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Permanently Closed in 2006

Bob McNamara reported in 2006, β€œHoneoye Falls Airport (D70) was permanently closed at the end of last autumn [2005]. This field has not been plowed in recent winters, and was closed by the family of recently-deceased owner Everett Lewis. A 2012 listing in the FAA Airport/Facility Directory data listed the status of Honeoye Falls Airport as β€œClosed permanently”.

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Wrong ID

It's no longer D38. After upgrading the airport and increasing the runways to 5500 feet it is now KIUA.

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Empire Airlines

Home base for me, 1978-1986.

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quiet, well kept runway

easy to find

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long, wide, well maintained runways

quiet GA field, lots of improvements underway; beautiful area

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ICAO code is KHTF

The ICAO code for Hornell Municipal Airport is KHTF

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Need for expansion

It'd be great if Syracuse went for another expansion with getting a direct flight to Denver. Paranoia of losing my baggage at Buffalo, LaGuardia or JFK (Again) haunt me and it's quite annoying to jump plane to plane. An intercontinental airport in the middle of the state sounds great.

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Displaced Threshold

RWY 28 has displaced threshold of 350'. Total rwy length includes this 350'.

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Very nice, 9/10 would come again.

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Very nice, but dangerous.

The cable lines look very dangerous while landing and takeoff. Overall great runway taxiway and terminal.

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Home Base

I have been based at KSDC since 2013. This is an unusual facility in that it is owned and operated by the Williamson Flying Club. The club takes excellent care of the field. There's an AWOS, though its readings can be deceiving because the winds are often blocked by trees around the airport. BAC Services provides excellent maintenance on the field.

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(no subject)

Let me try this once again.....My brother Carlyle (Kurt) Schroeder flew in and out of here once from Indianapolis, IN. He loved to fly his plane. Unfortunately he died of a massive heart attack. I am just glad it was not when he was flying his plane. He died at work very early in the morning. He was an Architect in Indiana. But we had grown up in the area. Played golf at Silver Lake Country Club. Fished on Silver Lake with our families when we were young.

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(no subject)

My brother flew in and put of here once from Indianapolis, IN. He loved to fly his plane. Unfortunately he died of a massive heart attack just glad it was flying a plane when it happen, but at work very early in the morning. He was an Architect in Indiana.

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Very Nice Airport and Owner

Visited this airport earlier this fall.

Very convenient to downtown and very helpful owner

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Tie-down fees at Millionaire

For a Piper Cherokee-sized plane, the tie-down fee is now $40/night, first night waived with at least 15 gal fuel purchase. Still a good deal for the NY area.

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Jet Systems is now Signature West

I just talked to them, and there's still no charge for clearing customs there in a small single-engine piston plane, as long as you're not picking up or dropping off passengers. +1-914-428-3730

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Atlantic FBO in Manhattan

I jogged by here yesterday morning on my way down the East River Greenway (with "green" in sarcastic quotation marks). It was a surprise to see the familiar Atlantic Aviation logo on a sign right beside the path, even though I knew there was a heliport around here. It looks like a nasty landing spot -- the elevated FDR drive is right on the edge of the heliport (Atlantic is tucked underneath it), so if there were an east wind, you'd have to be very careful about your landing.

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KROC a cool place

KROC is a good stop before going to the southern United States. Customs there which makes it a good starting spot for the USA. USairports FBO is very clean with friendly staff. Hanger fee is a bit steep but thats the way she goes Rick. If you get a chance go into the city and grab some ribs from the Dinansour BBQ.

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Great Airport

KELM is a great airport, had the oppertunity of landing on rwy 10 which has a really cool approach passing by the mountain before turning for final. Tower is super nice and the airport is very clean. A great stop to take a break !

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Customs at HPN

I'm planning to fly into HPN from Canada this Sunday, so I called to find out about service at 914-428-7858. They need two hours notice (plus an eAPIS), and you taxi to Jet Systems (Signature?) next to the tower after landing. Hours seem to be 06:00–20:00 local weekdays, 12:00–20:00 local weekends, but call to confirm. They can also do after-hours with four hours notice, but I suspect there would be a call-out charge.

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From :

"Westchester County has affirmative policies encouraging the use of light general aviation at the airport in its effort to maintain a persified [sic] aviation community. Two of the five fixed base operators at the airport specialize in light general aviation services."

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traffic patterns

When Griffiss was an active military base, the traffic pattern was kept to the north side of the runway: Left traffic for r/w 15 and right traffic for r/w 33. This kept the low flying aircraft away from the Rome Hospital andresidential areas of the town. Nowadays, it seems there is no traffic pattern of any kind with C-5s and C-17s roaring over the town and hospital at what appears to be lower than normal altitudes. What's going on? Are the old traffic patterns no longer published?

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Excellent FBO

The Richmor FBO (soon to change owner) is in a delightful ex-military building. Excellent good service on 3 flights getting around NYC.

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Practice Field

When I was a student back in 1987 it was a great little field at which to practice.

There was nothing to distract a student pilot.

The short runways are ideal for practicing short field landings and departures.

