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Beautiful Facility and Quick Service

The FBO was fast and efficient

Good Fuel prices and great pilot lounge

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Cheap fuel

$3.69! First time I ever waited in line for avgas!

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(no subject)

Great place to stop. 91 octane Mogas self serve. Nice FBO.

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Excellent airport!

This is a great regional airport. Great views. Wide open airfield with great visibility. On field VOR and TWR. FBO (Colgan Air Services [http://colgan-air.com/]) is great to work with and has very good instructors with ground and flight school.

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Been here

Home Hub

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wild rose airport

A grass strip (2 runways) in Wild Rose, WI. Flew in here one day and there was an ultralight event going on. Not much nearby to go to unless you have bikes or know someone in the area.

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Great place for skydiving

Been there 2x with friends... haven't jumped yet though, too scared.

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Fly-in Fish Boil

The Lion's Club of Washington, Island holds an annual fly-in fish boil in the summer (usually, July, I think). It is a novelty, and a great event. If the wx is good, the attendance is usually excellent. BE CAUTIOUS about traffic! The event draws many people who arrive other than by air, so it is a pretty big event. Get there early, so they don't run out of food. It's excellent. What wouldn't taste great if they poured a ladle full of melted butter over it?!? Get the details online, via Google. It's worth the flight, and a neat experience.

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Beautiful spot

Wonderful quiet little airport in Northern Wisconsin, out in Lake Michigan.

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SuperCub.Org Flyin

Very friendly tailwheel flyin takes place here during the week of Oshkosh. Make a reservation, fly in, camp here and take the daily bus over to AirVenture (if you wish). Many of the New Holstein fly-in folk prefer to just stay here for the week, and don't even bother with the crowds at Oshkosh.

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Inexpensive, quick fuel stop

Stopped here for inexpensive fuel after picking up the Club's Decathlon from the factory at Fox River. Take off from Fox River, climb to 1000 feet, look right and you are right base for KBUU.

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Home of the American Champion Factory (Decathlons, Scouts, E

30 foot wide runway, but it looks like 20 feet! Flew the Club's Super Decathlon C-GKXD out here from Ottawa (Rockcliffe) for some TLC. Two weeks later, flew back trhough Milwaukee to fly the Decathlon back to Rockcliffe. Lots of Fun!

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My home field. Great EAA Chapter (Chapter 1158)!

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KFLD - Fond du Lac - WI

In and out for a few hours - friendly ground services.

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re: C59 - Lake Lawn Lodge - Hope it reopens

Reply to @airbound:

Current NOTAM (as of 21-Sep-2011) AD CLSD NGT - looks like airstrip is open again. Will be visiting in next few weeks for lunch and post review.

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re: C59 - Lake Lawn Lodge - Hope it reopens

Reply to @airbound:

Lodge is opening for business. Airstrip, however is still closed and they were not sure if it would re-open. Flew over on 29-Jun-2011, one aircraft on taxiway indicated field was closed (wondered why they were down there but didn't ask).

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GRB - Green Bay - Nice Class C

Very helpful for the first time visit

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re: Questionable Owners

So where *do* you hope people crash?

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Questionable Owners

I hope that no once crashes here

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KMSN - Madison - Wisconsin Aviation treats you very well

Awesome experience for a day trip into MSN.

Wisconsin Aviation had me park the Cherokee right up in front next the bus. jets -

Courtesy car available and clean.

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C02 - Grand Geneva -

Another SE Wisconsin trip worth the visit. The resort is upscale and boasts a great lunch.

Town of Lake Geneva is a few minutes away and offers shops, water activities, beach. Just a great place to loaf a day away.

As the former Playboy club property from 1968 till 1983, there is an occasional re-union - how do I know? I just happened to take the father-in-law in for a flight.

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C59 - Lake Lawn Lodge - Hope it reopens

A great place just to go for lunch.

Took the family for a day outing to play around the lodge.

Lodge and Airstrip closed in late 2010. I hear the lodge may re-open in 2011. Don't know about the airstrip.

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3D2 For the Day - Very Friendly

Flew into 3D2 for a day trip - lunch, sites.

Friendly Staff. Local business will ferry you between Airport and town or take the bicycles.

