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MLK 272 Off Air

NDB MLK 272 last heard Mar 2015. No NOTAM.

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Avoid RWY 3/21

RWY 3/21 surface in poor condition. Landed RWY 26 (which is in good condition) and rather than exit on RWY 21 to access the parallel taxiway, we back-taxied on RWY 08 and exited midfield on the taxiway.

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Great stop

Great fuel prices, great lounge, bunk beds, and a great van. Please take advantage I tell them how nice it is.

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Woo hoo! Three forks saved the day!

Traveling due West I ran head on it to worsening weather. spun around and tried to get back in the clear but the sky opened up and the worst rain I've ever encountered began to fall. Flash flood stuff. immediately headed toward the closest airport (Three Forks). Landed with plenty of thunder and lightening. Moral of the story. You can watch the weather very closely (I DID) and still get bushwhacked! Thank you Garmin!

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woo hoo

The day I landed here I got a great workout with a 25 mph direct cross wind. So windy when I needed to leave, I decided to use a farmers field not the airstrip. Small crop duster strip. Decent pilot lounge.

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Great example of our bloated wasteful government. Over staffed by government workers for "TWO" airline passengers? Really!? Small wonder we're broke.

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Broadus has had an NDB for years!

The NDB is "Broadus", BDX 335 kHz. L/L is N 45 26 09 x W 105 24 40

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Accommodation and restaurants within walking distance. Runway and taxiways need upgrading.

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Lewistown NDB Decommissioned

LWT 353 kHz was decommissioned Nov 2008.

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Great FBO. Had a courtesy car for us and found us a room when none were available. However, I would not stop there for anything but fuel in the future.

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Very nice grass runway. Well maintained.

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This is where I purchased my current plane in 2007.

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Home Airport

This is where I keep N3962T

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re: Malta Apt NDB

Added - thank you very much for the update.

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Malta Apt NDB

MLK 272 kHz is not shown on your map. N48 22 08 W107 55 02

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re: Beautiful Place!

Reply to @Tony: As far as the approach goes, I agree. I and many other pilots land to the East. I feel it is a much better and safer approach. I assume the recommendation to land to the East is because in the event of a go-around, you may have to head to the right to avoid the rising terrain, and fly out over the river. This would not be a problem unless you were very low and 2/3rds of the way down the strip before deciding to go around. In my opinion, you need to commit one or the other way before that.

If you land on runway 7, you can fly around the corner down the river a ways, and set up a nice base-to-final approach, (of course announcing your actions on 122.9.) Then, you can come straight in on final, and clear the trees, and by the time you get down, you have avoided the extended West end of the strip, which is fairly rough. You can still ususually get stopped by the Ranger Station gate, well before the tiedowns at the East end near the campground.

I would not recommend taking off to the East unless you have a good short-field airplane, and the wind is significant from the East, which is rare here.


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re: your data on EKS is out dated see information for Ennis

Thanks for pointing that out. The correct information has been updated.

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your data on EKS is out dated see information for Ennis

Runway 16/34 Information

Dimensions: 6600 x 75 FEET


Weight bearing capacity:


Runway edge lights: MEDIUM INTENSITY

Runway edge markings: 16/34 1000 FT FIXED DISTANCE MARKERS EACH END.


Latitude: 45-17'-00.179"N 45-15'-55.146"N

Longitude: 111-38'-58.623"W 111-38'-53.168"W

Elevation: 5422.9 FEET 5348.7 FEET

Traffic pattern: RIGHT LEFT

Runway heading: 163 MAGNETIC, 177 TRUE 343 MAGNETIC, 357 TRUE

Markings: NDI, NEW NDI, NEW


Touchdown point: YES, NO LIGHTS YES, NO LIGHTS

Obstructions: NONE NONE

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Film Location

This was the airport used for the 1989 movie "Always" --

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This data come from the current FAA database.

Check it out

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code MT10

The FAA uses 'MT10' for Riverside Heliport, Sebring, FL

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Beautiful Place!

One of the nicest places to land and camp at. The approach is a little unorthodox, a curved base/final to stay clear of the terrain. If you drag it in, you might lose sight of the runway, but if you like to slip you can come in very steeply from the East side.

Lots of wildlife on and around the strip, deer wander through your campsite at all times of the day. The Ranger at the station is very helpful with ideas of where to hike, what to see. They are always ready for a visit, the historic ranger station is right at mid-field.

Don't go here to practice your touch & goes, you will just piss off the numerous hikers and campers who are in the protected wilderness area. And the Ranger takes note.

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Good strip to practice on before going further afield

The Fly Montana guidebook describes this strip as a good place to practice on, the field is outside of the protected wilderness area and a road runs right alongside it. Practice your backcountry approaches and higher altitude takeoffs and landings here before venturing into the more pristine (and protected) backcountry strips.

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Inexpensive Fuel, basic facilities

Refueled here at the municipal self-serve pump (West end of the ramp). There are pumps at the FBO on the East end of the ramp but their avgas was much more expensive. Aug 2009.

Although it does not look like there are any other facilities, there is a curious blue Quonsot-style structure outside the fence that is actually the airport manager's office. There is a toilet, phone and internet in his building. He also has wifi that you can access.

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I flew there from YMJ in a CT-114 Tutor (spring 1979), while taking my pilot training. We were in a 4-plane formation. Wx was broken clouds getting here... On the way back, we entered clouds at about 2000 ft and stayed in until about a 2-mile ILS final in YMJ, in the same 4-plane box formation until we were about 20 miles from YMJ, when we broke into 2 x 2-planes elements. At that time, I had less than 200 hrs total flying time; this trip cost me a whole lot of sweat!

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Runway closed; heliport only

The runway is closed, so this airport is available only as a heliport. Permission required, but customs services are available.

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Get a good weather briefing if you are flying into or out of Billings. The airport sits on top of a hill and the weather can change rapidly. There is much higher terrrain nearby on all sides and there can be unexpected turbulence.

If you are heading West into the mountains, stop here to get a weather update and suggestions from the FSS briefer on what route is best for low level VFR flight. If the forecast winds or cloud base make you uncomfortable, stay in Billings until conditions improve.

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Mustang Mickey's - Great FBO

A great fuel stop - self serve fuel at a good price, and a nice pilots lounge with a courtesy vehicle. Everything is on the honour system - please don't abuse it!

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Clear US Customs here going to the USA

I crossed the border at Coutts Alberta (CEP4) in July 06. There is a little grass runway that runs East-West right along the border, the US side of the border is Sweetgrass Montana (7S8). The highway border crossing is only 100 yards away, so the agent just walks over, like at Piney in Manitoba. I think THY was parked with the tailwheel in Canada and the front tires in the US. The border runs along the side of the runway.

There are several little air strips like this between Chilliwack BC and Piney in Manitoba. Because they are only yards from a customs office, they only require one hour advance notice (to avoid that $5000US fine). Check the AOPA International Operations website or the AOPA Airport Guide for the latest advance notice requirements for the specific airport.

When I phoned to give my one-hour notice, the US Customs agent asked me to confirm I was flying a taildragger and suggested I should not land here if it was wet, since it can be very rough.