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Stopped for fuel

Nicely maintained airport nice fuel station

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Flew up here for an afternoon because Morris is closed

Nice little airport unfortunately no fuel

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Incorrect information

The FAA airport identifier, 21MN, has been reassigned to the Clearwater Seaplane Base, Leonard MN

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There are a number of EAA MEMBERS AND FABULOUS BUILDERS at this airport.

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Best airport in the USA to get stuck at

Great amenities and food options. Clean and well maintained. Good conference center for meetings.

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nice airport

I think this is one of the nicer airports I have been to in the U.S. Lots of shops, restaurants. They have these cafes where you can order using ipads at the table. So everyone is sitting there with their phones out and also a huge ipad in front of them.

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Excellent Facility

Great terminal building available to the transient pilot. Very modern. No expense spared. Self serve fuel by credit card.

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looking for a ride!

come visit us. We will buy you a beer.


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re: Seaplane base

Reply to @ptomblin: so the FAA is wrong, go figure.

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re: Seaplane base

@Anonymous, the FAA disagrees with you. According to them, there are two separate airports called "Moberg Air Base", one a land base MI13, and one a seaplane base 96M.

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Seaplane base

The seaplane cymbal is in the wrong place, it should be where is the "Red" plane is, also see: paulbunyan.net/fair/flyin/ on your browser.


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Deer on runway

Always deer on edges of runways, great cheap fuel though

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Nice Airport

Near Nett Lake - The system forced me to identify the airport as within the US but it is really within the territory of the Boise Forte Band.

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Wrong ID?

FAA uses MN76 for Marty's Tranquility Base, Prior Lake.

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Great airport!!

This little airport is the best kept secret in Minnesota and it shouldn't be. Best pilot lounge ever!

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Nice Airport

I've been to Kane twice in the past two weeks (12/19/08 and 12/25/09-12/31/08). First time was for the day only in my 310 and the second time was in an Arrow. Both times I used Cirrus Flight Operations and both times I was very happy with the service I received as well as the prices for hangers and fuel. Paccair flies 310s out of Cirrus so I had an opportunity to discuss the finer points of the the old girl with freight dogs who have many more hours in them than me.

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Good On Airport Restaurant

Looking at your plane and the runway while eating. Life is good.

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Clear US Customs Here

A good place to clear US Customs flying into the USA. The customs agent drives over from the nearby road border crossing station. Lots of floatplane traffic in the area, but the airport is relatively quiet.

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Clear US Customs here going to the USA

Or clear Canadian Customs when returning to Canada - the strip crosses the border, and both countries have a customs post on the road beside the ramp. Don't forget to phone first and give them the required notice!

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Very old view.

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