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Multiple airports can have the same three-letter code in *different* organization systems. Yes, PVG is the IATA code for Shanghai Pudong, but PVG is also the FAA LID for Hampton Roads. Note that Shanghai Pudong won't *have* an FAA LID because that is only for airports within the United States.

Obviously the ICAO codes (ZSPD and KPVG) are therefore quite different.

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pvg-->ZSPD--> airport in shanghai, china

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Major construction project underway as of 2019. New terminal building going in at mid-field, north side of runway. Will be very nice when completed. Currently the activity has minimal impact on airfield operations.

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Be on your game

This place is short and skinny. On top of that, it sits in a valley. It's a neat place but you better know your plane. I actually landed here in bad weather and I had no problem, but I can imagine pilots running long and ending up on the golf course.

Following your successful landing, go around the creek and get a meal at the Copper Kettle.

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Great Airport

Flow into there in a Bonanza, parked for four days to do the Virginia Beach thing, Signature was a great FBO. Tower folks good too.

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Avoid transit through this airport

It is basically a terrible airport, bad service, lazy and sour responses from staff everywhere. Most importantly avoid transit as immigration is so slow that you risk losing your connecting flights. USA is a terrible country to transit through as you need entry visa and are forced to enter the country also when you simply are travelling in transit. Do not travel there unless you really have to. Avoid transit by all means.

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Airport closing

It appears that Woodle is sadly becoming a McMansion subdivision

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This was a small airport with a 1900 foot runway that served farms just outside of Dulles, VA. The Smith family sold the land back in 2007/2008 and it is now part of a subdivision that sits across from John Champe High School.

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Lunch Buffet

Seriously some of the best home cooking, all you can eat food around. Even more so at a nice airport with great service. $8 all you can eat; what could be better! Great GA 100 dollar "hamburger" flight!

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IATA code

according to the assigned code for this airport is LOW

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Don't land here unless you want the FAA, FBI, CIA, and NSA take their turns giving you a thorough proctology exam!!!

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Caught some "attitude" here from more than a few people. Wasn't as friendly as I would have liked.

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Great airport

Really nice folk and all general aviation. Good place to keep an airplane. Good maintenance.

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8W2 has a new AWOS 540-740-3801 & 118.175

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Allow *lots* of time for international connections

While I like flying into Dulles as a private pilot, I had a very bad experience here as a passenger changing planes. I arrived on an international flight from Switzerland last Saturday, on time, with a scheduled 2-hour stopover. By the time I lined up for US immigration, lined up for the exit from the baggage area, then lined up again for a second security screening (totally unnecessary, since we'd never left the secure area), I'd used up most of the stopover time, and my next flight had already boarded. I made it on board after a very long run, but just barely.

So if you're switching from an international flight at Dulles, 2 hours is barely enough -- I'd suggest leaving more if you can, at least until the airport decides to stop abusing passengers with redundant security screenings.

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Twr frequency change

Tower freq is now 127.075 (not 120.875)

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Charlottesville Airport

This is a nice airport for the Jet Set. Landmark Aviation has

friendly service people.....

However, the security issues make it not a really good place

for making friends, learning to fly, and the way things used

to be in aviation.

Other airports around are somewhat better for these purposes

such as Orange, Gordonsville, Eagles Nest (Waynesboro)

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2012 fees update

It's been four years since I flew into Dulles, so I called Signature (1-703-572-0001) for a fees update for a piston single. They're still extremely reasonable for an FBO at a major airport:

Ramp fee: $30 (waived with minimum 8 gal fuel purchase)

Landing: $10.04

Parking: $20.92/night

Customs: no fee

Staff estimated that a taxi into DC would cost $100, and a compact rental car is $45/day.

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One of the best "$100 Burger" places

This is usually first on my list of places to go when I need an excuse to fly and am looking for lunch. Always have different lunch specials, and always great!

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My Stomping Grounds

Got my PPL in Manassas (under the original ADIZ) but I call HWY (formerly w66) my homebase. Great little airport.... all it needs is self serve fuel.

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Least favorite airport in Virginia

Sorry to say, but this is my least favorite airport in VA, and there's only three now that I haven't hit yet. The controllers were inattentive, unresponsive, and kind of rude. When asked which rwy I wanted on arrival, I said 34L. Got cleared for 34R. Later, Clearance Del left me idling in the heat for at least 5 minutes, claiming to be looking for my flight plan, which was in the system, and the estimated departure time I'd filed was right on the money. I was glad to get out of there, and I won't be back. I feel sorry for VFR pilots who have to fly up there in that SFRA mess.

