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Nice little airport with usually cheap self-serve fuel. Adjacent golf club has Sunday brunch. Shuttle service available to Old Rheinbeck for the summer airshow.

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Great, great, great airport. Just like Meigs, except it's open. Walking distance to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Brown's Stadium (check TFRs) and the Science Museum. Hornblowers restaurant is closed (as of 7/21/07). $5.00 ramp fee

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One of the sleepy little airports that mostly locals use. It's short with water on both ends of the runway, like landing on an aircraft carrier. The airport is hidden by a hill when approached from the east. Being in a valley, the wind sock just does circles. Polish up your short-field technique before going here.

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I fly here often and it's been a pleasant experience each time. Taughannock Aviation (pronounced T'gay-nuk) staff are friendly, although I was surprised to see the fuel prices as high as they were ($5.22 on 7/21/07). This airport is very busy during races at Watkins Glen, so check for overnight tiedown availability before you go.