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Metar and Taf are only available from Russian Met office

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wrong coordinates

Be aware that the coordinates indicated in the approach plates are wrong by about 300ft.

This is still an oddment from the cold war times.

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Non russian aircrafts must have a navigator on board. Use the parking stands on the south side of the apron because the surface load bearing capacity.

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I heard there will be an ILS approach in the near future

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Noise Abatement Procedure

The Airport is located in a very noise sensitive area and a noise and track monitoring system is in use. Pilots are advised to strictly

follow the published Noise Abatement Procedures, unless otherwise instructed by ATC.

Unfortunately there are a lot of violation reports.

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Mandatory Training

A mandatory training procedure was put in place at Cannes ( LFMD). Feb_2010

Please visit the website and register.

Cannes is very noise sensitive and you might be checked after landing if you have done the briefing!