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Another complicated airport

Not a great transit airport, not a place you want to be, bad service, lousy shops and restaurants, no resting area.

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Beautiful airport

Excellent shops and restaurants, and the wooden furnish is really nice.

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Spacey and pleasant airport

This is surprisingky the better of the US international airports. Plenty of space nice restaurants, good music.

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Avoid transit through this airport

It is basically a terrible airport, bad service, lazy and sour responses from staff everywhere. Most importantly avoid transit as immigration is so slow that you risk losing your connecting flights. USA is a terrible country to transit through as you need entry visa and are forced to enter the country also when you simply are travelling in transit. Do not travel there unless you really have to. Avoid transit by all means.

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Best transit airport in the world

in my opinion, everything run above standard, security, immigration, connections and transfer service, restaurants, shops, areas to rest etc.

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Lousy transit airport

Complicated and difficult to get around, service and shops not great. Not a good transit ariport in my view.