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Great stuff!

Gassed up here on the way from KTEX to Houston. Super folks!

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SG 341 kHz DOMAN Decommissioned

Decommissioned 4 Aug 2017

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SG 341 kHz DOMAN Off Air - Decommissioned???

Last heard 10/16. No NOTAMs seen.

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Easy stop for fuel and food in walking distance

Easy stop for fuel and food in walking distance

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Carlsbad Caverns

Great airport with nice people. Little WWII museum

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Great FBO

One of the best! Really great service - had the rental car next to the p[lane on the ramp almost before I cut the engine. Buy your fuel at the self serve pump; it's at least a dollar per gallon cheaper. $6 a night tie down charge reasonable. SAF must be the only adobe style control tower in the world!

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Small but friendly

We like to fly in to this little airport to have a $100 coke and take their old courtesy cruiser into Artesia and eat at the Wellhead. Great old movie theatre with current movies for $3! Fun cheap date with your wife if you don't count the fuel.

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Air Canada 767's

some of Air Canada Boeing 767-200/ER are stored here waiting for scrap.

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code N01

The FAA uses 'N01' for Mosquero Emergency Services Heliport

Mosquero, New Mexico

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re: airport

You can get the latitude/longitude from the "Pilot Info" tab.

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how about an address on the website? it would be nice to be able to put that into my gps and just go to it...

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lots of aliens

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A short trip from Albuquerque by air.

I like this airport for practice in Class D airspace. Just to the northwest one can fly over the Rio Grande River as it snakes it's way south through a beautiful canyon. There is a small resticted area south of Los Alamos so watch your charts. Great views.

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Bode Aviation

Bode also has airplane rentals and a flight school. Weather 119.025 CATF 122.8. Double Eagle can be busy on the weekends. In the summer one should expect high density altitude and possible afternoon thunderstorms.

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If you are ever crossing overhead, I have had pretty good experiences with the gas prices here!

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re: Wrong name

This is still the name listed by the FAA. Does anyone have a source showing the new name? If so, I'll be happy to change it.

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Wrong name

This is actually the church of Scientology's airport, the runway has been lengthened since this image was taken, it is now 10,000+ ft to accommodate large aircraft like John Travolta's B707

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Great Cowboy Town

Diverted here due to weather in 2004. Friendly place. It is a long drive into town, they have a courtesy car and they let us keep it overnight. If you like trains, it is a great place, the freight trains pass through town every five minutes all night long. Several large stores specialize in cowboy/horse/western gear. You can buy anything here for your horse, or get some good deals on cowboy boots. We had a lot of fun here, and bought some really neat (tacky) stuff too. Fuel was relatively inexpensive.

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Busy but usually accommodating to GA. With runways 03/21, 08/26, 12/30 & 17/35 and all 150 feet wide this could make for a good alternate due to high winds. Cutter & Seven Bar on the field.

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It's a "airport different" in the "city different".

Bring your high-limit credit cards if you have to stop here.

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Caution Density Altitude

I landed here when my spouse demanded a pit stop enroute Pheonix. Don't expect that it will cool off in the evening - it never cools off here. Elevation 4,300 ft, but density altitude in the afternoons with temperatures 120F - over 9,000 ft. We used about 4,500 ft of runway to take off, just two people in a Baron B-55.

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