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airplanes burn kerosene which is very dirty and pollutes the air. pregnant woman breathe the air and the fine particulate (toxins)matter gets into the mother lungs and right into the blood stream into the unborn fetus. and you get autism spectrum disorders. so every time you fly your contributing to the epidemic. check it out for your self. the highest rates of autism in the US are also next to the busiest airports. Hydrocarbons are linked to autism. living down wind from a airport will increase a pregnant woman's chance of having child with autism spectrum. do your own research and ck it out for yourself. happy flying

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Don't transfer here

Not a fun place to transfer after an overnight international flight. Shift change at customs happens at 6:00, and the customs line did not move for 1/2 hour, as it grew longer and longer. Have to reclear security to transfer from the international terminal to a domestic flight at terminal 3, and construction made things painfully slow there (once we all found a way in).

Choose any other airport, even Atlanta or Chicago.

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Cold War remnant

This airpark is the site of a Atlas F missile silo which was decommissioned ages ago. Some entrepreneurs have been trying to sell the underground control room as a luxury home and have divided the airpark into building lots, but from what I can tell there are only two houses on the site, the missile control room building and a log cabin. More information

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learned to fly here

Picture of sr22pilot1


very friendly, great place for breakfast. onsite pilot shop.

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re: Fees and fuel price

Reply to @david: Rochester briefly flirted with forcing the GA traffic to taxi to the commercial side for customs, but after several "incidents" in the first week, went back to meeting GA on the GA side.

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re: anyone flown into here from Canada?

Reply to @david: That surprises me because Alexandria Bay is a tiny airport compared to Watertown. It's also PPR, and not listed as an AOE by the FAA. I think that listing may be for boats. The FAA still lists KART as an AOE, and like most small airports you have to call the nearest customs office 2 hours ahead of time.

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Fees and fuel price

Fees and fuel price for a piston single (2012-06-17):

No landing fee

Ramp fee $20 (waived with fuel purchase)

Parking $10/night (first night waived with fuel purchase)

100LL: $7.17 (changes daily)

Customs does not meet aircraft at the FBO -- she said it's necessary to taxi to "the commercial side".

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re: anyone flown into here from Canada?

Watertown is no longer listed on the CBP web site as an airport of entry:

Customs may still be willing to drive down from the bridge, but there are nearby official options at Alexandria Bay (89NY) and Syracuse (KSYR).

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Customs fees

The customs fee is $25 for a piston single or $50 for a piston twin (with landing fee waived). More information here:

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NDB AL 219 kHz "HAWKY" Decommissioned

AL 219 kHz "HAWKY" decommissioned Jan 2007.

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Woman, 85, claims she was strip-searched at JFK airport

An 85-year-old woman said she was injured and humiliated when she was strip-searched at an airport after she asked to be patted down instead of going through a body scanner.

Transport security officials have denied allegations by Lenore Zimmerman, who said she was taken to a private room and made to take off her clothes after she asked to forgo the screening because she was worried it would interfere with her defibrillator. She missed her flight and had to take one two-and-a-half hours later, she said.

"I'm hunched over. I'm in a wheelchair. I weigh under 110lb (50kg)," she said. "Do I look like a terrorist?"

But in a statement the Transportation Security Administration said no strip search had been carried out.

"While we regret that the passenger feels she had an unpleasant screening experience, TSA does not include strip searches as part of our security protocols and one was not conducted in this case," the statement read.

Zimmerman was dropped off by her son at JFK airport in New York for a 1pm flight on Tuesday to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on JetBlue, she said. She arrived at the ticket counter at about 12.20pm and headed for security in a wheelchair, her metal walker in her lap.

She said she had been traveling to Florida for at least a decade and had never had a problem being patted down until now. "I worry about my heart, so I don't want to go through those things," she said, referring to the advanced image technology screening machines at the airport.

As a result, she said, she was taken into the private screening room by a female agent and made to strip.

"Private screening was requested by the passenger, it was granted and lasted approximately 11 minutes," the TSA said. "TSA screening procedures are conducted in a manner designed to treat all passengers with dignity, respect and courtesy and that occurred in this instance."

The private screening was not recorded.

Jonathan Allen, a TSA spokesman, said a review of closed-circuit television at the airport had showed that proper procedures before and after the screening had been followed.

Zimmerman said she banged her shin during the process and it bled "like a pig,", partly because she is on blood-thinning medication. She said an emergency medical technician patched her up, but she was told to see a doctor when she arrived in Florida to make sure the wound did not get infected. There are no records indicating medical attention was called on her behalf.

"I don't know what triggered this. I don't know why they singled me out," she said.

Her son, Bruce Zimmerman, said: "My mother is a little old woman. She's not disruptive or unco-operative. I don't understand how this happened."

He said she had had an increasingly difficult time travelling, especially since her husband died a few years ago. She has two grandchildren and her older son, a doctor, died in 2007.

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I'd like to be the first visitor, you're fairly close to us.

I'm looking for a home for my 1942 Taylorcraft - L - 2A

My qualifications: aircraft does not eat much, does not take up much space and is fairly quiet, is not very heavy - "will not leave deep ruts." It is in original trim.


Brian Neri

Boston, New York

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