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(no subject)

Great airport for crossing the border. Only draw back, no fuel.

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Hotel Rooms, Update

There are 40 hotels in town. I landed at 10pm and because of the boom-bust oil business cycle had no problem getting a room on the top floor. But, something you wouldn't know from a night at the airport, the oil trains go through town every two hours. All through the night. And they are required by federal law to blow their whistle at every on grade crossing. Not a good night of sleep.

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GWR 278 OTS permanent 17 Oct 13

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Courtesy car

There is an old Lincoln Town car available here.

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Nice little strip

Courtesy car, food nearby. Remote and peaceful.

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Hotel Rooms

Don't plan on stopping here unless you have a room reservation. The oil industry has every hotel booked solid, there must be at least 25 hotels in town. Thanks to the great people at Bismark Aero Center who saved the day. They have a sleep room with two beds and courtesy cars. Lack of accomodations is a problem at many towns in North Dakota.

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Hotel Rooms

There is no accomodation available in Williston, all occupied by oil people. The FBO is wonderfull, offered coach and Crew Van, saved the day.

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Roger Lisburg

Looking for a old us army friend that was station in germeny from 1964 to 1967, my name is Ronald Whitney and my phone is 530-661-7408 and My email address is

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On the Canada-US border

This airport touches the Canadian border and is also listed in the Canadian CFS (airport directory) using its US identifier. Just past the northwest end of the runway is a north-south road border crossing point with US and Canadian customs.

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West Fargo Municiple

I'm located at this airport. It has credit card fuel with a pretty good price. The pilot's lounge is new with a TV, assorted vidieos, a shower and courtesy car. Nice place.