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Fun place to land

The grass rwy is still maintained… landed there a bunch of times in 2021. Its not charted and you have to call or know the owner

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If it did exist, it wasn't here.

FAA is notoriously bad at plotting correct lat/longs of heliports. This probably did exist somewhere within a 5 mile radius of this spot. AirNav doesn't list RI14 anymore at any rate.

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This place never existed

This heliport does not appear to exist. I have looked through aerial imagery archives since 1939 and I saw no (H) around.

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Landing fees

They collect

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Socata Maintenance

Flew my Trinidad TB20 here from Ottawa for some maintenance/cosmetic touch ups. Small, friendly place with several small hotels. Close to Providence, RI too.

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Agreement on the odd behavior of FBO guy

I flew in once to get some gas and thought the same thing. The guy (don't remember his name) seemed all put out at having to take my money for the fuel. Can't put my finger on it but there was something just a little bit (off) about him. Other than that its a nice little fly in,...Runway could use some work.

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Oddball weirdo at the FBO

Richmond is a nice little airfield but the FBO operator acts a bit strange.,

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Rhode Island seaplane base

Does any one have information on this seaplane base ?

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Block Island

One of my favorite places to visit. Single runway, approx 2500ft long. no fuel. limited parking. one mile downhill walk to town. great restaurants and shopping.

Always a crosswind. Runway 10/28 has a southwest wind all summer and a

northwest wind all winter.

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