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cheapest gas ever

$3.30/gal on 3/16/20!

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Friendly place

Stopped here for fuel on my way back to Fort Worth from Oshkosh and was met by one of the local pilots who showed me where the pilot's lounge and bathrooms were. Very nice airport although Rwy 04/22 is a little bit rough. Fuel price was very good too.

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Went to Hamilton from here

Nice crew car. On the way to Texas. Visited the MSQC,

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Identifier Change

Camdenton Memorial had recently changed from H21 to OZS

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Basic Training

Flew charter here direct from Detroit KDTW for basic training, Spring 1968.

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GKB 517 kHz NORGE Decommissioned

Decommissioned Sep 2006.

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Home base

This is my home base. Friendly folks here.

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Thanks Lamberts staff

My daughter's first flight with daddy!!! We had a ball!

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First Long solo XC

First Long solo XC

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Visit Kahoka

Nice grass strip. Walking distance to school and downtown Kahoka.

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My Dad's Legendary Takeoff from Flying Patch

I remember hearing stories of my Dad (Jerry Vaught) and Brother (Greg) piloting a large Cessna 195 aircraft safely in AND out of this tiny airfield. I just recently found the entry in my Dad's logbook. The aircraft was a beautiful 1952 Cessna 195 (N302GT) that my Dad owned at the time. By the way, Hallmark Ornaments used this exact aircraft as the model for their 2007 "Sky's The Limit" Christmas ornament, only they changed the N-Number to N302JB from a previous designation. Nevertheless, my Dad and Brother fondly remember the fateful day in Oct. of 1982 when they attended an Antique Airplane Association fly-in at Ozark's Flying Patch in the 275HP aircraft. Landing was fairly easy, but the takeoff was tense. People attending the fly-in asked my Dad how he was gonna pull off a 900 ft. grass strip takeoff in an aircraft that big. So when show time came, everyone lined up to watch what they thought would be a disastrous takeoff attempt. My Brother recalls helping my Dad push the aircraft's tail back to a small dirt road along a tree line, Dad doing a thorough engine check, putting on full flaps, holding the toe brakes tight, then winding the engine up to near takeoff RPM while my Brother helped Dad keep back pressure on the yoke to keep the tail down. (Sounds kinda like a Navy carrier takeoff doesn't it?) With a quick snap, Dad released the brakes and gave her full throttle. According to both my Dad and Brother they rolled off the end of the runway at the edge of the bluff and sunk down into the valley just moments before the wings really started to take lift leaving the landing gear a few close feet above the valley tree tops. Moments later as they circled around to buzz the tiny airfield to let everyone know their takeoff was successful, my Dad turned to my Brother and simply said: "Son, that was a close one."

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Wings of Alaska

Can you tell me what terminal this airline is located at MCI? Is there on line check in available for scheduled flights?

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code MO93

The FAA uses 'MO93' for Keeven Air Ranch Airport, Hawk Point, MO

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code MO14

The FAA uses 'MO14' for Marshall Field Airport, Fair Grove, MO

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Wrong ID?

FAA uses Life Line 2 Heliport, in St. Robert, MO.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses 'MO25' for "Show Me The Sky".

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First airport in Kansas City

Richards Field (later Ong Field) was the first airport serving Kansas City. It closed in 1949, and was redeveloped as the Gregory Heights subdivision.

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Friendly people, quick shuttle over to Lamberts for a one of a kind dining experience...

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Baja Flight

Hello Joe

You missed a good Baja Flight last Oct. Terry crashed his Dac into the sea and compleatly distroyed it! Where were you?? We are planing a flight to the Black Hills of S.D. next year.


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When I take a trip across the US from Alaska, I am going to

I hope to meet some distant cousins.

Kevin Brownsberger

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Nice Cafe

Just after buying my first airplane in Oklahoma, I was flying it home to Michigan when I stopped here for lunch. The folks in the Plane Cafe were talkative and asked about my cross country trip. The food was excellent. I don't know that I could have picked a better, friendlier place for a stop.

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Don't plan on landing here!!!

Georger Farms Airport no longer exists. It was a private grass airfield that was removed in 2001.

Randy Georger

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Great airport

This is in the heart of Osage Beach. Walking distance to alot of nearby shopping and resturants. Very busy in the summer months.

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My home base

I love this airport, sits in the middle of one of Missouri state parks. Have to watch out for wild life passing in front of your airplane from time to time.

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Great Airport

Fantastic people. Very friendly. Drop in for a visit!

-- Art Z.

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Good diner

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20 foot wide runway.

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