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Fairoaks Airport near Chobham Surrey UK

This is a very busy GA Airport with both Fixed wing and Helicopter traffic.

For many years it Housed the London met police helicopters and recently G-SURY the Surrey

POLICE helicopter was based there but due operational problems has now moved to RAF ODIHAM.

This Airfield is very busy during the Farnborough international Airshow.

For spotters and people wanting more information: email list open to all

please do not enter Any part of this airfield without permission .

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lasham qla


This is now a very busy airfield not just for gliding but for Various types of JETS .b737 757 BBJ A319

Many are for maint at ATC Lasham but there has been recently a number of airliners broken up.

Caution must be exercised at all times due to Gliders being Winch launched ,

There is no access to the ATC Site for spotters please do do stray onto the airfield

Access to the glider area is avail as is a Restuarant and public area .

for Spotters info see

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correct name HARTFORD BRIDGE FLATS but commonly known as BLACKBUSHE .Its in HAMPSHIRE Not as most people Say Surrey .Airfield has a long History used in WW2 by USAF CANMIL and

others before civil times with BEA and many others . Became a GA airfield in the 1960s after

bitter battles to keep it open.

Home to many types of GA Aircraft and Helicopters and some BIZ types .Is now the home

of BLINK CE560 Mustangs probably the easyiest place to see them .

The Natives are friendly lot and there is a spotters group as well.

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If you visit Farnborough to view the Aircraft please be aware that there are regular police

patrols in the area. They will ask you for ID and reasons for being there that is all .

they are pretty friendly and know most of the local Spotters.

On the perimeter there are few places to view from , nothing at all north side near the

TAG Terminal or entrances. you can view near EELMOOR Bridge near the canal or from

the Site of SBAC Show entrance on the A325Road please do not stray onto the AVIATOR

HOTEL Grounds security are not Friendly to spotters. Visit at weekend the FAST Museum

olso on the A325 10AM TO 4PM Well woth the visit and FREE .