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Runway 1 19 3M7

This runway was lengthened to 5200 feet about 6 years ago.

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Great destination, unusual setting

Located on an island just east of downtown Knoxville (as the name implies), DKX is always a pleasure to visit. It is an active field - there is almost always some air traffic in the pattern. Self service fuel is quite inexpensive. Overnight fee for one night waived with fuel purchase. It is always a treat to visit this airport. We've been there several times since 2008.

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FAA says it's closed

FAA data marked it as closed 2014-07-29

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In the middle of the woods?

This "airport" is located in the woods. Please delete it.

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SWA 29 Direct flights daily, then 3x additional for flights that are not "non-stop"

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Day XC

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Great Service

This is a real gem of an airport especially if visiting downtown Memphis

Great fuel prices although priced as self service ..they do the work.

Excellent repair facility and very fair prices

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Flight training

Tower t/o and landings with Matt Carner

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Flight training

Night XC with Matt Carner

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Matthews Field Operational Restrictions

Other than a declared emergency, owner's written permission in the form of a fully executed general liability waiver executed by pilot and spouse, witnessed by a Notary Public required PRIOR TO LANDING! No exceptions! Failure to adhere to this request will result in aircraft being impounded and arrest and prosecution of the pilot and crew for criminal trespass. Please bear in mind if you land on my property without my permission I am under absolutely no legal obligation whatsoever to allow you to fly back off my property. Consider yourself warned.

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Memphis Airport - an okay place.

Spent three hour layover at Memphis International Airport - Home of FEDEX. This was a really simple place to navigate and, for an airport, it was immaculate. I have seldom seen such shiny floors. Restrooms were all clean and well serviced. I have heard lots of negative things about Memphis so I was not looking forward to this stop. Fortunately they were mostly myths. The only real negatives were the Delta employees. Everyone to the man seemed to have a chip on their shoulder. Snippy to the point of RUDE. But...that was only Delta employees. Everyone else was unusually polite and friendly. Shopping was pretty good for an airport and there were many varieties of food vendors. All in all, not a bad stop...next time I will fly someone other than Delta.

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A fun place to fly, GREAT FBO! Had a starting problem and the local mechanic dropped everything he was doing to help, got plane started so I could go home...

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Great Little Airport

As you would expect commercial flights are somewhat limited but always within short jumps to major connectors.

The Airport itself is friendly, clean and offers good amenities for those flying in an out.

Private aviators will find great service from TACair with easy and covered access to tarmac.

It's nice to fly from a place where you can relax and not rush.

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re: Location error


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Location error

Actual ~ N36° 16.7' W082° 35.1'

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I Learned to Fly Here

Variously called Atomic Airport, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs Inc. and Oliver Springs International.

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Home Base

On the edge of teh Cumberland Plateau.

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re: Long Meadow Airstrip For Sale

Reply to @Ratherfly:

New Pricing on the home. $499,000 takes the home/hangar/airstrip. Please visit http://tinyurl.com/ownyourdream and look through the many photos and pages. Or a quick synopsis: http://longmeadow.vflyer.com/home/flyer/home/3291623

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re: Long Meadow Airstrip For Sale

Reply to @Ratherfly: Couple changes...

First the cell phone number has been changed to (860) 798-6288. Call it, make sure it works.

Secondly, we have a spectacular offer for you, Better than Obama! Sellers offer $1,000 to anyone who brings them someone who buys the property. No Strings Attached! Refer a friend, a relative, a neighbor you wish would move away, and if they buy one thousand U.S. dollars go to you.


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AKA Oliver Springs International

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Contact phone number...

number has changed. New cel # is 860-798-6288.

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code 7TN5

The FAA uses '7TN5' for Flying D Airport, Hickory Valley, TN

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re: '7TN5' differs code

Reply to @rrobledo: thanks -- moving the code over. Can't find a code for this airport, so maybe it's closed.

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'7TN5' differs code

The FAA uses '7TN5' for Flying D. Airport (Tennessee)

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Long Meadow Airstrip For Sale

Ever dream of owning your own grass airstrip? Now is the time to realize that dream. My friends are moving back North and need to sell their place in Tennessee. You can own one, two, three or FOUR of the properties. Create your own airport community!

Please visit http://sites.google.com/site/longmeadowfarmairport/ to learn more about this offering. We are trying to sell this without a real estate agent, so the quicker it sells, the greater chance of finding yourself a gem PLUS a bargain. Owner will consider financing with a reasonable deposit.

Call (615) 233-5301 or (860) 798-7371 with serious inquiries.

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New control tower

The FAA has started building a new 336-foot control tower for the Memphis airport, close to the existing one -- it will be finished in 2011:


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Fun place to fly

I'm learning to fly at the ranch. Fun group of people to be around....I don't feel like just a number like I did at a more traditional local flight school

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