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Subantarctic research station

This research station is administratively part of Cape Town, despite the fact that it's over 2,100 km away.

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Runway 03 and 33 Right Hand Circuits

Stay to Northern/Eastern sides while Flying circuits.

Power lines on approach to RWY 03 and 33

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Thanks for adding this, @Mrb13676

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No runway visible

I'm assuming the road doubles as a landing strip, but with the curve, it would be challenging.

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re: Need to delete rwy 10/28

Reply to @amirfl: Done.

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Parys Airport Restuarant

After a quick Google search : The restaurant was taken over by Coenraad and Angelique de Jager and re-opened after major revamp in November 2018.

The contact details are : zero eight two 322 3192

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Updated info

Private airfield

The airfield is used by Skydive on the Vaal Drop Zone (Operated by Adventure Skydives) so the airspace above the farm is restricted due to skydive operations.

Drop zone Frequency 124.8

Grass runway about 800m long

There are 2x cottages and 3x 2-bed rooms available on site

These is also a small Microlight club hangared on the farm but they are seldom active

Closest town : Deneysville (Vaal Dam)

Leeukop is a working farm.

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No strip visible

Originally added in 2008. No landing strip is visible in the satellite imagery, so marking as closed pending further information.

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No strip visible

This landing strip was added in 2008. There is nothing visible now in the satellite imagery, so marking as closed pending further information.

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Hi is there any avgas available at Springbok airfield

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(no subject)


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Chartered flight to Springbok

Give me a shout on if someone would be interested to charter a Cirrus to Springbok. Max 2 passengers

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Disgusted to be a south african

Arriving this morning from London Heathrow I was shocked angered and saddened by the treatment people receive from south african staff at passport border custom control no wonder tourism is down i heard comments from tourists saying they will not come to south Africa again and I don't blame them the staff at Heathrow are all nationalities and treat people with respect and dignity in our country south Africa i would not speak to my dogs that way is it racism towards white people I think so

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Lovely wide grass strip - perhaps a little bumpy but the scenery is gorgeous. Great little bistro/cafe, chocolate shop and a brewery on the airfield (bought 6 bottles on spec - need to go back and get some more!!)

Landing Fee R100, land uphill RWY 24 depart downhill 06.

High ground around.

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Kitty Hawk Aerodrome.

Good day,

My name is Dawie Pretorius the Airport Manager at Kitty Hawk. I am looking for the owner of Cessna aircraft ZS-SOE who visited KH fuel bay on 12/05/2019, Would like to make contact whith the pilot of that day,

My contact detail is 082-804-6979.

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Restaurant name

please send me the details of the restaurant and menu.


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(no subject)

Kliprivier is a very user friendly airfield, the members are very helpful, friendly the grass runways are in immaculate condition well maintained ablution is available at the clubhouse

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Good breakfast spot

Great breakfast stop - gravel runway - uphill rwy 10

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1000m grass runway - direction 11/29

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(no subject)

A beautiful getaway, lovely food. For your weekend away or day visit. On the alternate route to Gauteng, with the spectacular view of the Drakensberg ,

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Always well maintained and just about one of the most beautiful airfield in the world.

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Landing from lanseria airport

Can we land there frim Lanseria internatiinal

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Great Grass runways well maintained Taxiways

Up keep of the area is good and nicely cut . soft landings

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Every thing is over priced high priced safari high price rip of private accommodations will be better of visiting local wild life in own country and help own economy ,smoking inside area in joberg donor go there you have to spend 30 rands to have a smoke as you have to buy some thing to buy at rip of price

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Which airline flies to Port St Johns Eastern Cape from Johan

Good Day

I would like to now which is the cheapest airline to book form Johannesburg to Port St Johns Easteran Cape?



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(no subject)


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Flight to JHB

One way ticket to JHB Kempton Park 2019/03/24

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Pathetic service for south Africans returning

We waited more than 40 minutes for passport control for citizens of the country .