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Nice Little AP

Like RWY 11, Rgt. Traffic, 2700".

Watch for feathered flying friends on approach.

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New Owner

New Owner-Gary W. & Susan J. Svenningsen- Manager-Josh Svenningsen

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Winnebago County could care less about this airport, there is no promotion what so ever, meanwhile Outagamie and Austin Straubel have first class facilities...What a waste of taxpayers money..

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Fields at Galoshkosh 2010 were pretty wet last Sat Jul 24 so forced to stay at Stevens Point. Airport staff and management were wonderful. Fuel was reasonably priced and every effort was made to accomodate the numerous semi-stranded EAA 2010 visitors. Great place to stop!

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code 43WI

The FAA uses '43WI' for Eagle Ridge Ultralight Flightpark, Colfax, WI

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re: codes WI87 / US-4WI7

Reply to @rrobledo: I changed the code to WI87 back in January.

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codes WI87 / US-4WI7

The FAA uses WI87 for this airport

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code 8WI5

The FAA uses '8WI5' for Wolf River Landing Strip Airport,

Black Creek, Wisconsin

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code 14WI

The FAA uses '14WI' for Cylon Heliport, New Richmond, WI

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Diversion turned out well

Was planning to head to southern Illinois, but fog prevented that from occurring. Instead, headed up to Janesville to get some brunch. The onsite restaurant has tasty food and exceptional service. They mention their 'homemade toast' a bunch of times on the menu. We had a laugh about it. Then it showed up. And, you know what, it was actually worth mentioning. Homemade bread, sliced thick and toasted.

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re: Nice little airport

Reply to @rw2: Have now done the breakfast at Picadilly Lilly. I can recommend the biscuits and gravy. They have lots of sausage in their gravy. A half order is plenty of food.

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re: Nice little airport

Reply to @paulie: Yup, food is good there. Sat mornings folks from around Wisc fly in for breakfast. I haven't made that particular trip there, but I here that 10-15 planes will show up on a busy morning.

The terrain is quite pretty as the Wisc river has been a protected waterway for ages and very little development was ever permitted along it.

Can be slightly difficult to find. VOR or GPS will be your friend to get you close unless you stay pretty high so you can see down into the river valley to spot it.

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Nice quiet airport in Ashland Wisconsin

Log building as terminal - nicely built and maintained

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Learned to fly at the Richard I Bong " Ace of Aces " airport

Small well run airport. Be sure to talk to Bill Amorde in the FBO. Bill is a local legend in flying and has FAA ratings as long as your arm. The guy has done it all, Planes, Balloons, Gliders, Helicopters !!!

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Interesting airport at Wisconsin

I spent a couple of landings at Murmuring springs during my Biannual Review near Necedah Wisconsin; it's worth going again.

Best landing wishes Andreas Krug, Private Pilot, Lufthansa Engineering, Frankfurt, Germany

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re: Incorrect location

Excellent! Thanks for fixing it.

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re: Incorrect location

Done. Thanks, I didn't realize I could edit it.

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re: Incorrect location

Thanks for pointing out the problem. I can't quite find the right location on the map -- since you're a registered user, please feel free to click the "Edit" tab, then move the marker to the right place.

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Incorrect location

The location of the marker for Rosenbaum Field is incorrect. It should be south and west of its current location. Zoom the map and you will see the row of hangars.

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Not in the latest FAA data.

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Part of AirVenture museum

This airport, immediately adjacent to Wittman Regional (OSH), operates together with the AirVenture Museum at OshKosh. It is a grass strip with over 50 airplanes in period hangars, and includes a playground and rides in vintage aircraft. An AirVenture Museum ticket is required to visit the field, and a tram travels to the field from the museum:


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Good Breakfast

I enjoyed flying in for breakfast.

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EAA skiplane fly-in, Saturday 26 January 2008

The Oshkosh Pioneer Airport has enough snow on the ground to host the fly-in on 26 January. More information is available at the Air Venture Museum site:


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Central County Airport (68C)

Awesome grassroots airport. Lunch every Friday, sometimes drawing over 50 aircraft!

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Dulmes Field

The Dulmes Family has sold this property. The new owner does not have aviation interests. I do not know if the runway is useable.

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