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New Airport to me

Stopped in for Fuel on my way home from Louisiana to look at an airplane.

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(no subject)

The runways are actually 01-19.

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Crazy indeed!

You'd have to be crazy to land here! Fun to fly by though!

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Both NDBs at Fort Sill Decommissioned.

OFZ 388 Trail and PFL 426 Post Decommissioned 19Jun19.

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NDB DUA 359 Decommissioned

NDB DUA 359 kHz Decommissioned May 2007 - Last heard Dec 2005.

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Army Boot camp

James 2014

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When I was here in 2005, they had an awesome Mexican Restaurant right on the field.

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TZO - Bristow Decommissioned

TZO 251 kHz has been off air since March 2006 and was decommissioned July 2007.

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Facility is closed.

Might be useful as emergency strip but is out of service.

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Fine facility.

Good runway. Well marked. Services available. AWOS.

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Community of flight

A gem.

No services.

Just great runway, and fantastic community of pilots.

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Marked as closed -- thanks.

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Note multiple building along what was once a runway

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code OK33

The FAA uses 'OK33' for Muskogee Community Hospital, OK

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code 51OK

The FAA uses '51OK' for Eagle Creek Airport, Beggs, Oklahoma

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code OK12

The FAA uses 'OK12' for Jones Farm Field Airport, Walters, Oklahoma

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code OK17

The FAA uses 'OK17' for Bass Aero Airport, Ardmore, OK

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re: location

Moved -- thanks.

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The airstrip is actually a half mile southwest of the location shown

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Neil's Sky Ranch

Neat little place lots of planes and parts!!!!

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Not in any recent FAA data

Maybe it's closed?

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History of "Searcy Field"

Searcy Field (now Stillwater Regional Airport) was a storage and disposal site for 475 combat airplanes after World War II. Paul Mantz purchased all 475 aircraft for $55,000 in 1944. He kept only 12 of them, selling the rest for in parts and for scrap. Between that and the sale of the fuel drained from the fleet, he made a nice profit. The remaining aircraft he used in the making of Hollywood movies.

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American architecture exhibit

Until 24 February 2008, the Tulsa airport is running an exhibit showing (pictures? models?) of the top 150 buildings, bridges, etc. in the U.S., as selected by the American Institute of Architects:


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great airport

This is my home base. Graet airport fuel prices too high always go to HSD or 208 to buy fuel

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hangers torn up by storm 08/2007

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nice small airport

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These people treated us right

Nice old terminal building. Fast line service.

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Shawnee Rgnl Airport

They have self service 100LL and Jet A Premix

Other services are also good

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