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re: closed?

Reply to @feitidede: Still listed as Active on AirNav as of 10/20/2022, owner: State of Nevada Department of Energy.

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FAA oddity - a CA coded airport in Nevada

Per Airnav:


Since it's not actually in California, I have corrected the data to reflect that it is indeed closer to Dyer, Nevada.

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My Experience

Wouldn't Even Talk About This Airport If It Didn't Have A White Castle And The World's Largest Chevron. Very Nice Airport.

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My Experience

Vegas Is Very Nice Compared To NYC. A Beautiful City Near Lake Mead.

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My Experience At This Airport

I Seen It Once When Flying My Personal Plane From Visalia To North Las Vegas

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is this airstrip closed?

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Excellent Experience

Great maintenance facility

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Great Airport and Incredible Maintenance Facity

Had to minor issues and they helped out immediately

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Arrive At Night

For the light show of the city. Spectacular.

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Nice airport

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Spread the playa dust

An interesting set up in the middle of the playa for the Burning Man event. Two runways were in place for 2016, one used for landing, one for take off. Be careful when taxiing - since the playa dust gets sent everywhere! Had fun landing a C310 here!

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Landing and Dust Devil

On the way to and from Sun Valley one weekend

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Burning man!

Amazing place to fly to! You got to go some time!

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I have had several experiences with WestAir to rent an airplane or have some flying lessons and it was always satisfactory. In 2011, I had a rough engine on a C172 (problem with the mixing) with an instructor and I was not charged.

Be aware that the airport has the highest number of runway incursions.

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In Service?

No, Hidden Hills Airport (aka Tambovester Airport) is no longer in service (declass by FAA).

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Great field

Slept the night here (in my plane). No close hotels but one of the best airport cafe's you could ever ask for. Small in a hanger pilot shop with great people. A real down home feel to the place. Stop and relax over a great meal at the Tail Dragger Restaurant.

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In service?

Is this airport in service?

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re: Wrong frequencies

This website isn't supposed to be a substitute for legal datasources like your own country's aeronautical information publications or Jeppesen. It's crowd sourced, which means if you know something is wrong, tell us the correct values and we'll correct what we have.

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Wrong frequencies

The communication frequencies are wrong. They are so out of date I WOULD NEVER TRUST THIS WEBSITE'S DATA.

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re: location of indicator on map is wrong

I've made the change.

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location of indicator on map is wrong

The green indicator on the map is sitting north/east of Darrow Field about 1/8 mile. The airport runs next to the dark green field just below and left of the indicator. If you look vary close you can read in white " Darrow Field ". Google has the field named Hettinger Pl. that also is wrong.

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Strange yellow "x" markers at each end of well maintained runway. Accident w/172 four passengers, hot day, therefore airport determined to be "undafe". Short walk to town - the "x"s have more to due with liability then actual closure. Interesting town, be sure to visit the Court House / Jail !

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Excellent mechanic - Dick Tremaine at SE end of field. Dick is famous for flying to where you were forced to land and then getting you to fly again. A good man to know in time of need. 775-572-3059

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Sweetwater USMC

Not visible from the nearby highway. Had tie downs for C130's added last year - public & open

good camping

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So far the mogas there has been found to be alcohol free. The store and cafe are fun, hot springs to the north.

They don not seem concerned with a taxi to the pumps - landing or departing via highway.

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re: fuel purchase

The airport is shown on the sectional chart as a circle without the 3 bumps, which means no services. Your best option may be to go to KTPH.

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fuel purchase

where does one buy fuel to refuel their plane

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Cafe at Yerrington is closed

The next closest restaurant is McDonald's just a short walk up the street outside the airport.

Good paint shop on the field. Had my RV-4 painted there.

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Great small town airport with very nice FBO

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Landing at Goldfield

I landed here many years ago in a Cessna 172, solo and 1/2 tanks. No windsock so look for other clues. Use good soft field technique. Hard to turn around and I had to shut down and manually pivot the airplane from the tail. Taxi back was difficult due to soft runway dirt and transient parking was virtually non existent. But strip is only 400 meters from the edge of ghost town. Driving visitors to town shocked that someone could fly in. They had no idea there was a landing strip. Anyone know anything about summer 2008 conditions of runway?

Call sign "Dirt"

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Building map

There's a building map and legend available here:

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Area 51

This airport serves the infamous "Area 51", and the identifier "(K)XTA" looks like a parody of space alien conspiracy theories ("XTA" = "extraterrestrial"?):

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LV sadly NOT GA Friendly - especially for visitors

After being ignored by a handful of flight schools and rental facilities for my request of a rental 172 for a local excursion during a Vegas visit, the only place that did respond ended up dropping the customer service ball time after time making the experience a frustrating, pointless waste of time and money. I preparared for weeks in advance arranging rental insurance and providing every bit of documentation required of me to ensure a smooth transaction. The checkride went very well and the instructor and I hit it off immediately. I cancelled my flight the next day due to severe turbulence being reported by a 767 at my target altitudes. Perhaps that didn't go over so well since from that point on it was one flub after another. I attempted to arrange an escorted Grand Canyon flight only to have those plans utterly destroyed by miscommunication and a lack of planning by the instructor and staff at First Flight Aviation. When brainstorming ways to salvage the experience we came up with plenty of ideas but nothing was done by the staff to make any of them come to light. Three visits to the airport later and nothing more than a checkride to show for it, I've decided that I needn't bother with trip rentals casually. It's too bad, I had such great plans for this and subsequent trips.

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Lost Wages!

It's cheaper to rent a car at Alamo for the week then to taxi everywhere. Is a great airport to arrive at in the dark due to all of the wild casino lights.

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A good choice to avoid the Vegas Class B and the run around getting into North Vegas.

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Cheap Fuel

Cheap fuel. Dirt runway can be rough. Avoid overflying the homes if possible (very noise sensitive), but watch the wind for sinkers when landing south.

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O43 Flying

The only restaurant on the field (Hangar Cafe) near the fuel pump has great food. The fuel prices is often cheaper than the nearest airports.

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Desert Creek (NV97) Flying

It's private, but if you have a need to land, land south (uphill) and takeoff north (downhill). Don't overfly the neighbor's homes...make a long final over the dirt road (Desert Creek Road).

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