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I am based at MMU and see more GA then preivous Poster.

The are quite a few Cessna's and Pipers based at Morristown. I fly on a regular basis and while there is a fair amount of jet traffic it's not 6 to 1 more like 1 to 1. I moved my Warrior to Morristown 8 months ago to get more experiance in a tower controlled enviroment. I don't regret the move at all. Services are 1st rate. I'm 60 and got my ticket 3 years ago, so how complex can it be?

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Somerset (George Walker Field) is what small airports are al

Good people, great conversation, full service fuel. I learned to fly here, so It will always be my home airport. No matter where I am based. If passing by I just can't help but landing there, it feels so comfortable.