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transporting patient (infant) for surgical procedure at Tusc

I have scheduled a impersonal transport for a child to go to tuscon thru university of virginia heliport to be seen by five hospitals to interact with the five physicians on tvs most recent scandal of neurosurgery and to be seen . How do I transfer the information by head set and headphone too the doctors there and how do i have to be great physicians adn to be greater virginia heliport operator and controller for major trials dr martinilovia by utube and by direct video to see dr lamans at 2200 seniro instructors past leveling doctors at 6601 university lane at the drivers doctors place? insurance delmarva and blue cross and blue shield and friendship and us cross and red cross how do i schedule the trip? chief official for united states , nanoscience and neurological science physiological science dr martinoloovia

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Hoppy's Restaurant Closing

Sorry to report that the absolute best place to fly in and grab a good meal in the DC area has closed. The new FBO, APP, bought out there lease and is planning to make the space into offices. We'll miis this palace.

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Hoppy's Skytop Restaurant & Lounge

This is one of my favorite airport cafe places to go. Great food and service at reasonable prices. Family owned and operated for breakfast Saturday mornings, lunch and dinner Tuesday thru Friday! Closed Sunday and Mondays. Located on second floor above Volo FBO; east side of airport. Link to website is:

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Low Fuel Prices

If traveling from New England to Florida... recommend you stop here if you need fuel. One of the most competitive fuel prices I found -- and immediate service.

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Runway Cafe

Great little place to eat right next to the terminal -- Suggest Sunday brunch... good selection. Lot's of local flavor. Open most days for breakfast and lunch. Highly suggested. TSS

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code 37VA

The FAA uses '37VA' for St. Mary'S Hospital, Richmond, VA

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code 7VA9

The FAA uses '7VA9' for Hannah Field Airport, Monterey, Virginia

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code 7VA0

The FAA use '7VA0' for Airduce Heliport, Big Rock, VA

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code 32VA

The FAA uses '32VA' for Old South Aerodrome, Abingdon, Virginia

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code 04VA

The FAA uses '04VA' for Russell County Medical Center Heliport,

Lebanon, VA

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code 36VA

The FAA uses '36VA' for Carilion Westlake Center Heliport, Hardy, VA

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re: Pork ????

It's really just getting started finally, the brand new terminal building just opened, and they got the AWOS installed as well. It has been there for a few years though.

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Pork ????

Really nice airport. Too bad it is deserted... looks like a pork project gone bad.

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Easy stop over

Nice air strip - looks like they may have either just built this, or they expanded it recently. FBO is a trailer, but very welcoming. Line crew (Kyle) was right there on the line with my rental car and tied the plane down. Very friendly and helpful. Hertz rental car had the car there on time, but it was dirty inside and out and was actually pretty tired for a rental - 38,000 on a rental is a lot - sounded like they were losing a wheel bearing in front - very loud - so not any kudos for them. Very convenient for me since I have business in both DC and Richmond - right in the middle and outside the SFRA - which is why I think there were some serious jets parked as well.

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I fly traffic survey through Ft Belvoir everyday and the controllers in the tower are top-notch professionals who do a great job inspite of the often congested airspace they watch. Friendly and helpful, Davison controllers are the best in the ADIZ.

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FBO Services

Stopped here at Landmark Aviation -- staff were extremely friendly. Free crew car available if you call ahead. Fuel a little pricey...

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Great Day or Weekend Fly In Location

Channel Marker restaurant a great place for lunch or dinner... fly in -- take one of the golf carts into town for a great day of eating and sightseeing. Fuel not available.

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BlueSkies Grille

Hungry for lunch... mingle with the pilots and enjoy this family style eatery right on the airport. Park your aircraft at the terminal -- walk inside and order the the daily special. Best lunch desserts around. Fuel is cheap too.

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Lunch Buffet

Fly in... enjoy lunch at the neat terminal cafe... $8 all-you-can-eat. Sit outside and watch aircraft circle in the pattern. Worth the trip.

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Great Lunch Place

Good eats right on the airport... sit out and watch the air traffic while enjoying your meal. Decent prices -- highly recommended...

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Wrong ID?

FAA uses VA78 for White Oak Farm.

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Wrong location, wrong id?

The FAA uses 00VA for a different airport. And looking at the satellite picture, it's hard to believe that this is a heliport.

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Not in any recent FAA dataset.

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Great lunch at Charlie's

This is a very good small, local airport. Friendly staff and a great diner on the field. Very scenic approach with the river as well. Highly recommend.

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Watch out for deer!

Be alert for deer on the runway here.

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New airport

This is a newly-built airport which opened in 2007, to replace nearby Tappahannock Municipal Airport (W79).

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Closed in 2007

This airport closed in 2007, when it was replaced by newly-built Tappahannock-Essex County Airport (KXSA).

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Flying in as pilot

I came to Dulles for the first time as pilot yesterday. The ADIZ was a total non-issue when I was IFR (just like any IFR flight). Potomoc approach and Dulles tower were friendly and co-operative, fitting me into the jet traffic in bad weather without any delays and giving me the runway I asked for. It was about a 3-minute taxi to Signature. They had a follow-me van waiting on their apron, and then a shuttle to take me about 50 meters to the FBO (in the rain). I waited 8 minutes for a Washington Flyer taxi to arrive from the terminal. All prices as quoted in a previous message -- cheap for a big airport (except for the fuel, of course).

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