World cup soccer certainly changed nothing

4 people working . Well done

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It's not as bad as you think

I fly in and out of South Africa about six times a year, usually to Nairobi or Dar es Salaam. Anyone who thinks OR Tambo is a dirty airport, full of rude staff has obviously never been north of the Limpopo to airports like Dar es Salaam, Addis, or Nairobi. I find the customs staff at best, friendly, and (mostly) at worst, disinterested. If you want rude, combative and vulgar customs staff try arriving in America in Atlanta or Miami.

If you've ever travelled by air in the rest of Africa you'll realise OR Tambo is relatively slick, organised and miles, miles better than Dar es Salaam or Nairobi airport. I for one feel happy and proud wherever I return to OR Tambo.

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We need to book a flight

Two adults to Springbok

Please assist

Kind Regards

Rieka Steyl

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Cabin crew member

My name is leandrea cola and I have recently obtained a cabin crew licence and would like to fulfill my dream and pursue a career in the world of aviation...

I will be a great addition not only because Iā€™m very confident and enthusiastic but I possess great interpersonal skills, am out going, friendly, physically fit, stress tolerant which I have used to my advantage in my career as a sales representative. I managed to create a huge client base to show for it.

I have worked with people of different ages, races and gender in the past 2 years and can speak English fluently. My very positive attitude and empathy I believe can turn any frown into a smile and even a laugh.


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Tight RW with big heart

One of the friendliest general aviation airfield in the country. Very active on weekends.

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Cost price

I just want to visitand have few hours of fly, and how much it will cost me

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I would like to know who owns this?

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I need to know how much will it be for 1 adult and 2 kids to fly to durban and what it your times

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FAKR Airfield festival

FAKR Airfield Festival, Spot landing Competition & Static Aircraft Competition registration ā€“ 21 July 2018

for on line registration for competitors in Spot Landing and Static Aircraft display!

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Kids on the Runway!

went here on my PPL test. Couldn't land because there were kids on the runway

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PE to Port Saint Johns....are there flights that go to this

I want to fly from PE to Port St Johns. Are there flights available and what airlines fly there.

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PE to Port Saint Johns....are there flights that go to this

I want to fly from PE to Port St Johns. Are there flights available and what airlines fly there.

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airline names of flight that travel from JNB to kosi bay

Am strugling to get those flight please help u can whatsap me on 0633674280 my name is Cowen.

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Graaf Reinet Airport

I am looking to obtain an e-mail contact address to offer our range of small avgas trailers to them

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Passport picture taken by the security

I was traveling to Dublin Ireland and the security just before boarding took a picture of our passports using his cellphone. According to him this is security that we will come back after our visit. Is this the new procedures?

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Immigration problem

I traveled to China last week on a return ticket to Sa.. I got to Guangzhou airport yesterday to board back and I was not allowed to board because my twin sisters passport was flagged on their plane left me and had to stay for another day because they said SA system is down hence they can't verify my identity

What I don't understand is why I'm being punished for my sister because we are not even identical twins and our passport numbers are not the same, even our ID numbers.

On top of it have been trying to get hold of the immigration office and no answer

I'm stuck in China, have to buy another ticket, extend my hotel

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Would like to host a racing event. Top nitch cars, supra, R35, porsche's etc.

Who can i liaise with please.

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Contact info

Who do i contact to get landing permission

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The Airport code is incorrect.

Is should be FAOR not FAJS.

Within Windy App no METAR/TAF/NOTAM can be displayed as the Identification code is incorrect.

How can this be corrected?

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Missing Flight Information

If a flight leaves at 06:00 pm or 09:00 pm it does NOT appear on the departures window. It has slipped between the cracks.

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How to get to VRE (vredendal ) from Tambo (JNB)

i cannot ind any compagny , flying to vredendal (not Mango not Kulula, not Sa flights)

i see many airports with pink/purple, blue ore yellow spots ,, but none is flying thre : who knows?

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