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Excellent FBO

The Richmor FBO (soon to change owner) is in a delightful ex-military building. Excellent good service on 3 flights getting around NYC.

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Friendly and helpful

Great gas prices and cheap tie down for a stay on the beautiful shore of Lake Huron. Airport is firendly and helpful,

self-serve fuel coming soon I hear.

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Worth the journey

The Tuskegee Airmen Museum in Hangar One at Moton is a moving memorial for the intrepid flyers who beat the obstacles as black airmen in WWII. Their success is an inspiration for every pilot.

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First Flight Airport

You won't see the runway until on final, but the Wright Memorial is easy to see and about 300 yd east of the runway.

Rolling out on 2 or 20 you are about 500ft from where it all began in December 1903. Every pilot should land here. A literally awesome place.

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Nice airport on the water, minutes from the finest, whitest beach sand I've ever seen.

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CYQM is the home of Moncton Flight College where hundreds of students get the best of flight training.