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Nice FBO

New FBO owners arrived late 07 but had the FBO here many years ago. They are 'retiring' here and are life-long aviation people who deserve our support. They are fixing it up, have reasonable gas prices, including Mogas, and have a courtesy car.

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Food, of course

The restaurant here has the best fly-in food in NW Oregon. First class breakfast and very good lunch. Excellent service. And, you can sit outside under the tree and admire your own airplane -- and maybe some others as well.

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More about landing

Forgot this:

Mid-July 2008, the grass & weeds were high enough in places to get green way up my prop -- which has 18" ground clearance. It's firm and not rough but probably not appropriate for wheel pants or low ground clearance.

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Name, landing directions

All of the locals call this "Donnelly" and none I talked to know why the official name had been changed. Some didn't even know that it had been changed -- don't look at new charts very often, I guess.

Normal landings are to the North across the water.

All takeoffs are to the South across the water.

Fairly high trees on the North end but it's reasonable to land over them. Just make sure you can get down fairly soon beyond them.

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Ski Valley

Fairly short and high runway unless you have experience.

Power lines across the valley to the South.

We used 34 to land and 16 to take off.

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Great burgers

Less than 100 yards from aircraft parking.

This visit was March 07.