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This Airport no longer exists

The Motel and airport was sold a year or two ago and has been removed and replaced with a Travel Trailer sales display space. So Airport no longer exists.

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Great FBO

Spent 4 days visiting area.

No charge for tiedown

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Friendly airport

I’ve never seen so many people hanging out at a GA field!

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Agree on the hard to find

I also could not easily find this airport until I was right over it

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Nice airport.

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nestled in the valley

great location but keep an eye on the surrounding hills

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helpful ATC (fast talkers)

This was my first x-country solo. I made it within 15 nm and took a weird turn to the SW for some reason. Unsure of the area and no familiar landmarks/waypoints. ATC got me back on track. :)

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Great Airport

Line service was very friendly and helpful. Had to emergency land here due to ice and Approach was a life-saver!

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friendly and welcoming for GA traffic

night landing, no problem

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Slippery Rock Airport... ;-)

Great airport for flying into SRU. My son went there, Airport staff always great. Parachuting at the west end though

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Hard to find

I don't know why. Maybe because everything on the ground in that area looks like a stripe of some sort, it was a hard to find airport.

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(no subject)

An easy going airport.

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Great Place!

Super nice airport privately owned by a local farmer open to public. Both 100LL and Jet A available. Hangered the plane 3 night $10 per night!

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(no subject)

Neat little airport!

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(no subject)

I did my initial flight training here and took my private check-ride here. That was when Heritage Aviation, LLC existed. Dave Hall was a great instructor.

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(no subject)

First towered field I visited as a student pilot.

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(no subject)

First Airport I visited as a student pilot.

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IATA code confirmation please?

I just added the IATA code ESP to this airport, and I'm not 100% sure. IATA code lookup shows ESP assigned to "Birchwood-Pocono" in East Stroudsburg, which has been closed since 1996: ( However, a few non-authoritative sources have ESP assigned to this airport (do a Google search for "N53 ESP"). Can anybody please confirm this change?

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Great Airport

This is the where I earned my PPL. It is home to one of the best FBO's in the northeast.. Great place to learn to fly!

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Not What I Expected

I landed but there was no jetway to main terminal - or in this case an old house that looked like something out of Green Acres. I waited for my luggage to arrive but apparently there was no ground crew working that day. Coming from Indiana, I am accustomed to things being a little "backward", but I was not prepared for my encounter with the owner of the airport - CCP. I was wanting to get on my way but he kept going on with stories about meeting Mohammed Ali, and drinking Aquavit with Victor Borgia, and slam jamming some kinda vertical banjo at some German place in his old college town... he went on and on about his boyhood life and adventures in Norway, and cliff diving off the coast of Fredonia, and all the girls he fell in love with and on and on and on and on..... aiy yi yi!!!

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free parking.

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Modern building, free parking, Silver Airways staff very friendly.

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this airport is closed

this airport has been closed for about 3 yrs

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what does HGF stand for

What does this hgf acronym stand for?

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Who now owns this facility

Please inform me of who now owns this facility and who the contacts are for major decisions. In the past Hoyt Bangs/Jason Warren/Lou Beemer as well as the pilots association made decisions. With Mr. Beemer now deceased who is the Owner/director.CEO?

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airport and surrounding

Beautiful place!!!

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For a piston single:

$7 landing fee (waived with minimum 10 gal fuel purchase)

$7 overnight parking

No ramp fee or day parking fee

100LL: $6.56/gal (2012-06-17)

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FBO contact info

Saker Aviation @AVP

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport

101 Hangar Road

Avoca, PA 18641

Toll free: +1-800-448-2446

Phone: +1-570-457-3400

FAX +1-570-451-0952

Unicom: 122.95 MHz

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Grounded by weather in Grove City on March 12

Heidi the FBO lady couldn't have been more helpful.

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Home Base

Great grass roots airport.

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Excellent fuel stop

Nice little airport with self serve fuel.

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great little field

friendly people, super airport!

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Land north and take off south.

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Fuel prices

Jet a $4.85

100LL $4.95

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Current Updates

Jet A with prist $4.45 / 100 LL $4.95

Airport Open, Construction has ended for winter, runway lights now functioning..

Taxiway Lights still Out..


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Glider landing options

Glad to discover Yarrow (28PA). It's always good to have landing out options in view! Thanks for keeping this airstrip operational. I'll watch for it from the air.

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interesting place. Surrounded by mountains - approach carefully. Slope up hill on 28 like a ski jump. Nice FBO - odd in the middle of nowhere. People came out in a hurry b/c they thought the pump was broken. Stopped for fuel on the way home. I'd stop again.

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airport upgrades

The airport is currently closed getting new lights a new beacon and a new awos system. The airport also received a new piece of snow removal equipment last year . Keep up the good work Mr. Roman!!!!

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Fuel Prices

there fuel prices are outrageous there asking $4.60 for 100LL and $4.25 for jet Fuel. Why arent they all arested and put in jail for price gouging.

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airport management

who is the manager of the hazleton airport. Do they have an advisory committee. if they have either it appears useless. I have never seen an airport that size that is in such poor standards. no quality no lites no management my future business? I dont think so!

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weekday line service

the line serviceman during the week appears nonexistent. no one answers the radio no one comes out to greet you and if you can find the employee in question he is usually asleep.

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Signage for new helicopter

Any need for signage pertaining to the newly stationed helicopter ?

If so contact, Jeff Stewart at Howard Industries in Erie. We'll be glad to help.

Ph. 814-833-3856 email :

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Eddie Rules!!

Nice airport.

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code 22PN

The FAA uses '22PN' for St. Joseph Medical Center Heliport

Reading, Pennsylvania

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code 12PA

The FAA uses '12PA1 for Helicopter Applicators Inc Heliport,

Gettysburg, PA

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code 03PN

The FAA uses '03PN' for M.P. Metals Heliport, Berwick, PA

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re: KCXY

Great airport, great service and great customer service personnel. An airport you have to give a try

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re: KCXY

Reply to @TwinCoFlyer: That's great news! There were too many horror stories from UFS-Aero.

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Everybody should know that the FBO at CXY has been replaced. CXY Aviation is the new FBO. UFS-Aero is gone and thankfully so. NOW THERE ARE NO RAMP FEES, NONE. THERE IS STILL A LANDING FEE WHICH IS WAIVED FOR FUEL PURCHASES OR ANY OTHER SERVICES DONE BY ANY OF THE BUSINESSES ON THE FIELD. There are new hangers built and available. There are other maintanence shops. "Aircraft Maintanence Services" and "Wings and Things" to mention two. The new FBO is developing a new flight school and other facilities. Fuel is once again competitively priced. The Tower personal are great and very helpful. Give KCXY a try and I believe that you will not be dissatisfied.

Thanks for your consideration.

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