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Registration of airfield

FASY is no longer the correct ICAO designator for the airfield as it is no longer a registered airfield.

the Airfield is now correctly known as Baragwanath Airfield, and is located on the farm Syferfontein.

Th Johannesburg Light Plane Club is based at this airfield and provides substantial facilities for both club members and visiting aviators.

There is an Aerobatic box FAD184 to the south and west of the airfield vertical limits From Ground to FL 90, and all circuits should be flown on the northern side of the field, Right Hand for runway 31 and Left Hand for Runway 13.

the airfield is situated inside the Johannesburg flight Training area FAD182. the Frequency for the Johannesburg GF Area is 122.35.

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this airfield no longer exists

According to Google Earth and people on the ground this airfield no longer exists,