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Overgrown in summer

We landed here in 2 light sport aircraft and 1 other Sling (700kg MAUW) in summer after the rainy season and the Google Earth pic of a dirt runway in no way resembled what we encountered. If a runway existed it was invisible and the field was covered with thick grass up to waist high. There were a few tracks created by the locals as walking paths and the surface was rough. The landings were very rough and I would not recommend one to land there unless some maintenance work is pre-arranged. There appeared to be a "airport" manager stationed there and we were able to arrange security for the 3 nights we stayed there at US$50 per day/night and they cut a take-off path for us by our return to fly out. The guard's contact number is 0882296334. We also got great help from Noleen at Thumbi View Lodge and had we know the condition of the airfield we might have been able to prearrange clearing through her - - best place to stay on the Lake.

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Private Airfield

We wanted to land here but apparently the airfield is controlled by the Ambatovy Mine and the President of the mine, Tim Dobson is reluctant to allow visitors to land there. A pity.. we were hoping for better Madagascar hospitality.