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Runway is lighted ARCAL-K per CFS

I've made the change per the previous comment.

Please note however that I am just a member here also. This site is community maintained. I encourage you to become a member so you can make these changes yourself.


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Baie-Johan-Beetz is now in Quebec :)

This aerodrome is not currently listed in the CFS

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Not an exciting town but friendly people and friendly airpor

Was recently weathered over here for two days. Cab fair into town is 30.00 each way. The Holiday Inn Express is nice but a little expensive. The Comfort Inn across the road is almost as nice and 50.00 a night cheaper. The Esso dealer at the airport is very friendly and helpful. The 100LL was reasonably priced but not great. There is a COPA discount but make sure you have your card. There was no landing fees and no tie down fees.

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Simple and friendly

Arrived here on a Sunday afternoon. Nobody was a round from the airport but a local resident came by to check us out. He gave us a ride into town to get lunch. Gas is self serve and on the honour system. Call ahead and they will tell you where the key is. You then run your own Visa transaction and write it into a book.