my neighborhood!

It looks like @ptomblin has moved it to the correct location. I'd be nervous using that strip with the trees so close.

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location on map, nice to have in my neighborhood!

The location shown is actually about 3 blocks (maybe 1200 feet or so?) east of the actual strip. You can see the strip running north and south. It's quite narrow. Someone built a house right at one end. Rumor has it that there's neighborhood opposition to the strip, but not from me. I've only caught a couple of flights and only one landing (I can recognize the aircraft based there), but I hope to see more. The strip itself is a bit over 1000 feet long, and, as you can see, quite narrow. The trees are pretty high on either side too. WInd directional indication by part of an old water pumping windmill still on a tower.

I understand this is a private airport, and it seems only one aircraft is based there. It looks like an ultralight but perhaps is an LSA. Rumor, from someone who should know, says that Sid used to keep a Luscombe there.

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Home airport

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MA25 Long Pond Seaplane Base

Unfortunatley the sandy beach on the Northeast area of the pond, where seaplane pilots had previously beached their aircraft, has been acquired by a new owner and has been roped off to any traffic.

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re: Not cheap, but OK service

I was back and Hanscom yesterday, and was charged the $14 ramp fee for a 4-hour stay as well -- it doesn't have to be overnight. Gas was a bit over $7.00/gallon.

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Taxi to Boston

The cost for a cab into Boston (Back Bay) was $55 + tolls (none on our route); however, we had to wait about 40 minutes for the cab after North Atlantic called it, so it would be a good idea to radio them before you land (123.3 MHz) and ask them to order it for you. Make sure you have the street address of your destination, because the cabbies may be relying on their GPS to navigate.

Another alternative is to take a short cab ride to North Beverly Station and catch an MBTA train into Boston.

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Free parking; fuel

There is free parking here by the control tower. Alternatively, you can park on the other side of the field at North Atlantic for $5/day (piston single).

North Atlantic makes three trips a day with their truck to fuel planes in this area, so you can still get fuel without taxiing across, as long as you plane is there long enough.

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Phone: (800) 541-1745

For a piston single, quoted over the phone 2008-05-16:

Landing fee: none

Handling fee: $10 (waived with fuel purchase)

Parking: $5/night

Note that there is also free parking under the control tower on the east side of the field, if you prefer.

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I believe that this is the only FBO left at Logan, an airport that hates GA more than any other public North American airport (thanks to Massport). I called Signature just to see how bad the fees are, and here's what I got for a two-night stay in a Piper Cherokee (note that not all of them are under Signature's control):

$33.00 landing fee

$166.60 parking (2 nights)

$48.40 GA fee (!!)

$56.00 security fee

$28.00 handling fee (waived with 7 gallons fuel purchase)

I didn't ask about a customs fee, but there's a steep one at Bedford/Hanscom (also run by Massport), so I expect there's one here as well. I think the security fee is for being poked, prodded, and metal-detected by the TSA, just like if you were flying on the airlines.

By comparison, if I flew my Cherokee into Washington/Dulles (another large airport affected by 9/11) and parked at the Signature there, I'd pay an $8.00 landing fee, $18.19/night parking, no customs fee, no security fee, no GA fee, and the same $28.00 handling fee (waived with 7 gallon fuel purchase).

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Pixelated -- military stuff

I notice that Google has pixelated the satellite view (as of 2008-02-15), probably because Hanscom is a U.S. military base as well as a public airport. Unfortunately, they've pixelated the civilian side as well, so you can't see the FBO, terminal, etc. very well.

I didn't see anything military when I visited, but I certainly heard it -- there were regular bugel calls coming over hidden intercom speakers, which was a bit funny, including (I think) reveille at 7:30 am on Valentine's day. Do soldiers really sleep in that long these days?

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Not cheap, but OK service

I parked at Signature for three days during a business trip to the Route 128 corridor, and it wasn't too bad. The airport was friendly, and while gas was expensive (over $6/gallon), I didn't need too much of it. I think parking was $14/night. The FBO wasn't willing to brush snow off my plane for any price when I called -- they said they're not allowed to touch the planes (!!) -- but they were fast to give me a forced-air preheat when I had trouble starting in cold weather for departure on Valentine's day (and the line guy, Jeff, was very friendly). I don't know what, if anything, the preheat cost, because it hasn't shown up on my credit card yet. Excluding that (and the landing fee, which the airport will charge), my total bill was about $160, including 22 gallons of 100LL and three nights' parking. That's about in line with what I'd pay at Teterboro (TEB), which is a similar bizjet-style GA airport for New York City, though much busier.

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re: EWB Restaurant

I read on a mailing list that a pilot visited the airport today (2007-11-11) and found that the restaurant has been closed permanently.

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re: Busy GA airport, expensive gas, fees.

Here's the web page with the fees -- read 'em and weep:

If you landed at 11:05pm and met customs, you'd be out $235 in fees before you even taxied to the FBO. The after-hours fee for customs applies all weekend, so this isn't a great place to clear coming from Canada ($175 customs charge on a Saturday).

Signature's fees aren't quite as bad -- in December 2006, they were asking $12.75/night for parking, and a $25 handling fee (waived with fuel purchase).

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Jim's Diner - Great Airport Rest on the Field

Excellent for breakfast and lunch. If you are flying in there is no fuel available.

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About Katama Airfield

Since 1924, Katama is one of those special airports: it's located right at Martha's Vineyard South Beach and there is a special parking area right at the beach - get out of your airplane, cross the road and you are at the ocean. There is a nice diner on the field, called the Right Fork Diner - you can enjoy a meal while watching aircraft land and take off on runway 03/21. And if you want to go into Edgartown there is a bus that runs every 15 minutes during the summer season - $1 each way.

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Here are some videos of landing, takeoff, and the nearby town from private pilot Rori Stumpf, who flew in on 11 August 2007:

The first one includes taxi into parking, and gives a good overview of the airport.

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Ice Cream

Apparently there's an ice cream stand just off the field. I plan on checking it out the next time I'm there.

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diner only

Good place to fly for soup or sandwich. Don't expect to find anybody in operations, or expect a cart to assist with your bags. Fuel ain't inexpensive either.

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EWB Restaurant

Great restaurant on the field. Worth the trip from anywhere.

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Busy GA airport, expensive gas, fees.

Busy GA airport, expensive gas, fees.

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Nice little airport, good fuel prices, but nothing else,no r

Nice little airport, decent fuel prices.

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