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The best fish and chips!

I heard the rumors, it took me a while to venture down here, but the fish were phenomenal! I loved the theme of the restaurant (very similar to Randy's at Boeing (RIP).

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Not much left to land on!

Maybe for a helicopter, or for Scrappy or Draco (RIP), but most of the airfield was eroded away

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NDB NOW 338 Decommissioned

NOTAM M0003/22: Port Angeles CGAS Airport (KNOW)

M0003/22 NOTAMN

Q) ZSE/QNBXX/IV/NBO/AE/000/999/4808N12324W005 A) KNOW B) 2203031735 C) 2205312359


CREATED: 03 Mar 2022 17:35:00


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(no subject)

Never been there

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Ediz Hook NDB K ident changed to NOW

Ediz Hook NDB K 338 kHz ident changed to NOW Jan 2019.

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NDB FHR 284 Lat/Lon in Error

Actual L/L for FHR is N 48 30 44 x W 123 01 26 south of Rwy34 ~ 1905ft.

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Ediz Hook K NDB is 338 kHz not 317 kHz

Ediz Hook was a marine NDB on 317 kHz but the frequency was changed to 338 kHz May 2010. Ident is still "K" - the last single letter NDB in the USA!

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Home Base

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Great $200.00 Hamburger

The Spruce Goose Cafe has great food and is a fun destination. Also Tail Spin Tommy's Flight School has Cessna 150 and 152 Trainers with excellent instructors.

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Port Angeles Airport

No traffic, nice long runway for landing practice.

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2WA1 Diamond Point Airstrip, Washington

My neighborhood airport.

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Survival School 77

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Great little air park

If looking for a getaway air park where you can boat, fish and hunt try here.

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Airport appears closed, runway unusable due to debris.

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Good restaurant

For those visiting, there's a nice restaurant, right on the field - good food, reasonable prices.

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DO NOT FLY ALLEGIANT!!! You will be delayed, lose your rental car; spendHOURS wating fir your flight. No customer service either. It is HORRIBLE!!!! Port if Bellingham should be ashamed...

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I think it's $10.00 per day.

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cost of long term parking

need to leave our car for 6 nights. Cost of stay

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Pilot lounge and courtesy car

Great little pilot lounge and old cop car available.

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Vancouver wa


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Abandonned many years ago, not on chart anymore

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Cool little airport

I flew in here when I was visiting a relative in Kingston (about 15-20 min drive) on 4/24/13. Not the easiest to spot from the air as its surrounded by trees, but its a cool little airport. You can't see both ends of the runway when on the ground - the middle of the runway is at the apex of a hill, hence the name. When on final and right after takeoff you're still below the trees, so its kind of cool actually. Its not clear where you're SUPPOSED to park, but I parked down the hill on the East side of the field on the grass and that seemed to be OK.

All in all its a beautiful area.

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Run up pads

We have removed the west runup pad and replaced it with grass.

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Nice private airfield

great fly in community.

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re: Location of the heliport

I moved it to the location in the FAA database, but that put it in the courtyard of the medical center, so I visually moved the point over to that weird looking pad on the northeast.

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Location of the heliport

This heliport is northeast of Kadlec Hospital near Goethals Dr.

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Very neat and tidy

Nice, tidy small city airport. Courtesy car, pilot lounge etc.

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Whoa baby! Pay attention!

Real sinkers here, Be careful! Landing to the west is downhill.

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Great little airport

Great little airport. Restaurant right across the street.

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I found the place to be quiet and peaceful.

I landed and camped here July 2012. I never heard a peep from the campers across the fence and there were no unwanted people on the airstrip. I did have a few kids stop by to oogle my 172 but I enjoyed the curious company. plenty of Picnic tables along the west fence, restrooms through the gate at mid field and absolute solitude. View of the lake is awesome! One water faucet down near the lake and one through the east gate mid field. Look left to see the lone faucet.

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Bergstrom Acft.

Great airport for a rest and fuel stop, the staff, service and facilities at Berstrom are great.

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Stay away unless you have an emergency. The runway is the wavyest runway I have ever landed on. Kicked us back into the air on landing. Rolling not close to being level. Our engine quit because of the negitive G incured from being bounced. I have 1329 hours in a tail dragger and this was without a doubt the scarest landing ever.

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Landed here to look at a Cessna 150. Nice clean airport. No courtesy car, not much for dining. Frequent skydiving. Great pilot lounge.

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Landed at OLM

Stayed the night. Used Jensen's courtesy car. Great FBO!

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Great little airpark

Just a quick stop to say I landed here.

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Don't screw up!

Don't screw up! The Cemetery is right up against 07. :)

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I actually landed here!

A bit rough but not a problem. If the wind is up, pretty choppy around the trees.

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Excellent airport

Corporate air is just great. Fueling is fast and the courtesy car is almost always there. I'll second the Kitty Hawk Cafe, good food and good view of the runway.

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I like it

The tarmac is not great, there are certainly a few rough spots, but the fuel is the cheapest in the area and they have MoGas. There is a restroom and it is a great place to take new pilots to learn the illusions of narrow runways and runways with serious slope.

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Good diner

The Spruce Goose is on the field and has great diner food. Aviation theme is fun, service is fast and the view of the planes is great.

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Great Yuppy type town

Very nice small airport. Close easy walk to town. Nice shops and restaurants. Try the restaurant down by the ferry dock, my daughter says its great.

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My first grass strip landing! Bumpy but I enjoyed it so much, I did it three more times! Nothing here but grass. You should get permission before you land.

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Decent small airport. No services on field. Great place to land and camp. State park is down the hill on the North end of field. Call Tiffany's Resort (about six miles around the lake). They will come get you. They have cabins and boats. Great fishing dock, nice trout, I have fished here for years. They also run the resort in the winter months for hunters. http://tiffanysresort.com/

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Stop here if your engine is about to fall off

I stopped, I looked and I left. Interesting approach to the field is the most exciting thing about Tonasket airport. Long ways to town.

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3 miles to town

Three mile bike ride to town. Long steep hill just outside of town. Not much here.

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Great college town, to far to walk. Great FBO on field.

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Very clean tidy airport. The pilots lounge is maintained wonderfully. There is even pop, goodies and cookies in the frig. Camp on the grass and walk on the beach. If the water level is low, don't let the mosquito's pack you off.

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A bit of a walk to town but a great small airport.

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I loved this town!

Great small airport. The pilot lounge is great. TV, couch, recliner microwave etc. Sleep here if you need to or borrow the ports bicycles and get some exercise on the short (1 mile) trip to town. Definitely eat at the Coyote Pass Cafe in town. I told the patron that her Starbucks quality mocha was way under priced and she told me she doesn't run the restaurant to make a killing she just loves to serve people. I believe it, the food was first class! Be sure to stop by the museum. The down home very pleasant ladies that run this place will happily and very pleasantly tell you a story about each of the museums artifacts. Be sure to ask them to darken the room with all the rocks and also be sure to check out the meteorite. I plan to return. I pitched a tent on the grass by the fair grounds and slept just fine. No fear in this wonderful small town.

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Wind and Tuna

Watch the wind here, It blows often. Great strip, close to town (1 mile to center of town). Stop at Merino's Seafood in town and load up on the best canned tuna you will ever eat. You will never eat a can of Chicken of the Sea again! www.merinoseafoods.com Small family owned business. They use only pole caught tuna. You won't be disappointed! I fly there once a year to just for their canned tuna.

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