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Great controller

Dealt with a storm popping up over the field right before takeoff, when we finally did depart the controllers really helped navigate the cells

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Rwy lengthened to H7001x100(ASPH)

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Such a loss W52/IGX

There will come a time in the future when the university wishes they still had this Airport.

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Transportation Raleigh phone number 919-244-1608

We used this company for ground transportation.

Nice clean non smoking vehicles.

Friendly Chauffeurs.

Transportation Raleigh is our go to company.

Thank You

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Transportation Raleigh phone number 919-244-1608

Very good ground transportation company Transportation Raleigh.

On Time with clean cars and professional Chauffeurs.

Good Job and Thank you.

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Transportation Raleigh phone number 919-244-1608

We used Transportation Raleigh to get us to our meeting in Raleigh NC.

Good Professional Service.

On Time with friendly Chauffeurs and clean non smoking vehicles.

Thank you

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Transportation Raleigh phone number 919-244-1608

This ground transportation company was On Time.

The company was Professional.

We will use them again.

Thank You for your service.

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Transportation Raleigh phone number 919-244-1608

This company was On Time and very professional.

We will use them again.

Thank you.

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For Professional ground transportation use Transportation Ra

We used a company called Transportation Raleigh at 919-244-1608

They were On Time and had very nice clean vehicles.

Will use them again.

Thank you

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Transportation Raleigh phone number 919-244-1608

Good Professional Ground Transportation Company

Thank you

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Transportation Raleigh is the ground transportation company

We used Transportation Raleigh to get to Downtown Raleigh for our meeting.

They had nice clean cars and suited chauffeurs.

On time and professional

Thank you

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beautiful location

absolutly must go in summer, its so beautiful :)

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(no subject)

Fly there to visit family where I grew up

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Map Legend

Just getting started, where is the map legend, I'm trying to figure out what the symbols on the map mean...

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Active and friendly

One of the most active and welcoming small GA airports you'll find. Take one of the multiple courtesy cars for lunch or to the nearby beach. Two extremely good maintenance shops, avionics shop, helicopter and fixed wing flight schools, skydiving, Hertz onsite, even a real estate broker and a bait and tackle shop onsite! "How can we make your day better?" Is more than a slogan!

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This private airstrip has been deactivated at this location. 29NC has been reassigned to a private strip near Hillsborough, NC.

Former Owner

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First CC

Cross wind...

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Got my License here

USAF 1979

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Pilot testing

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General Aviation Airport with new commercial service

Low Cost carrier Allegiant Air began flying into Concord Regional Airport in December 2013 with twice weekly flight to the Orlando / Daytona, FL (SFB airport) on Monday and Friday. This is the first scheduled service at the airport. The airport is also known as the home of the NASCAR Air Force with many teams using the airport each week. Many General Aviaiton piliots say airport has the friendliest and most unique air traffic controllers around. Tower open from 7 AM to 11 PM

Airport is owned and operated by the City of Concord who also operates the FBO. Worldfuel is the fuel supplier under the Phillips 66 Aviation brand. Customers can take advantage of both brands loyality reward card programs. Volume and based aircraft discounts available. Visit the airport website for current list of FBO services, prices, and fees. Blue Eagle maintenance on field as are over 5 flight schools and a DPE Larry Morris.

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Interesting article - this is evidently one of the few airliner salvage yards in the eastern United States.

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Fun fly in

When reading comments from Anonymous posters, one should probably consider the source. Except, you can't. Because it's anonymous, likely for good reason. 57Alpha Cafe is alive and well, open for business, and this airport is a great day trip destination. We had a wonderful experience there last weekend, beautiful area… support GA!

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Great Self Service Prices

First time that I arrived to buy gas that the price was LESS than advertised.

Great facility, nice lunch restaurant.

Easy quick turn.

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Great Service

Landmark Aviation has a very well trained courteous and efficient staff

Rented a car from Hertz on premises. They had car brought right to plane minutes after we shut down !!

That is what I call service !!!

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They have Mogas available. Mogas is used primarily by airplanes with a Rotax engine.

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April - Spring Boy Scout Camporee

Again, thank you all for the co-operation during the Spring Boy Scout Camporee. May you have a great year and GOD bless you all! Again, thanks for all that everyone did to make it such a success!

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Home Sweet Home

Always nice to return home! Great neighbors, great location!

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A picturesque airport, to say the least! Didn't drop to pattern altitude until final. No problems taking off 25 on an August day in my cherokee 180, but I see your point...

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Closest to downtown Charlotte.

Nice Local place

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Airport closed

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Aviation museum on field, nice day trip!

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Great staff!

FBO open 8a-8p, 356 days. Fabulous staff, crew car available. Hangared my plane here 2 years, often lowest fuel prices in Piedmont area.

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wrong address

the wrong address is on their website. no one answered at the fbo and this is during their published hours

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Au contraire!

This is a most friendly little airport. The owner does request you not depart when the runway is very soft, though.

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The Place I learned to fly.

Over 40 hours at this airport and I visit it often

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grass strip

nice strip operated since 1969 by same owner RET. NAVY/US Air

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Nice Family airport, All Welcome

This is a nice family airport where everyone, GA, Ultraligh, LSA, Experimental, PPG or trike, If that thing flies, its welcome. We offer GA gas at the lower price you can find. Please, visit us.


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Private: need permission to land.

Owners are NOT friendly.


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View our live webcam at Ocracoke Airport.

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New Airport Management

The airport is under new management in Steve Merritt, an experience pilot and manager. Don't miss the big annual fly-in -- High Flight 2010 on September 18-19, 2010. See airport website for details.

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re: Leading Edge Aviation

Reply to @SPAflyer:

Not anymore, he ran the FBO in the ground with his "business skills", and the county decided to let him run it when they took over. Ain't inbreeding grand?

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Good Fuel Prices

Stopped in here in December 2009 -- 100LL was under $4.00/gal. City/County run airport with no fuel competition. Busy airport with nice terminal facilities. Lots of NASCAR customers. No restaurant at the airport, but the do have crew cars. TSS

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FBO... Friendly With No Frills

Stop in regularly for business... no ramp fees unless overnight. 100LL fuel prices are so-so.

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code 3NC2

The FAA uses '3NC2' for Garner Road Heliport, Raleigh, NC

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I visited this airport by foot and did a write-up about it in my blog:

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First Flight Airport

You won't see the runway until on final, but the Wright Memorial is easy to see and about 300 yd east of the runway.

Rolling out on 2 or 20 you are about 500ft from where it all began in December 1903. Every pilot should land here. A literally awesome place.

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New Airport in NE North Carolina

Check out this aiport that opened in May 2009... closing former airport (RZZ)

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This is where I learned to fly

I did all my training from first flight through commercial at Sugar Valley. It is a great airport. The narrow (24ft) runway is different for most pilots and the 60 foot trees just off the arrival end of 20 are interesting for most pilots. If anyone wants to buy an airport, it is for sale.

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