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Subantarctic research station

This research station is administratively part of Cape Town, despite the fact that it's over 2,100 km away.

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No runway visible

I'm assuming the road doubles as a landing strip, but with the curve, it would be challenging.

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Landing from lanseria airport

Can we land there frim Lanseria internatiinal

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Tight RW with big heart

One of the friendliest general aviation airfield in the country. Very active on weekends.

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I would like to know who owns this?

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Light Aircraft

I want to know if there are anybody who can fly me along the coastline and the cost for an hour's flight.


Rudi Bisschoff

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public flights?

Good morning, do you perhaps offer public flights to this airport?

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Highway Airfiels

Great runway

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Good site


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@ anonymous flyer

Please visit http://www.mosselbayaero.com/wcontact.php

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(no subject)

According to my findings ICAO-designator FAMY is now Mazzepa Bay at 32Β°28'19"S 028Β°39'02"E and Malmesbury is closed.

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(no subject)

Hi all

I have taken over the operation of FADS (De Doorns) private airstrip. I extended the runway to 1000m and 20m wide. Please contact me beforehand for use of the airstrip.


Stephan Rossouw


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A must!

Indeed! Nice infrastructure n cool people! Good place to practice crosswind landings.

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The Best of the Best

A small airfield with a big heart. Over week-ends it hums with aviation enthusiasts. Anything from the most basic microlight to the bigger single engine commercial aircraft. Great restaurant and food!!!

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re: Fuel

Reply to @ODN:

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Not Bredasdorp Airfield.

The airfield shown is no longer in service. This is now a private farm. Cows on the runway. New Bredasdorp Airfield on Road between Bredasdorp and Arniston

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Hermanus airfield

Can anyone remember when it was closed?

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High Way Airfield - Homebase

This is home base for some 25 odd recreational flyers from Knysna on the Garden Route of South Africa

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Apparently Langeberg Municipality owns it, Robertson Flying Club operates it

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I guess two soccer fields and a fence means this runway is no longer active?

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Come fly with us

please download runway specs.

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i would like to know under who's ownership is the airport?


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I would like to know under who's ownership is the airport?


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I would like to know under who's ownership is the airport


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Oudtshoorn Aero Club

Please visit http://www.faoh.co.za/

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Avgas & Jet-A1 available.

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Air Strip and Hangers

Hi There, i was wondering weather you can help me. I am a researching for Migrate Films Company and have been back and forth trying to find dusty air strips with Hangers (kind of deserted) so small landing strips are what we are looking for to pitch for this international shoot. I have looked for the air strips in the follwing places between Pottsville & Eendekuil- Malmesbury, Wellington, Tulbagh, Loeriesfontien, Niewoudtville, Calvinia, Sutherland. I cannot seem to get my hands on any photographs. Do you have any suggestions who might or where i might be able to find? sorry if this is the incorrect forum for this my research on these places has just lead me to here and desperate times call for desperate measures.

If you do have any suggestions pls get back to me at frances@atomikpictures.com. It would be such a great help to just talk with someone who knew these smaller landing strips.

Thanks so much


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contact numbers

why no contact details?

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hermanus airport flight simulator

here are directions for testing the proposed new hermanus airport in FSX: avcom.co.za/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=111010

and here is a discussion thread regarding the proposed design on a South African pilots enthusiast forum: avcom.co.za/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=94929

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Home Base correction

Hi guys

Just to clarify, Mango (738's) and Comair (Kulula.com and the local British Airways operator with various 737 models) only have pilot bases in Cape Town, along with SA Express (CRJ2 and DH4Q) , SAA (738's) and SA Airlink (ERJ and Avro RJ's). This is not the 'home' bases of these airlines. All of them have the Head Offices in Johannesburg (OR Tambo International).

Its not a biggie, I know...but still, its more correct.

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Frequency 119.8

In summer season, December to April Golf strip (5 km south of Bredasdorp) is a fire fighting base with fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter which operates on 121.75 and will keep a listening watch on 119.8.

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The most Southern Strip in Africa

Come fly with us @ the "tip of africa"

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re: airfield

maybe one day this no-airport problem can be fixed: flytek.effectivehosting.co.za/quayside/airfield/

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I think the position marker is way off and should be nearly two miles south of the marked position

Lat 33 42 38.76 south

Long 19 01 27.80 east

The Google earth marker is closer

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re: airfield

"You cannot directly travel to Hermanus by air as we do not have an airport. (It made way for much needed housing development.)"


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This airfield does not exsist

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Well well, the Boland is up and coming. This should make life a lot easier for people going in that direction in the future. Will take off a lot of frustration getting out of Cape Town and on the way. Maybe rugby getting a boost up that way?

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Pilot Training and Charter Flights

Trans Africa Aviation Pilot Training


Private Pilots License - Night Rating - Instrument Rating - Commercial Pilots License - Instructors Rating - Multi Engine Rating.

Pilots Accommodation and Transport Available

info@taa-t.co.za or 0027741447139

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Proposed development

Do any one knows about proposed development around the airport?

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Is it for sale?

What would be a fair price for the property and how big is it in total?

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I would like to know the history about Somersveld Airport. Where can I get Info ?.

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re: Nice Airport

please buy it, to get rid of delange

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Land, taxi to within 50 meters of your room, dine on the finest Karoo lamb, then have a sundowner in the old tower.

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Great Place

What an awesome airport and the guest house right there (Karoo Gateway) treated us like royalty.

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Nice Airport

I would have bought it if I had the money :-)

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Hullo - I have some guests that would like to go skydiving - Tandom - can I have some info - cost - availability - they need to go before Friday -

My contact details - Judy Provoyeur - Devonvale Golf Estate - 021 865 2080 - hotel@devonvale.co.za - or 082 9022800 - thanks Judy

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RUNWAY 19---109.10---189ΒΊ

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Magnificent Airfield near Cape Town

This is probably one of the most beautiful airfields in the world with a great club.

Surrounded by vineyards with magestic mountains and the Indian Ocean as back drops.

No better place to sit after an afternoon flight and enjoy a cold beer or to have a breakfast outside the clubhouse after a morning flip.

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