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Name of Airport

Maybe someday it will be the β€œSaint George-Southwest Utah International Airport” but currently it is the St George Regional Airport

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Narrow, rocky strip. Two windsocks, land just beside east windsock due to dip. About 3000 feet long. Harsh rocks last 250 feet on west end of strip.

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Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air is now operating out of PVU. Very cheap tickets if you book well enough in advance. A one way ticket to LAX booked one week out was quoted at $55.50 the day I checked. The website will try to sell you all sorts of packages but if you just click through its a relatively easy booking processes.

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This airport does not exist.

I don't know if this was an airport/airstrip in the past but its all houses now.

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This heliport is actually college student apartments

It is likely that UT22 means the heliport for Logan Regional Hospital about 6/10ths mile northwest from the designated location and which does not appear to have a registered heliport. I've notified the FAA at Denver about this discrepancy and maybe someday it will be corrected.

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re: Map of KSGU incorrect

Location fixed now.

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Map of KSGU incorrect

The aircraft symbol is on the old airport in both map and satellite view. The new KSGU airport is down and to the right on the map (southeast). In the map view, the old airport has vanished (even though the aircraft symbol still rests there) and the new airport runway is displayed and correctly labeled "St. George Municipal Airport".

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New airport at SGU

The new airport is huge, and great. Very good FBO, Above View Jet Center.

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Potentially challenging airport

Land rwy 16; take off rwy 34 - there's no go-around because of the mesa just south of the airport, so you need to nail the landing first time. The runway slopes upwards towards the south which makes it easier.

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South Valley Regional Airport

Leading Edge Aviation is the main FBO here and are very helpful. Flight School is great and they have a RedBird ATD (Advanced Training Device) available, with Traditional or G1000 instrumentation.

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Timmy the Fluffy White Pomeranian Puppy

THIS IS A SCAM!!! This is the email I received when inquiring about a pom puppy Listed in Dockweiler Beach, California - this is a scam. That same email rsponse is listed at the Cameroon Douala International airport.

Your home sounds loving and perfect for Timmy. Thanks for your soonest responds and assurance. We must say that we are so excited to let Timmy to your loving home , we trust you so much now that you have assured us a loving home for Timmy. Timmy would get along well with your family Timmy is a very smart and intelligent beautiful little girl with a super personality. She has a heart of gold and warms up to everyone quickly. She is good with children and other animals, Timmy is 21 weeks old and highly potty trained. We really hope you are a pet lover because we want the best for her, we know we will be missing our girl dearly but providing all her needs makes us very happy. Please we just want you to promise us you are going to take very good care of her. Timmy will make a wonderful companion to your family and she will be the highest play mate you can ever imagine.

To tell you a bit about my self, i am Victorine the wife of Penn. I am 29 and i am expecting my first baby. I got married 3 years back and we are so happily married. I have been with dogs all my life as my Grand Father was a pet lover. I usually go there on holidays and would spend much time with the animals and house pets there. Timmy`s mother Milo was given to me as a wedding gift by my grand father.

We traveled to Salt lake city Utah on research purpose. We are out to carry out a research on plants and backs of trees in the Victoria East Bay botanic garden research center Salt lake city Utah. The area is good in many species of plants and some of the plants and backs of trees serves as medicines. We would be here for 7 months and we do not really have time to take good care of Timmy that is why we have decided to give her for adoption.

we not selling Timmy or giving her away for an adoption fee. All we need from you is to show her all the love and care she deserves and to treat her as a member of your family, sending us updates and pictures of her from time to time.

There will be no problem flying Timmy to you as she has all her health papers and she will come with them. All you will need to do is to get back to us with your detail address that is your full names, your state, city, phone number, zip postal code and the name of the nearest airport to your location and we will do the shipping arrangements and fly her to you so that you will pick her up from the airport.

As soon as you get back to me with your detail address we will do the shipping arrangements and prepare the adoption and transfer of ownership document of Timmy at the pets department of the salt lake city international airport. When we have completed the shipping arrangements under your address, the pet shipping company at the salt lake city international airport will contact you for notification you will then pay the shipping fee directly to them which will cost $250. This fee includes all the airport charges so you will not have any other fee to pay. The pet shipping company will also let you know how the shipping and delivery works. It really hurts to see her go but we are just doing this for her own good.

When you are ready for us to proceed with the shipping arrangements you get back to us with your address so that we will do the shipping arrangements.

Thanks and waiting to read from you

""The Lord directs the steps of the Godly ." Psalm 37:2

Victorine and Penn

I Googled her name when I got a bad feeling that this was not on the up and up. This scam is also being done with chihuahuas and bulldogs. Google Victorine Monique and they will come up.

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Airport closed

This St George airport is now closed. A new one is SE of this one and open today Jan 13, 2010.

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Wrong ID?

FAA uses UT11 for Intermountain Medical Center in Murray.

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I'm loading the next FAA dataset, and this airport doesn't appear on it any more.

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Very narrow strip - watch for muddy spots!

This strip is at the bottom of the canyon, parallel to the river. The lower portions are prone to flooding and the mud is very heavy - your wheels will get bogged down. If it looks wet, do NOT land here! Otherwise, it is a spectacular setting and a wonderful place to hike and take photos.

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